Radio Shumen BUL 87.6 MHz

Dessi from Radio Shumen sent me another very detailed verification. According to her, my recording was a part of The day of the owls with host Irina Marinova.

Maasland Radio Nieuw Bergen HOL 89.6 MHz

Very detailed verification of reception received today from Vince Beijersbergen, Station Manager of Maasland Radio. Vince had received another report from Scandinavia the same day: Jari Korhonen from Tohmajärvi.

Radio Beat Jihlava CZE 92.5 MHz

Very nice email from Honza Tomek ♪♫♪ confirms my reception of Radio Beat. Honza had checked the log and gave me a detailed description of the content of my recording.


ORF Radio Wien AUT 89.9 MHz

Brief email from ORF Wien Service verifies my reception of Radio Wien on 89.9 MHz. A very difficult catch here due to a local station on 89.8.


Radio Decibel Eindhoven HOL 93.2 MHz

Brief message on Facebook verifies my reception of Radio Decibel some weeks ago.


MFM Radio Chaumont F 88.6 MHz

Mr Cédric Badet works at the engineering department of MFM. He verifies my reception of their 500 W transmitter in Chaumont in northern France. Attached to his mail was also a 4 pages pdf-file about this transmitter with a lot of information about coverage, antennas and power.

Radio 2DAY München D 89.0 MHz

The owner and founder of Radio 2DAY Peter Bertelshofer verifies my reception last month. Peter is also a radio mateur with the callsign DF 2 CX. Radio 2DAY use 200 watts of power into an antenna on top of the Olympic Tower in Munich.


Magnum la Radio Épinal F 94.6 MHz

No luck with email report in English made me try French in the contact form on their home page. In a couple of hours I recieved a perfect QSL, however not signed.


FG Radio Epernay F 90.3 MHz

Sylvain Ferey verifies my reception in an email partly written in Swedish! He gave me the following link about his station:

AFN the Eagle Brunssum HOL 89.2

In a long Facebook conversation The Eagle Benelux verifies that I have listened to Powernet Afternoon Connect which is a program produced in Germany and rebroadcast in the Benelux.

Radio Brocken Halle D 90.6 MHz

Product manager Holger Zimmer confirms my reception of Radio Brocken. He also promised me a snail mail QSL.


Radio Hochstift Paderborn D 93.7 MHz

Daniel Saade in the studio wrote an email in Swedish and confirmed my reception of Radio Hochstift.

YouFM Schlüchtern D 88.2 MHz

"Segen" in the studio of YouFM this morning verifies my reception of You FM.

Radio Maryja Kraków POL 90.6 MHz

Brief email verification after a report to their info address. V/s sr. Ksaweriana


Hitradio FM Melnik CZE 91.7 MHz

My reception was confirmed by Pavel Hájek - head of programmes. Pavel mentioned that they had received reception reports from Finland and Norway from the same day, July 26,

AFN Bavaria Amberg D 89.9 MHz

It was hard to get them through close to a local station on 89.8 MHz. I found no email address so I sent a message on Facebook. I had a conversation with Tony at AFN Bavaria who confirmed my reception and  explained the local commercial on my attached file.

PSR Radio Leipzig D 92.0 MHz

Yesterday I received a letter from PSR Radio in my letterbox after an email report two days before. They sent a QSL-letter and a couple of stickers (the same layout as the image above,)

Evropa 2 České Budějovice CZE 90.5 MHz

Evropa 2 has two transmitters on 90.5 MHz but broadcast engineer Jaroslav Macku suggests I have received the 1,6 kW ERP transmitter in České Budějovice.

BNR Nieuwsradio Hoogezand HOL 89.6 MHz

Patrick van Ewijk is a broadcast engineer at BNR Nieuwsradio. He is also a great fan of Sweden and enjoys listening to Abba and Roxette and reading the books by Larsson and Mankell. He was very surprised when he learnt that BNR was logged in Sweden.

Radio Hollandio Helmond HOL 90.5 MHz

Brief email from Pascal Verlinden, Programmaleider, confirms my reception of Radio Hollandio. Attached was a logo in GIF-format.

Arrow Jazz FM Groningen HOL 90.3 MHz

In a reply to report on their contact form The Arrow Jazz FM Team says :
Thank you for your e-mail, we really enjoyed reading it! Very fascinating stuff..

Radio Plus Zielona Gora POL 91.7 MHz

Pawel Ptaszynski Prezenter at Radio Plus Zielona Góra verifies my reception in a very impressive email. He ends up with "Today during our local broadcast from Zielona Gora (between 4PM and 7PM) I will share this unique story to our listeners. " Listen to a recording of this special transmission.

Radio Oranje Nationaal Eindhoven HOL 93.6 MHz

Nice email from Nico Silvius, Radio Oranje Nationaal TV Oranje Sales en Marketing, confirms my reception of Radio Oranje Nationall July 26.

MDR1 Radio Thüringen Sonneberg 91.7 MHz

Anne-Kathrin Gronert, Programmservice, sent me a very nice email confirming my reception of MDR1 Radio Thüringen.

MDR1 Radio Sachsen Auerbach D 88.7 MHz

"Schlager, Oldies meine Musik Radio Sachsen" was a jingle I heard on 88.7 MHz July 26. Karin Funke M.A. Redakteurin Hörerpost verified my report.

Cityradio Trier D 88.4 MHz

In an email The Cityradio Trier crew verifies my reception. They are also very surprised that they can be logged 1500 kilometres away but can't be heard in nearby Cologne. That's the fascinating with E-skip  and FM reception.

Radio 700 Amel D 90.1 MHz

I had a mix of thee German stations on 90.1 MHz July 26. No doubt Radio 700 was one of them, so I sent a report with a 50 second recording attached. Christian Milling confirmed my reception and also told me that a commercial and a telephone number on my recording was Radio 90.1 in Mönchengladbach.

Radio Trausnitz Pfeffenhausen D 91.8 MHz

A very interesting mail from Bernd Jungwirth Redaktion, Moderation und Technik verifies my reception of Radio Trausnitz. My report was the third they have ever received from abroad, the first from Sweden. Bernd attached a studio recording of the nes I had received.

Radio 1 Praha CZE 91.9 MHz

Lenka Wienerová/manager of Radio 1 in Prague verifies my July 26 reception. She also promised me a letter which in fact arrived in my mail boz 2 days later. Thank you Lenka!

Prima Radio Székelyudvarhely ROU 87.9 MHz

Csizmadia Attila Marketing Manager of Prima Radio in Székelyudvarhely verifies my reception of Prima Radio. This is the 4th time they have received reception reports from Scandinavia, three from Finland and mine from Sweden. Prima Radio broadcast in Hungarian for the Hungarian minority in Romania. 95% of the population in Székelyudvarhely  speaks Hungarian.

Radio Relax Kladno CZE 92.3 MHz

Radio Relax was heard for 10 minutes with very good reception July 26. Blanka, production, confirmed my reception.

Radio Petrov Hodonín CZE 92.8 MHz

I had fantastic conditions towards Central Europe July 26. One station logged for the first time in Bonässund was Radio Petrov in Hodonín. My reception was veified by Adéla Vávrová

Český rozhlas 5 - Hradec Kralove 90.5 MHz

ČRo 5 Region-Vysočina Jihlava 87.9 MHz

Český Rozhlas 3 Vltava Brno 90.4 MHz

Český rozhlas 1 - Radiožurnál Plzen 89.1 MHz

ČRo 2 - Praha (Dvojka) 89.9 MHz

PhDr. Zuzana Foglarová, marketingová a PR manažerka, verifies my reception of  Český rozhlas 2 - Praha. Good reception despite a local station on 89.8 MHz.

Radio Niederösterreich Sankt Pölten AUT 91.5 MHz

Reception verified by Wolfgang Nitsch, Publikumservice. Very nice email with detailed description of the musical parts of the recording I sent them.