830 AM La Radio que no se olvida Caracas

My first QSL via Twitter. Not very much space for a report in twitter but good enough for a link to Box.net. Nice reply after 20 minutes,

Radio Fé y Alegría Caracas 1390

This is one of the most often logged radio stations from Venezuela. I have sent many reports to FyA with no result! Yesterday I sent a report to  Edwin José Rodríguez who verified my report with a nice email. He also attached their program schedule as a pdf.


Radio Huancavilca Guayaquil 830

This is a really nice one logged in October 24. I used their contact form for my report.
ING. NESTOR JIMENEZ LOPEZ DIRECTOR GENERAL verified my reception with a really nice email.

Radio Angulo Holguín 1110 and 1490

A month ago I heard a station on 1110 kHz with some kind of over-night request program, mentioning two phone numbers and giving the ID or program name  Onda Cero. I was really confused. I could not identify this station so I contacted Henrik Klemetz and he promptly answerered: "This is Radio Angulo". Two days later I heard the same program on 1490 and Henrik helped me  once again. Today I sent a report to Eddy Garcia who confirmed my reception. My thanks to Henrik and Eddy!

WPAT Pattersson NJ 930

Today I answered a friends request on Facebook. This new friend  also turned out to be a friend to Reyis Lora who is a "Locutor de WPAT". I sent a short message in Facebook and got an immediate reply.


Ràdio Cultura Paulo Afonso 1360

A very friendly message in Facebook from locutora Mary Rodriguez verifies my reception of Ràdio Cultura Paulo Afonso in September.


Alegría 1020 Chivacoas 1020

This was a nice catch from October 21 2001. Hard to get around the Cubans and other Venezuelans on this channel. I have never logged them before! Short email from Juan Pablo Planas verifies my reception. THanks to Fredrik Dourén for contact information.

Radio Maria 90.5 MHz from Italy

DX-er Giampiero Bernardini verifies my reception of Radio Maria Italia which was logged on several frequencies June 20. The QSL came as an attached pdf-file. Thank you Giampiero!


Radio Alegría Arequipa 1510

Nice email from Edgar Murga Quispe verifies my August 19 reception of Radio Alegría. Edgar is Administrador ,producciones para radio y tv

Radio Surco Ciego de Avila 1140

I have logged Radio Surco several times on both 930 and 1140 but never sent a reception report until last week. Immediately I  got a nice reply from Elvira Crespo who wrotes:
Me alegra mucho saber que desde tan lejos alguien nos escucha.Me gustaría mantener la comunicación con Ud. de esta forma practicaría su Español y yo mi Inglés.Is it possible? Saludos Elvira Crespo.

La Inolvidable Lima 660

It was a real surprise when La Inolvidable from Lima surfaced over Radio Autentica and WNBC Oct 21. It was on top of the pile for 5 minutes. Typically a station you would not logg without recordings fom an SDR-receiver. Gerente Mauel Soto sent a short mail via his Iphone.


1430 AM Radio Bogota

After several reports during the last 20 years today I finally eceived a very nice email from Carlos Molano Gómez Gerente. A lot if nformation about the history of former Emisora Kennedy.


Raadio 2 Orissaare Estonia 103.4

Another station from Estonia logged last week. Nice email from Sten Teppan Editor in Chief verifies my reception.
Raadio 2 is the youth oriented channel of Estonian Radio.

Raadio 4 Tallinn 93.4 MHz

Logged this one and several other Estonian stations during tropo conditions last week. Nice email from Julia Bali, executive editor, verifies my reception. Raadio 4 carries the Russian program in Estonia.