Russkoe Radio Chisinau MDA 103.7 MHz

Program director Vladimir Drozdov sent me a very nice email confirming my reception of Russkoe Radio. He also sent two studio recordings corresponding with my own recordings.


Radio Plai Balti MDA 102.9 MHz

I heard Radio Plai on several frequencies during the fantastic opening towards Moldova, Romania and Ukraine June 8. Today I received my first QSL via Skype. I had a short conversation with Sergiu Raileanu, the program director of Radio Plai. He verified that I had heard some commercials from Radio Plai.


Radio Ognjišče Postojna 1 SVN 89.1 MHz

I heard this one May 14 2016, made a recording but could not understand the ID. Last week some guys on the SkywavesDX help me! QSL-email today, signed by Marko Zupan tehnična služba

Radio Sokal UKR 101.0 MHz

A really nice email from Alexander Novatskyy confirm that I heard Radio Sokal June 8 2016. That date I had stations from Ukraine, Moldova and Roumania all over the band. He writes:

You heard the announcement of the transfer, which is devoted to the war in Eastern Ukraine. Unfortunately, Russia is haunted our small country, the war killed the best people!
Sokal town is on the border with Poland. 


Rom Radio Obrenovac SRB 99.6 MHz

Report on Facebook gave  a "like" in the beginning but  later a short message via Messenger.

Novi Radio Djakovo HRV 99.5 MHz

I heard this one June 8 and had a lot of problems to understand the identification. Friends on SkywavesDX-group help me. QSL via email.

Antenne Salzburg AUT 101.8 MHz

Programmdirektor Christian Katzer wrote a kind email about my reception of Antenne Salzburg - Salzburgs Beste Musik