Radio Park FM Kędzierzyn-Koźle POL 93.9 MHz

Nice email from Michal Andruszko  music director of Radio Park FM confirms my reception of Radio Park FM. He writes I listened to file which you sent and I can say that is our radio show called "Zaparkuj na luzie".


Radio Złote Przeboje Jędrzejów POL 93.2 MHz

Email in both Polish and English from Konrad Machowski confirm my reception of Złote Przeboje on 93.2 MHz. They were also logged on 90.0 at the same time. Złote Przeboje means Golden Oldies.


Hitradio Vysočina Jihlava CZE 94.3 MHz

Reception was verified by Marek Točík vedoucí produkce. He wrote a letter in Swedish. He mentions that they have received several reports from Finland, but this was first from Sweden.

Bayern 1 Oberbayern Hohenpeißenberg D 92,8 MHz

I heard a local news program from Oberbayern. It was verified in a snail mail letter signed Rudi Küffner Head of Redaktion Oberbayern. He also included a CD with local music with Rudi Zapf Freunde + a USB-stick!


Kiss Jižní Čechy Votice CZE 97.7 MHz

This is a powerful transmitter but it has been hard to receive here due to my local 60 kW Radio Sweden on 97.8 MHz. Reception was confirmed by Roman Anděl programový ředitel.

Kiss 98 Praha CZE 98.1 MHz

David Krédl is a moderator at Kiss 98 in Prague. He verifies my reception via their Facebook account.


Muzyczne Radio Jelenia Gôra POL 105.8 MHz

My reception was verified by Ryszard Pragłowski, prezes Muzycznego Radia (=president )

Český rozhlas Brno Hodonin CZE 93.6 MHz

Nice email from Jiří Kokmotos Head of programme department confirms my reception of the regional program from Brno.

Radio Vanessa Racibórz POL 100.3 MHz

Program director Jacek Folega verified my reception and sent a long facebook message with a detailed description of the recording I sent them.


Hitradio RTL Sachsen Dresden D 105.2 MHz

My report was verified via Facebook.They also promised "Wir schicken dir auf dem Postweg noch eine Empfangsbestätigung zu"
October 19: Today I received a letter signed by Sabine Hickmann, Hörerservice. Included  ballpoint and keychain.

Radio Teddy Berlin D 90.2 MHz

Sarah Moritz is a mitarbeiter at the Presse Zentrum of Radio Teddy. She confirms my reception with along and very detailed email.

RPR 1 Ober-Olm D 100.6 MHz

Reception was verified by Tom Nitzsche Supervisor TvD Technik LU, who sent me a nice email in Swedish translated via Google Translate. He also attached a QSL letter and a QSL card as pdf-files.


Radio Salü Saarbrücken D 101.7 MHz

An email from Tim Christoph Baas Prokurist und Programmdirektor confirms my reception of Radio Salü logged in June 2015.

Radio Tomislavgrad Duvno BIH 95.9 MHz

After 2 months I received a message from Radio Tomislavgrad thanking me for listening. Their facebook site is no longer maintained. This is probably another first from Sweden. V/s was Mr Marko Curcic, company director.


Radio Romania Muzical Munţii Bucegi ROU 97.6 MHz

A very long and detailed email from Liliana Staicu Manager of Radio Romania Muzical verifies my reception of Radio Muzical.