Radio Popular Santo Domingo 950

A Facebook contact made my day verifying my reception of Radio Popular. His name is Julio Encarnación and he is a locutor/operador at Radio Popular. Julio recommends http://www.radiopopularam.com/ for better reception....


Radio Milenia Lima 1530

Despite the fact that they share their channel 1530 with a lot of European stations, Radio Milenia is logged quite often at my place. Much harder to get a verification. I found locutora Josselin Soriano Alba on Facebook and received some very nice messages verifying my reception. Josefin recommend me to listen on the webb http://www.radiomileniaperu.com/

Radio Occidente Tovar 1100

I have logged this station only once, so it was very nice to receive the verification of my reception. My report was verified by Celina Méndez.

Radio Musical Nacional Habana 590

Radio Musical Nacional is not a very common guest on the band, but sometimes they can came throug over the dominating VOCM on 590. My reception was verified by Otto E. Braña Gonzáles, director general of CMBF Radio Musical Nacional.

AM 1630 Diagonal 1630

This station has been heard with very good strength many mornings, often strongest transatlantic station. My report was verified by VERÓNICA MERIGO LOCUTORA DE AM DIAGONAL 1630

Rockklassiker Dalarna Hedemora 104.4 MHz

Andreas Lärkfält verifies another tropo reception of Rockklassiker 104.4.....

Rockklassiker Gästrikland 106.7 MHz

Nice email from Andreas Lärkfält verifies my tropo reception of Rockklassiker Gävle

Hamburger Lokalradio 7265

Nice card by snail mail verifies my reception of Hamburger Lokalradio.

Radio Seagull 1395

A no name email verifies my reception of the test transmissions from Radio Seagull.