KGTL Homer AK 620

Today Dave Becker Owner / General Manager of Peninsula Communications, Inc. verified my reception of KGTL in Homer. He found my report unique as I had received KGTL at my home location and not from somewhere north of the Arctic Circle.


KSDP Sand Point AK 830

Today General Manager Kells Hetherington verified my recent reception of KSDP. I have tried several times before, with no reply but a week ago I found an alternative mailing address that worked!


XEXZ Ke Buena Zacatecas 560

I found a new email address to Ke Buena Zacatecas yesterday and sent a reminder. Brief email after a couple of hours confirmed my reception. XEXZ was logged January 25 2009 when conditions were fantastic with Mexican stations mixing with Alaska all over the band!


KUNX Ventura CA 1590

Pablo F. Ortiz, CRMC Senior Account Executive of Gold Coast Broadcasting in Ventura verified my reception of KNUX, which is rather hard to get through here in Örnsköldsvik. Thank you Pablo.


WKJG Fort Wayne IN 1380

There are a lot of ESPN 13-80 but if you hear "Your Teams - Your connection" you have tuned in to WKJG. Today General Manager Mark DePrez verified my report with a brief email.

WKBK Keene NH 1290

Today I sent a reminder to WKBK and within 10 minutes Program Director Dan Mitchell verified my report.

KSLD Soldotna AK 1140

I have logged KSLD quite often this season, often under the Calgary station on 1140. Today Program Director Matt Wilson verified my reception.


KAGV Big Lake AK 1110

KAGV Can be hear now and then when the path towards Alaska is open. Yesterday I sent a report and today Station Director Karl Thieme verified my reception.
All of that to say that I can confirm that your audio sample is a reception of what KAGV 1110 was airing at that time. Fun to get your report and to do the detective work to verify the reception.
He really pinpointed every detail:
Bible Minute aired beginning at 2:35:29 AM.
Come All Ye Faithful aired beginning at 2:36:29AM

Thank you Karl!

KYES Baxter MN 1180

I logged KYES for the first time in mid Sept 2009, but did not get a QSL until today when I used contact information received from my friend Jan Oscarsson. Bob Benes of Relevant Radio Says: Yes, this is Father Larry Richards on our St. Cloud, Minnesota affiliate. Much appreciated!


KRLD Dallas TX 1080

I was lucky to hear KRLD over WTIC and KUDO Dec 9 2009. I searched for contact information and found Brigitte Cumming who was the editor of the news when I listened. Today she verified my reception with a brief email.

CBR Calgary AB 1010

CBR is often one of the strongest stations on 1010 kHz, a very common catch. I sent a report this morning and after som hours communications officer Del Simon verified my report!

KUDO Anchorage 1080

Today Operations Manager J.R.Zufelt of Tati Broadcasting verified my reception of KUDO. He wrotes like this: I played clip #3 for the gentleman who voiced the ad for Sicily's Pizza (the food delivery service) -- he was shocked and amazed that his voice was traveling and being heard that far around the globe.


CKBI Prince Albert SK 900

I sent my report to engineer Jason Shanofer who verified my report in an hour or so. He also told me he had moved to Edmonton serving another Rawlco station. His replacement is Gemma Howard.

WHJJ Providence RI 920

WHJJ was another catch on January 9. Bill George
Program Director/ News Director confirmed my reception with a very brief email.

WEZE Boston MA 590

VOCM is dominating 590 on all my antennas and it is very rare that anything else from North America comes through. On Jan 9 many dominants were a little weaker and other stations could be logged. WEZE was onr of them dominating 590 for 5 minutes. Frank Kelly Engineering verified my reception.

WTEM Washington DC 980

I logged ESPN 980 WTEM Jan 9 when conditions were good for the east coast. I could not find any email address so I used their contact form and link to an uploaded file on my homepage. Dennis Glasgow VP of Operations verified my reception after 15 minutes. He also told me he has worked at KFXX in Portland OR where he recieved a lot of reports, not so in Washington.

WQXL Columbia SC 1470

It was a real surprise to me when WQXL was on top on 1470 January 9. I sent a repport today and within 30 minutes Mike Hagins verified my reception. WQXL is listed as 100 watts nighttime, but I suspect a lot more....

KNUS Denver CO 710

Today Kelly Michaels Operations Director of KNUS verified my Dec 9 reception of KNUS.
KNUS is rather hard to get through on 710 due to the huge signal from KIRO in Seattle.


KWIQ Moses Lake North WA 1020

I have logged this ESPN station several times his season, but not until Dec 9 did I get a good recording of their identification. Today General Manager Gary Patrick verified my reception with a brief email.

KDYK Yakima WA 1020

KDYK surfaced on 1020 some minutes December 9. They identify as La Gran D. General Manager Ruben Muniz sent a nice email of confirmation of my reception.

KTNQ Los Angeles CA 1020

December 9-11 offered very good reception of west coast stations. I logged three stations on 1020, all verified today. Chief Engineer Tom Koza of Univision Radio confirmed my reception. Tom is a casual AM DX-er and Amateur Radio Operator.

CKSB St Boniface MB 1050

Not the most common North American on 1050 but still heard from time to time. Easily recognized with its French programs. Martine Bordelau Communications Officer verified my report.