Fuego AM Bogotá 1160

I have heard this station under different brandings during the last decades, but I have never been lucky to receive a QSL. However this autumn I had very good reception several times so I decided to try another report. It was soon verified, no name in the email but the title was  "Fuego AM Master Bogota".

WAUR Sandwich IL 930

Another hard to catch station. I logged them November 25 when I had good conditions towards the Chicago area. Reception was verified by Mike Kendall Chief Programmimg Officer.

KTRB San Fransisco CA 860

Another nice logging from January 11 2013. This is a station transmitting ESPN Deportes Radio in Spanish. Reception was verified by Michael Sher, General Manager.

WURN Kendall FL 1020

Their slogan is Actualidad 1020 and can be heard from time to time on 1020 despite all Cubans on this channel. I received a very nice email fromWillie Lacorra VP/GSM confirming my report.

KPAM Troutdale OR 860

I am really proud of this one. It was logged January 11 2013 around 08z when KTRB out. My reception was confirmed by Jeanne Winter General Sales Manager.

KTSM El Paso TX 690

I logged KTSM back in January 2013, quite a difficult catch at my place. My reception was verified by Mike Ryan VP/Market Manager.

WDLX Washington NC 930

In January 2013 I was lucky to be able to hear WDLX coming over the regular CFBC on 930. My report was verified by Jonathan Ellerbe.

Radio Maranatha Managua NCG 1440

Pastor Omar Duarte Pérez at the Ministerio Evangelistico Ríos de Agua Viva verifies my reception of Radio Maranatha. It is quite easy to notice them due to the frequency offset causing a heterodyne with Radio Luxemburg and Radio Hvezda, not so easy to get a readable signal...