Radio 2000 Südtirol Penegal I 98.7 MHz

This station was mixing with  RAI Südtirol and Virgin Radio. Reception confirmed by Martin Urthaler at media center südtirol


Totalni FM Split Labinštica 93.6 MHz

I reported a local transmission from Split and received a nice verification via Facebook.


Polis Radio 102.6 Orestiada GRC 106.1 MHz

My very first FM QSL from Greece. 2500 km seems to be the upper limit for a single hop reception. Reception was verified by Tsaousis   Sakis General Manager. He attacched 7 nice images to his mail and promised to send a souvenir later on.


Radio Terezija Bjelovar HRV 93,9 MHz

This one was logged a few times back in July, quite often with QRM from Radio Pula. V/s was Danijela Vusić  direktorica.

Forrás Rádió Komárom HNG 90.5 MHz

Report was confirmed by Zoltán Fenyvesi, the presenter heard on my recording. Their main transmitter is on 97.8 MHz but can't be logged here due to our local Radio Sweden P3 with 60 kW on this frequency.


Lor'FM Thionville F 95,2 MHz

Reception was verified by Alain Vicci Président - Directeur Général Antenne

Radio Uylenspiegel Hazebrouck F 91,8 MHz

QSL: Nice email from JF Chiloup Président Radio Uylenspiegel


MDR Info Oschatz/Collmberg D 105.9 MHz

Verified on Facebook. Very nice reply with a lot of information about the program I had recorded.

Bayern 3 Brotjacklriegel D 94.4 MHz

V/s Fabio Taormina Bayern 3 Hörerservice


You FM Hardberg D 95.3 MHz

Reception verified by Conny at the editorial office.


Radio City Praha CZE

Long message on Facebook and a separate email from Michal Krčmář | radio City 93,7 FM
marketing manager with jpg-QSL verifies my reception of Radio City.

Musiq'3 Leglise BEL 94.1 MHz

Report was verified by Isis Gunzburger  Musiq'3 - Head of programs. They had checked my recordings very carefully and mentioned that the news in the beginning also was sent // to La Première to be heard on the same frequency.

Vatican Radio Vatican City CVA 93.3 MHz

This station was heard with aprogram in Polish intended for Polish tourists to Rome. Reception was verified by Charlotta Smeds.

Radio Zet Jihlava CZE 96.7 MHz

I was somewhat confused when I heard BBC World Service in English coming through on 96.7 Mhz when the RDS showed Radio Zet. It turned out to be Radio Zet in Jihlava. QSL via Facebook

Radio Sázava Frýdek-Místek CZE 90.6 MHz

This report was verified by the owner of Radio Sázava Miroslav Pýcha. He also owns another FM station called Radio Color,

Radio Sázava Benešov CZE 89.3 MHz

John Kulik Regional studio of Radio Sázava verifies that I have heard a reginal program of Radio Sázava,

Radio Oberösterreich Linz AUT 95,2 MHz

I received two emails and one card confirming my reception. The emails were from Ingrid Froschauer ORF Oberösterreich Kundenservice and Rudolf Mair

Radio Transamerica/Rede Tropical BRA 1450

Just once have I logged stations from Brazil on 1450 kHz so this was a real surprise. Reception was verified via Facebook.

Studio N Ivovic BIH 93.3 MHz

QSl via email from Andrea journalist / editor at Radio Studio N

Radio Grude BIH 95.5 MHz

Nice email from Sanja at Radio Grude confirms my reception.

Radio Soundportal Styria AUT 88.6 MHz

Rainer in Graz wites you were listening radio soundportal from styria, austria via fm frequency 89.60 mhz.the transmitter is located at 015E10 57 / 47N21 59 (WGS84) in 1410 meter (sea level). the antennas pointing in two directions, one of the two shows the direction sweden. the effective radiated power for this direction is about 8 kw.

RTV Rijnmond Rotterdam HOL 93.4 MHz

Ineke Vanderveken, Marketing&Communications Manager verified my report with a long email

Radio Classique Saint-Quentin F 88.6 MHz

Report was confirmed via Facebook by L'équipe de Radio Classique

Radio Lukavac BIH 96.7 MHz

Reception was verified by Ermin via their Facebook account.

Life Radio Linz AUT 100.5 MHz

My reception was confirmed by Matthias Moser Serviceredaktion/Top20 Hörercharts. His voice on the recording I made!

Rock FM Moskva RUS 95.2 MHz

My report was verified by Evgeny Shtoltz , a program director of RockFM radio.

Megapolis FM Moskva RUS 89.5 MHz

Brief email from the Megapolis Team. I usually do not point my antenna to the east so this is my first FM-QSL from Russia.