Radio Hogar 1250

My third station from Panama this month! Usually hidden below Capital Radio on 1250, so a very difficult task. I received a nice email signed by Nitzie Alcibar.

Radio Familia del Maule 1570

This station changed its name to Radio Famila Chilena in 2009 and moved to 1090 already in 2007. Hector Escalona Muñoz, program announcer Don Jacinto in the program La Pinta Mia, tells me that the earth quake that hit the Maule Region recently caused severe damage to their radio station.


XEAR La Mexicana Tampico 660

One of many Mexican stations logged Jan 25 2009. After a reminder to Radiorama Tampico today Manager Jorge A. De Zamacona  verifies my reception in a long email. He also attached their top of the hour and half hour identifications.

HIJB Santo Domingo 830

Very nice emails from Luis A. Guaba (Director Ingeniera) and Valentin Baez (V.P. Negocios y contenido) verifies my reception of HIJB March 2010. HIJB celebrates 40 years on the air this week! They have upgraded their transmitter and antennas and will probably be a more common guest this season.


XECF La Mexicana Los Mochis 1410

Email in English from radio announcer Alex Martinez verifies my reception. This is a rather common guest over here.


XEWW Tijuana BC 690

This station serves the Los Angeles area from the Mexican city Tijuana. I logged it Jan 25 last year and sent a letter with CD a long time ago. Chief Technician Oscar M. Franco today verified my report with a nice email.

Radio Tropical Barranquilla 1040

I had wonderful reception conditions Nov 5 2009. I logged several stations in Panama, Ecuador and Colombia. Radio Tropical was on top of the 1040 pile up around 0600 UTC. A report to Lao Herrara of Radio Tropical gave me a very nice QSL.


La Voz de Jesucristo Medellin 1530

A very rare catch at my place. I have logged them twice. My verification was signed by Andrés Sucequia Fundación Escuela Bíblica Católica Yeshu'a.

Radio Calima 940 AM

This is not an easy catch. It is much more common to hear Mexico, Venezuela or Puerto Rico on 940. I logged Radio Calima last autumn and sent a reminder yesterday. Today Jorge Garcés B Director of the programe La Llave confirmed my reception in a brief email.


Radio Recuerdos Bogota 690

Nice email from coordinador Hernando Galvis Caballero today verified my reception of Radio Recuerdos.

Radio Super de Cali 1200

Brief email from Fransua Martínez, periodista, after a contact form report.


Radio Galeon Santa Marta 890

Today I sent a reminder to Radio Galeon. I used the contact form on their web site and a file uploaded to Box.net for my report. QSL after 2 hours.


Radio ZET Zakopane 106.3 MHz

Brief email after a report via a contact form with a link to an audio file uploaded to box.net.


Radio OneFM 88.2

My reception of this Romanian station was confirmed by DJ Virgil Batista. I logged this station in the beginning of June 2010.

XERPL La Poderosa 1270

A reminder sent to the commercial department gave me a nice QSL. They also informed me about a power increase next month.


Radio Bruno via Ferrara 91.0 MHz

Today DJ Clarissa Martinelli verified my reception of Radio Bruno on 91.0 MHz.

Radio 90 Rybnik Poland 90.0 MHZ

I logged Radio 90 in the beginning of June but could not understand the ID but some days ago Vlad Titarev helped me via Real DX. Rybnik is situated in the southern part of Poland near Katowice and Krakow, straight south from my place! Today Piotr Siudak verifies my report. He also offered me a mug and at-shirt.