Bésame Tunja 1120

Maritza Caballero, secretaria de la oficina de CARACOL en Tunja, confirms my reception of Bésame Tunja which has been a regular guest on 1120 last month. Maritza also attached a photo of the Caracol building in Tunja and a photo of the studio used also by Oxigeno 1230.


Radio Coro 780

Radio Coro is by far one of the easiest stations to receive from Venezuela, perhaps second just to Radio Puerto Cabello. It was one of my first stations from Venezuela back in 1964 when I received a QSL-card for my reception on 4950 kHz.
They left the 60 meter band many years ago. Nowadays Radio Coro is almost always on the top on 780 when the AM band is open towards South America. When I searched for Radio Coro on the Internet I found this one about stolen equipment: http://www.fmcenteresnoticia.com.ve/?p=56640
I made some recordings last month and sent a report via Facebook yesterday. ( My recording can be found here http://www.box.com/s/n04mvl1j0hierxj374hs ). I was almost excited this morning when I received a very nice message from a locutora en Radio Coro. She writes " .....

My thanks to Migdala for Facebook conversation. Mil gracias y Feliz Navidad!


830 AM La Radio que no se olvida Caracas

My first QSL via Twitter. Not very much space for a report in twitter but good enough for a link to Box.net. Nice reply after 20 minutes,

Radio Fé y Alegría Caracas 1390

This is one of the most often logged radio stations from Venezuela. I have sent many reports to FyA with no result! Yesterday I sent a report to  Edwin José Rodríguez who verified my report with a nice email. He also attached their program schedule as a pdf.


Radio Huancavilca Guayaquil 830

This is a really nice one logged in October 24. I used their contact form for my report.
ING. NESTOR JIMENEZ LOPEZ DIRECTOR GENERAL verified my reception with a really nice email.

Radio Angulo Holguín 1110 and 1490

A month ago I heard a station on 1110 kHz with some kind of over-night request program, mentioning two phone numbers and giving the ID or program name  Onda Cero. I was really confused. I could not identify this station so I contacted Henrik Klemetz and he promptly answerered: "This is Radio Angulo". Two days later I heard the same program on 1490 and Henrik helped me  once again. Today I sent a report to Eddy Garcia who confirmed my reception. My thanks to Henrik and Eddy!

WPAT Pattersson NJ 930

Today I answered a friends request on Facebook. This new friend  also turned out to be a friend to Reyis Lora who is a "Locutor de WPAT". I sent a short message in Facebook and got an immediate reply.


Ràdio Cultura Paulo Afonso 1360

A very friendly message in Facebook from locutora Mary Rodriguez verifies my reception of Ràdio Cultura Paulo Afonso in September.


Alegría 1020 Chivacoas 1020

This was a nice catch from October 21 2001. Hard to get around the Cubans and other Venezuelans on this channel. I have never logged them before! Short email from Juan Pablo Planas verifies my reception. THanks to Fredrik Dourén for contact information.

Radio Maria 90.5 MHz from Italy

DX-er Giampiero Bernardini verifies my reception of Radio Maria Italia which was logged on several frequencies June 20. The QSL came as an attached pdf-file. Thank you Giampiero!


Radio Alegría Arequipa 1510

Nice email from Edgar Murga Quispe verifies my August 19 reception of Radio Alegría. Edgar is Administrador ,producciones para radio y tv

Radio Surco Ciego de Avila 1140

I have logged Radio Surco several times on both 930 and 1140 but never sent a reception report until last week. Immediately I  got a nice reply from Elvira Crespo who wrotes:
Me alegra mucho saber que desde tan lejos alguien nos escucha.Me gustaría mantener la comunicación con Ud. de esta forma practicaría su Español y yo mi Inglés.Is it possible? Saludos Elvira Crespo.

La Inolvidable Lima 660

It was a real surprise when La Inolvidable from Lima surfaced over Radio Autentica and WNBC Oct 21. It was on top of the pile for 5 minutes. Typically a station you would not logg without recordings fom an SDR-receiver. Gerente Mauel Soto sent a short mail via his Iphone.


1430 AM Radio Bogota

After several reports during the last 20 years today I finally eceived a very nice email from Carlos Molano Gómez Gerente. A lot if nformation about the history of former Emisora Kennedy.


Raadio 2 Orissaare Estonia 103.4

Another station from Estonia logged last week. Nice email from Sten Teppan Editor in Chief verifies my reception.
Raadio 2 is the youth oriented channel of Estonian Radio.

Raadio 4 Tallinn 93.4 MHz

Logged this one and several other Estonian stations during tropo conditions last week. Nice email from Julia Bali, executive editor, verifies my reception. Raadio 4 carries the Russian program in Estonia.


WMOB Mobile AL 1360

A short message from Jackie Herrell confirms my reception of WMOB last year. I logged them for the first time  last autumn with surprisingly good strength. Something had  happened to their antenna pattern when two industrial builings were built close to the WMOB site. Nice for us Dx-ers! WMOB is now searching for help to move to another location.

Radio Buenaventura 1240

This autumn I could here a station on 1240,042 kHz carrying the Radio Maria Colombia programs quite often. I soon found some information on the Internet that this might be Radio Buenaventura. I searched for contact information and found Martha Fanny Vanegas Lemus on Facebook. She is a "periodista" at Radio Buenaventura! I sent her a message and she confirmed my reception but I was still in some doubts. I had no local identification yet! Then Rafael Rodriguez in Bogota checked the frequency in Colombia and could confirm that Radio Buenaventura carries Radio Maria programs from 0300. I checked further in my SDR-recordings and found what I wanted on the 15th of October. First a local identification from Radio Buenaventura at 0258 UTC  followed by an identification by Radio Maria also mentioning that this program is relayed by Radio Buenaventura. The announcement goes like this: "Aqui comienza la programación de Radio María, una emisora internacional con presencia en 40 países. Nuestro propósito es el de colaborar en el anuncio de la buena nueva de Jesucristo, fiel al magisterio de la iglesia católica. Escúchenos todos los días de las 10 de la noche a las 5 de la mañana por Radio Buenaventura, la radio del pueblo. Somos Diócesis de Buenaventura, una iglesia en misión a las fuerzas del corazón. Bienvenido." (Tnx to Henrik Klemetz for the exact words).


WAPA San Juan PR 680

WAPA is a common catch over here, but QSLs have been very rare. I have sent many reports by snail mail and email during the last 30 years with no response at all. I decided to try Facebook and found Jesus Rodriguez Garcia. He sent a nice email in both English and Spanish. Jesus has his own webbsite at
www.jesusrodriguezgarcia.com .(Jesus do not work at WAPA any longer )


WRVA Richmond VA 1140

This is a very rare catch at my place. I think I have logged it twice the last 20 years! Ruth Stoutermire verifies my reception with a very brief email.


Radio Ambato 930

This station was logged September 7 2011. It was a total surprise to me. Two Canadians and LV de Bogota seems to be logged all the time. I sent a report to Gerente Mario Barona V. who sent me a friendly letter. Henrik Klemetz also contacted Sr Barona by phone and tried to convince him to send a message to "En Vivo". Sorry to say but I read the mail after the message was sent. After a tremendeous work Henrik Klemetz received a studio recording. You can find it here: http://www.box.net/shared/m3cvjdsio96rkh7ks3ka. The voice is not Sr Barona but Jorge from the department of sports. Many thanks  to Mr Barona and to  Henrik for making this possible.


Radio Pachatusan Sicuani Perú 1240

Nice email from Jose Luis Quintasi Valer verifies my reception of Radio Pachatusan. José recommended me to listen to their webb stream at http://pachatusanradio.blogspot.com

WDER Derry NH 1320

I think this is a nice catch. I have only logged them once, early September 2011. I received a brief email from GM Bill Blount confirming my reception.


Oxigeno Pasto 1130 AM

This station was logged with a clear ID September 5 around 0310 UTC . Quite a catch as  Radio Vida and Radio Ideal are dominating this channel. Claudia Ortega, the directora of Caracol Radio in Pasto verified my reception.


WTWK Plattsburgh NY 1070

This is my #700 QSL from North America in the AM band. Time to celebrate. WTWK was heard in the beginning of September with night time operation. It identified as Bloomberg 1070. V/s was John Domigan Champlain Radio Group.

Radio Centro México DF 1030

Last week I found the contact information to Luis Cepero Alarcón the veriesigner of Radio Centro. I found it on the blogg of Mauricio Molano, Salamanca, Spain! Thank you Mauricio and Luis!

SAQ Grimeton 17,2 kHz

On July 2nd 2004, Grimeton Radio Station was appointed a World Heritage on UNESCO World Heritage list. It was constructed after WWI in order to cover communication across the Atlantic Ocean. They have special transmissions a couple of times each year. Read more

This is the heart of the 17,2 kHz longwave transmitter, called the Alexandersson alternator, weight 50 tons!

Emisora Cultural Universidad de Antioquia 1410

This is heard from time to time but no QSL until last week. V/s Carlos González Restrepo programador, My thanks to Fredrik Dourén for v/s info.


Radio Soleil Paris 88.6 MHz

This station was logged with a mass in Arabic August 8. Verification by a very short email.


France Inter Bayonne 89.0 MHz

Short email from Noëlla, Relations Auditeurs de France Inter.

France Musique Lille 88.7 MHz

Very nice email with comments about my program details..... My French is not that good! I used the contact form for my report. They were logged on several frequencies August 8.  No V/s.

Cocktail FM Falaise 89.2 MHz

Another one from August 8 E-skip. Nice email from Ann-Sophie Lethorey.

M'FM Caen 88.7

Many stations from France and UK August 8. One of them was MFM. Fast reply from Cédric Badet after a report on their contact form.


Radio ERA FM Odessa 87.9 MHz

Very nice email in Russian (!) from Julia Nikolaenko verifies my reception of Radio ERA FM in Odessa.

Omroep Gelderland Megen 89.1 MHz

Very nice mail from Anton Steenbergen, Commercieel Manager, verifies my reception of Omroep Gelderland last month.


Oxigeno Bucaramanga 1120

I logged this station last season. They are no longer on 1120, has moved to 1270 I think. My QSL came as a message on Facebook.


Kronehit Insbruck 106.5 MHz

My reception of Kronehit was confirmed by an email from Cornelia Auer, producer.

Radio 2 Roermond 88.2 MHz

Sicco Klein producer verifies my recent reception of Radio 2 with a short email and an attached WORD-file.

Radio Subasio 87.5 MHz

Stefano Brizi verifies my report sent to the address found on their website.

Venezuela 8-80 Puerto Ordaz 880

Very nice reply from Aristóteles Ospina (Narración de Futbol Profesional) after a follow up report.


Radio Sieben 105.0 MHz

Very nice and interesting email from Christine Brackenmeyer (Redaktion) verifies my reception of Radio Sieben. I listened to the Abendshow with Sebastian Pauls.


HR3 Biedenkopf 87.6 MHz

Hessischer Rundfunk sent a QSL-card after report via their website form.


JUMP Leipzig 90.4 MHz

JUMP is a division of MDR from the eastern part of Germany. Jump  was logged on several frequencies in June. V/s was Anja Heinrich Sales Department.

Bayern2 Wendelstein 89.5 MHz

Nice email from Verena Marziw Technische Information veriefies my reception of Bayern2 which has been logged on sveral frequencies recently.


Radio Capital Pesaro 87.7 MHz

Simona Bolognesi at Redaccione verifies my reception of Radio Capital, which has been logged on several frequencies at my place this summer.

Kiss Proton Plzeň 90.0 MHz

Very brief email from DJ Veronika Nagrova verifies my reception of Kiss Proton.

Radio Lëtzebuerg 88.9 MHz

This station carries the local program of RTL. Logged June 28 with good reception for almost an hour. V/s Christiane Kremer Head of Program


WDR5 88.0 MHz

A nice email verifies my reception of WDR5. V/s Brigitte Dahl.

RMF Radio Muzyka Fakty 88.2 MHz

Long email from Przemysław Kula z-ca Dyrektora Programowego verifies my recent reception of RMF.


Omroep Zeeland 87.9 MHz

Brief email from Carla Mons verifies my reception of Omroep Zeeland June 28.