KORT Grangeville ID 1230

Last week Melinda Hall verified my reception of KORT last season. I used a reminder to the email address found on the Internet.


Retro FM Chisinau Moldova 89.1 MHz

Nice email from director Vadim Iuvjaninov verifies my reception of Retro FM. He mentions that they have received a report from a DX-er in Finland last year.

Radio Veronica 91.6 MHz

Silvan Stout of Radio Veronica writes in an email
YESSSSSSSSSS! This is our station! Wow.. good catch!

Radio Mariya Srbija 90 MHz

Radio Mariya Srbija was logged via E-skip some days ago. Nice email from deacon Csaba Kovacs verifies my reception.


Radio 88.6 Vienna 88.6 MHz

Several days with E-skip in the beginning of June also included my first logging of Radio 88.6 Wien. Chefredakteur Bernard Feichert verified my reception.