Virgin Radio Côte d'Opale Touquet F 87.9 MHz

It was a great surprise when Virgin Radio on 87.9 had a local identification from the studios in Touquet. Report to Facebook gave a brief reply.


Radio Lodi San Colombano al Lambro I 89.0 MHz

My reception of Radio Lodi was confirmed in a very nice and interesting Facebook message. They also made a comment on their timeline https://www.facebook.com/radiolodi?hc_location=timeline

Sud Radio Mons BEL 94.9 MHz

A very brief message on Facebook verifies my reception report of Sud Radio.

Klubrádió Budapest HNG 92.9 MHz

Reception reported and verified via Facebook by the Klubrádió Team. I have heard them on 95.3 MHz but programs are not always in // with 92.9 Also the RDS information is different. The image below is from my Perseus FM+ receiver:

Sunshine Radio Woofferton G 105.9 MHz

My main source of information for FM DX-ing is http://www.fmlist.org/, very accurate and up to date most of the time. However when I heard a station on 105.9 MHz with advertising from Ludlow and Tenbury Wells in Shropshire it gave me no probable solution, so I tried RealDX for help. Several guys helped me and it turned out to be Sunshine Radio in Ludlow //855 AM!
Today Günter Lorenz  reports: Location is Woofferton, Shropshire. Just added station to FMLIST.
TX site: http://maps.google.com/maps?ll=52.317778,-2.718889&spn=0.03805,0.06727&t=m&hl=en

Capital FM Colwyn G 96.3 MHz

My reception was confirmed by Mel Booth  Managing Director Wales for Global radio, the owner of Smooth FM, Heart, XFM, LBC, Classic FM and Gold.

Downtown Radio is a regular catch on 1026 AM but this was the first time I logged them on FM. Reception was confirmed by Mark Mahaffy Regional Managing Director of Downtown Radio and Cool FM.

City Beat Black Mountain G 96.7 MHz

James Pllu is the Programme Controller of City Beat. He used to work on West FM and West Sound. He wrote a very nice email confirming my reception of City Beat. This station is transmitting from Northern Ireland.

BBC Radio Lancashire Hameldon Hill G 95.5 MHz

Reception verified by John Clayton Editor – BBC Radio Lancashire.

Pirate FM Caradon Hill G 102.2 MHz

My reception was verified by James Dundon Presenter and Producer, whos voice was on my recording when he presented "Oldies Hour".


Tropiques FM Paris F 92.6 MHz

Brief message on Facebook confirmed my reception.


Arancia Network Pesaro I 92.9 MHz

I sent a personal message on Facebook to Arancia Network and was somewhat surprised to find a reply on their timeline!


RCJ Paris F 94.8 MHz

RCJ stands for  La Radio de la Communauté Juive à Paris and broadcast programs for the Jewish community in Paris. Other broadcasters also use this transmitter occasionally. My report was verified by William Zerbib, RCJ Team.


Tendance Ouest Normandie FM Alençon F 89.4 MHz

Today I received a very nice Facebook message from Tendance Ouest in Normandie, verifying my reception back in July 2014. They also helped me with the details of my reception: Nous pouvons entendre les dernières notes de musique de "Papaoutai" de "Stromae". Ensuite notre animatrice Nolwenn annonce l'heure (12h30) et le journal d'informations. 

La Radio Plus Annecy F 94.0 MHz

La Radio Plus have local programs with local identifications for Annecy, which is situated in eastern France close to the Swiss border. For some reason it seems hard to logg stations from this particular area. Why?
My report was verified via Facebook, a report to their contact form on the home page gave no result.


Zenith FM Bain-en-Bretagne F 87.7 MHz

Paul Rolland writes a very nice email-QSL where he mentions that they had also been heard in Finland the same day. He also mentions the E-skip phenomena causing this kind of reception.

Radio Arabel Brussels BEL 106.8 MHz

This station was formerly known as Radio Al Manar and changed its name recently. My reception was verified bySamir Ben El Caïd Directeur des programmes

Oxygéne Radio O'FM Laval F 90.1 MHz

Reception of Oxygéne Radio was confirmed via Facebook.

Radio 8 Vouziers F 91.6 MHz

An email not signed confirms my reception of Radio 8 Ardennes on 91.6 MHz

Antena Radio Jelah BIH 88.7 MHz

Reception was confirmed by Market Manager Anid Hrvic.

Freez FM Arnhem HOL 88.7 MHz

QSL in an email from Nico Silvius who works at the owner company of Freez AM, Joy Radio, Waterstad FM and Radio NL!

Generations 88.2 Paris F 88.2 MHz

Cédric Badet confirmed my reception of Generations 88.2 In Paris

Radio Pluriel Lyon F 91.5 MHz

Reception of Radio Pluriel was confirmed by a Facebook message from Ludovic Blanc.

Radio Parsifal Pescara I 91.9 MHz

An impressed staff of Radio Parcifal confirmed my reception of their station.


Radio Mater unknown QTH I 89.5 MHz

A very long email from the Community of Mary verifies my reception of Radio Mater. I used their contact form for my report and gave a link to my recording but it did not work. I attached my file to my reply-email instead with good result.

Radio Linea Numero 1 Pescara I 87.9 MHz

Reception was confirmed by David Romano DJ, whos voice was on my recording.

Radio City Liverpool G 96.7 MHz

Radio City in Liverpool had a nice signal for over an hour July 3 2014. Reception was verified by Angela Allford. She says:  I am pleased to confirm that the voice you heard belonged to Radio City’s favourite handsome Irish Man, Mr Simon Ross. 

Rock FM Winter Hill G 97.4

A report on their contact form gave a QSL via their Listener Club. No name. This station was heard for just a couple of minutes, later Ceredigion in Wales dominated with a huge signal.


Fun Radio Dunkerque F 92.2 MHz

I know that Fun Radio has local transmissions but still I was surprised when I heard a 92.2 MHz announcement July 22. They seemed equally surprised in Dunkerque:
! C'est génial que vous puissiez nous écouter du nord de la Suède! La magie de la radio probablement!

Espace Bernay F 88.6 MHz

Another station logged July 22. Reception was verified by Mickael with an email written in "Google" Swedish!

Radio Liberté Strasbourg F 91.5 MHz

This station was heard July 22 when I had very good conditions towards the eastern part of France around 0930 UTC, Bretagne/Normandie 1020-1040. I used their form letter for my report and received a QSL from Patrick Stefan.

Pure FM Anderleus BEL 96.6 MHz

I received a letter with a handwritten card and stickers after a report on the RTBF form letter page.


Radio Wave Blackpool G 96.5 MHz

The voice on a recording sent to Radio Wave turned out to be Roy Lynch Programme Manager who also verified my reception.


Antipode Louvain-la-neuve BEL 94.1 MHz

Another logging from July 3, 2014. Reception was confirmed by Pascal Demeyer Directeur des programmes


Méga FM Châteauneuf-sur-Loire F 96.5 MHz

A really nice QSL received today. L'equipe Méga FM writes:

Votre message a fait plaisir à toute l'équipe. Nous en avons d'ailleurs parlé a l'antenne et sur Facebook > https://www.facebook.com/megafmfrance/posts/10152772352714880?notif_t=notify_me .


MNM Antwerp BEL 89 MHz

MNM is a music station owned by VRT i Belgium. Heard playing Madonna with nice signal. Reception was verified by the VRT Customer Service, no name in the email.

Vivacité Charleroi BEL 92.3

My QSL was signed by Philippe Delmelle animateur. It was  written in Swedish, translated by Google. Attached was also an image of the antenna used on 92.3 MHz.