Radio Marija Croatia Virovitica HRV 88.3 MHz

Reception confirmed by message on Facebook.


Radio Top Suceava ROU 104.0 MHz

Another one logge June 8 2016. QSL after a follow up via messenger. Message signed by Doro Popovici


Viva FM Botosani ROU 106.3 MHz

I logged them summer of 2016 and sent an email report but no respons. Today I sent a follow up via Messanger and received a QSL after 5 minutes.

Romantic FM Bucharest ROU 101.9 MHz

Heard this one with a lot of Bee Gees music. Reception confirmed via Messenger.


Grunn FM Groningen HOL 89.1 MHz

Back in June this station managed to override a semi-local transmitter of SR in Sweden. Reception confirmed via Messenger.

Paprika Rádió Cluj-Napoca ROU 95.1 MHz

A brief message in Facebook confirms my reception of Paprika Rádió. This station transmits in Hungarian language.


HRT Radio Dubrovnik HRV 88.2 MHz

Brief email from V.d. urednica Radio Dubrovnika Adriana Tomašić verifies my reception of Radio Dubrovnik.