Radio Campus3 Troyes F 88,7 MHz

My reception was verified on messenger by Elodie, volunteer and since 18 years producing the program Loading Radio Campus3.


Radio Plovdiv BUL 94.4 MHz

I logged this station last summer and sent a follow up report via Messenger today. Nice reply from Marin Danev, editor. He included 9 pictures from their studios.

Asfalttelegrafen Borås S 1593 kHz

Reception verified by operator Torleif Roos. They sent with 220 watts but coming Christmas they will be on 1476 kHz with 330 watts.


Helmiradio Vaasa FIN 91.2 MHz

Despite just 145 km from me, this is a tough one here. I have a local Rockstation on 91.3 MHz. My QSL via Messenger signed by Rinna Paatso, the voice on my recording.


Radio Star Sebes ROU 90.1 MHz

This morning I received a very friendly email from the owner of Radio Star. She writes:
My name is Nicoleta Lemeny, I`m 49 year old, and I own together with my family Radio Star :)
It is so nice to get a sign from someone who`s so far away ! Yes, indeed , you recive two of our ID Station. I attach the originals here.
 We are a small local radio station,in 515800 Sebes, Alba county Transilvania/Romania). We started in year 2000, with a team of seven editors.


Stil FM Oltenita ROU 88.2 MHz

A very surpise today when Stil FM after 6 years verified my reception report from Summer 2012, no follow up! Verification from "Team" via Messenger!

Buzz FM Buzău ROU 87.9 MHz

Reception confirmed via Messenger by DJ Paul who also sent me a message online!

Yumor FM Voronezh RUS 99.1 MHz

Yumor FM is a nation wide FM channel covering all Russia. I have heard them on several frequencies and I am quite sure they carries local spots. My reception was verified by Dmitry Yudin program editor Dmitry Yudin program editor.

Radio Maksymum Ternopil UKR 88.1 MHz

Reception confirmed by their news editor Dudei Taras.

Marusya FM Korocha (Belgorod) RUS 89.4 MHz

WARNING!!!!!! Wrong information in FM-List. I tried their address and received a nice confirmation from a station with the same name in Kamensk, east of the Urals. Later also an email from their chief editor who also gave me the correct information for Radio Marusya in Belgorod:  http://www.marus.fm/

Radio 7 Košice Slovakia 88.6 MHz

Radio 7 is a Chritian radio station from Slovakia. I heard them on 88.6 MHz via a 500 watts transmitter in Košice. QSL from the Technical Editor.

Puls Radio Crocka SRB 88.7 MHz

Not many stations from Serbia logged this season. However Puls Radio was heard with a clear signal on 88.7 MHz back in June. Reception confirmed by Stefan DJ.

Voice of Hope Middle East via Israel 1287 kHz

Voice of Hope Middle East has been a regular guest at my place. Best heard just around local sunrise and in the early evening. Reception verified with a QSL-card signed by Ray Robinson.


Radio Sabor Arequipa PRU 1560

I heard the signal of Radio Sabor April 1 2014 at 2328. I searched for a valid email address but no success. The station was also heard by other DX-ers in Sweden and Finland in 2017. My friend Henrik Klemetz  made an impressing job to find out the location of Radio Sabor and got in contact with Juan Marcos Carpio Zegarra who is the announcer of Radio Sabor. Juan Marcos verifies our reception and also made a special recording which can be heard here.
Many thanks to Henrik Klemetz for all your  work, making verification of Radio Sabor in Arequipa possible.

Juan Marcos and a friend