WXRL Lancaster NY 1300

I have tried reception reports to the official email address of WXRL many times with no luck, but last week I got some contact information from Jan Oscarsson in Umea. He had found the address to morning host Scott Cleveland who sent a very nice reply to my reminder. My thanks to Scott and Jan!


CFPL London ON 980

Today News Director Nathan Smith of AM980 verified my reception of CFPL. I have tried several times until I finally found Nathans email on the Internet yesterday. Thank you Nathan for verification!


WECU Greenville NC 1570

WECU is not a regular at my place but now and then they came on top of the channel last season. I sent a couple of reports via my regular email with no respons but a reminder via my gmail account last week resulted in a really nice email from Mark Woodson Vice President of True Ventue Media Group.


WMYF Portsmouth NH 1380

I logged this station March 8 2009. Not the easiest catch on 1380 at my place. V/s was Jeff Pierce Operations Manager.


KSOO Sioux Falls SD 1140

Yesterday I recieved a very nice email from Gene Hetland News director of KSOO. Gene says his name is Norwegian and writes like this: As you might guess, "Hetland" is a Norwegian name. My grandparents both came to the US in the 1890s from Stavanger, but my mother was entirely of Swedish lineage. My grandmother and her family came here in the 1870s or 1880s from Orebro, and I never was able to learn where my grandfather's family came from. Since my parents are both gone now, I might never know.

KBYR Anchorage AK 700

A very brief email from J Mcdonald arrived yesterday after a reminder. I logged this one and 20 other stations from Alaska Jan 25.

WMCA New York NY 570

A brief email from Stuart Engelke verified my reception of WMCA. He also told me that he had replied to me before!

WGR Buffalo NY 550

No QSL-s for more than a month but yesterday I sent some reminders from my gmail-address and received 4 QSLs within an hour. One of them was a brief mail from Kevin Carr Assistant Program Director of WGR. Thank you for QSL Kevin!