Forth One Black Hill G 97.6 MHz

I logged this one June 7 when I had very good signals from Scotland, Northern Ireland and Ireland for half an hour. My report was verified on Facebook.

National FM Bucharest ROU 91.7 MHz

National FM Team confirms on Facebook that I have listened to National FM

Radio Val d'Or Thouars F 95.2 MHz

DJ Sax Julien confirmed that I had recorded their local news. He has his own facebook accaunt as DJ: https://www.facebook.com/djsax79600?fref=ts

Up! Radio Milano I 101.9 MHz

My email-QSL says "mi chiamo Consoli Giambattista , ho 56 anni, vivo a Milano e sono il responsabile  supervisor di UP!RADIO, la radio che hai ascoltato." Mr Giambattista also attached an Up! Radio presentation sheet , which you can find here: https://app.box.com/s/jxulyp61999kvmpnxes8

RadioReggio Castelnovo ne' Monti I 96.2 MHz

Elisa Crepas is "conduttore! at RadioReggio, a radio station with 4 transmitters in the area around Parma and Modena, west of Bologna. Elisa verifies my reception and writes "Please continue to be our farthest fan!"


Dance FM Bucharest ROU 89.5 MHz

Liviu Bujenita is the sales manager of PRO FM/Dance FM.  He identified the station on the recording as Dance FM and  he even identified the interferring station as Radio Brasov Special.

Rádio Lumen Trenčín SVK 93.3 MHz

Pavol Hornak writes in an email today :"I work in Radio Lumen from 1994. In this time I never get e-mail like that. J You are really identified our radio and I´m surprised,because it is a miracle of technology. Our transmitter is in Trencin (140km from Banska Bystrica). Frekvention 93,3, power 10kW."  I think they have been heard before in Scandinavia.

Radio Devin Zilina SVK 94.2 MHz

Andrea Makýšová Volárová, Tímlíderka Rádia Devín, redaktorka, moderátorka, sent me a nice email when she returned to work after summer vacation. About me recording she writes: "I can confirm that the recording is indeed from Radio Devin!! Quite impressive I must say :). The voice belongs to my colleague Zuzana Šimová and she actually shares the office with me!! The recording is part of the program called Morning Tunes. "


Radio LatteMiele Alba Adriatica I 98.5 MHz

Today Norma Ricceri was back to work after her summervacation and wrote me a perfect QSL mail. She also reminded me that it is possible to listen at http://www.lattemiele.com/webradio/

Radio Fresh! Shumen BUL 91.9 MHz

Brief Facebookmessage confirms my reception of Radio Fresh!

Cool FM Black Mountain G 97.4 MHz

Brief Facebookmessage and a locng chat confirmed my reception of Cool FM

Radio Manila Piemonte Asti I 98.6 MHz

A long Facebookmessage from speaker Barbara Cannone verifies my reception of Radio Manila Piemonte.

Radio Cluj Satu Mare ROU 87.9 MHz

Florian Pruteanu sent my a really nice email with an attached QSL-letter as a Word-file.

Music FM Budapest HNG 89.5 MHz

A Facebookmessage says: I'm Anita Baji (Banita), the editor of the 89.5 Music Fm's morning show, "Önindító", the program you received in Sweden. 

Kék Duna Rádió Győr HNG 91.5 MHz

After a follow up report on Facebook i received a very nice reply from Balazs Jurasek, confirming my reception of Kék Duna Rádió. He mentions that he now and then receives reports from the Nordic countries.


Bute FM Rothesay Town Isle of Bute Scotland 96.5 FM

I logged this station June 7 when conditions were extremely good towards Scotland and (Northern) Ireland. This is a most fantastic station. Check their home page http://www.butefm.com/. They transmit from the small town of Rothesay Town on the island of Bute. My report was verified by Director/Producer Bill Sanger. He wanted to play some music for me and my family. Check https://app.box.com/s/4vx3jrih1ne1csrh8xqw


Radio Stella Modena I 96.8 MHz

My reception was verified in a chat on Facebook

Fun Radio Dubnik SVK 87.7 MHz

Juraj Neveselý at the technical department verifies my report. The transmitter is situated in Dubnik not far from Kosice. More information here:

PaneBurroMarmellata Modena I 98.3 MHz

My report was verified by DJ Old Man, Luca Vecchietti. He is also radio amateur IW4CCQ and the developer of software "digipac" used for packet radio. You can hear his voice every day at 1900 Italian time!


Radio International Fiorano Modenese I 97.5 MHz

The Radio International Team liked my recording but recommended me to check them on-line. Verification via Facebook.


RCF Reims-Ardennes Charleville-Mézières F 94.6 MHz

Facebook Message confirms my reception of RCF with a local announcement from Reims-Ardennes. Later I received a perfekt QSL via email from directeur Jean-Pierre Benoit.

Virgin Radio Nord Picardie Lille F 92.0 MHz

Today I had an interesting chat whit Ben (animateur) on Virgin Radio Nord Picardie about my reception June 12, when I was lucky to receive some local stuff from Virgin Radio.

Vibration Sancerre F 106.9 MHz

A very brief Facebookmessage in English confirmed my reception of Vibration,

Radio Nova Paris F 101.5 MHz

In a Facebook message La Nova'team writes: "Il s'agit effectivement bien de notre Radio, et plus précisement de l'émission de David Blot "le Nova Club. Bravo pour votre français impeccable". Google Translate is not so bad after all.....

Radio Dreyeckland Mulhouse F 104.6 MHz

Brief message in Facebook, not signed.

RTV 95.7 Dreux F 95.7 MHz

A long Facebook message from Eric Madelon  Président de RTV 95.7 confirms my reception of RTV 95.7. He writes about my recording: "Il s'agit d'un écran publicitaire avec la promotion d'une émission de radio "Music & News" avec Charlne DIDELOT le matin de 7:00 à 10:00 et ensuite une publicité pour une exposition agricole."


LFM Mantes-la-Jolie F 95.5 MHz

I had a chat on Facebook and uploaded a file and asked if they could recognize the voice. The reply came from Sam Laboulette:  Moi moi moi !!! En grand besoin de reprendre le sport ! Bébé a maintenant 4 mois, je suis OP !!! 


Circuito 29 Viadana Mantova I 106.15 MHz

Very nice Facebook message from speaker Daniele Bernardelli with information about the name of the DJ on my recording , Gianluca Federici, and a link to Google Maps about the location of their station: https://maps.google.it/maps?oe=utf-8&client=firefox-a&q=viadana+mantova&ie=UTF-8&hq=&hnear=0x47803a31cba09f73:0x18f4fcd451357c32,Viadana+MN&gl=it&ei=lIgTUtSwCKTK4ATVk4DwAg&ved=0CK4BELYD

Radio Amice Piemonte Sound Sant'Antonio Aradolo I 88.35 MHz

Nice message on Facebook from DJ and program announcer Carmen verifies my reception July 24.


Family Radio Hooglede BEL 96.2 MHz

A very brief message on Facebook confirms my reception of Family Radio in Belgium.
A week later a message from program director Rudi Van Vlaanderen.  He writes
The transmitter is only a 1200 watt and the height isn't that spectacular.Some 80 meter above sea-level, top of the antenna's.

Hit Radio FFH Habichtswald D 103.7 MHz

Joerg Polinski Head of IT and Transmissions Technology was very impressed of my reception of Hitradio FFH. Attached to my QSL-mail was a studio recording of the same time I had received their signal.

MUST FM La-Roche-en-Ardenne BEL 105.4 MHz

Very brief message on Facebook from Olivier Maghe, DJ  confirms my reception of Must FM.

Vivacité Hainaut BEL 101.8 MHz

Manu Delporte Journaliste et chef d'édition Viva-Hainaut sent me a QSL in Swedish (rather good translation by Google ) He also attached a photo.

Radio Totalni Sisak HRV 89.4 MHz

I logged this one back in June but never found their local email address until yesterday. This station carries local programmes under the Radio Sisak brand, other times relay of Radio Totalni.  They verifies my reception and attached 4 photos from Sisak, a very old town with buildings from the Roman empire.

BRF2 Herbesthal BEL 93.2 MHz

My reception report was verified by Lothar Kirch Head of technical department.


Métropole Radio Gaume BEL 106.5 MHz

Véronique has the morning show of Metropole. She is very impressed by my reception and will send a message to me tomorrow August 19 at 07 UTC or as she writes: ". Si vous écoutez demain vers 9h00 (heure belge), je vous passerait un petit bonjour ! "


Radio CCM Gliwice POL 93.4 MHz

I first received an auto reply from an email found on their home page, but then I tried again with a Google Translat version in Polish and received a verification in Polish.

Radio Maria Brussels BEL 94.6 MHz

I heard this station with religious programming in Dutch mixing with a station with the same kind of program in French. Fr. Karlo Tyberghien Programmadirecteur Radio Maria verifies my reception and also suggested that  the French speaking station was RCF, no proof of that however.

Radio Mercure Beauvais F 93.0 MHz

A report on their contact firm first resulted in a automated reply but later also a QSL from Monique at the Secreteriat.


Radio Sraka Trdinov SVN 94.6 MHz

Silvester of Radio Sraka confirms my reception and comments the music on my recording: Yes, you heard our station from transmitter on Trdinov vrh (mountain Gorjanci) on 94,6 MHz via "signal propagation" ;) The song was from slovenian band Gadi - "Bejbi". video (Gadi - Bejbi): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hRAHxeBe39k


Baden FM Blauen D 106.0 MHz

Julica and Oli (Morningshow of Baden FM) verify my reception of Baden FM.

Rádio Blaník Západní Čechy Plzen CZE 96.3 MHz

Short Facebook message verifies my reception of Rádio Blaník Západní Čechy.


Radio Dalmacija Brač HRV 87.8 MHz

Mario Nosic is an audio producer of Radio Dalmacija. He confirms my reception and also attached a studio recording of the time covered by my recording. Nice!!!

Hit Radio Orion Třinec CZE 98.7 MHz

Miroslav Pelegrin program director of Hitradio Orion confirms my reception.


RCF Accords Poitou F 94.7 MHz

Mickael Lahcen Directeur RCF Accords Poitou verifies that I have heard RCF central program and my RDS-image prove that it was indeed RCF Accords.

Vocea Basarabiei Cauşeni MDA 91.9 MHz

A short Facebook message confirms my reception of Vocea Basarabiei.


Radio Citta Bollate I 101.7 MHz

My name is Stefano Doniselli, I'm 43 and live in Bollate north of Milan, just a few kilometers from the Giuseppe Meazza stadium of Milan for soccer fans like you. My wife is a teacher and I have two daughters. I am running my own small business in a machineryworkshop. In spite of my work in mechanics my passion has always been electronics. As I already said I’m a radio amateur (IW2IUD) and I broadcast with a Kenwood car equipment and a 5/8 antenna on the roof of the house. About fifteen years ago I started to take care of Radio Città Bollate (RCB), this small radio founded by our parish, and I guess you read the story on our website (www.radiocittabollate.it. Stefano wrote a very interesting email and also confirms my reception.

Classic 21 Bruxelles BEL 93.2 MHz

Marc Ysaye, Directeur Classic 21, verifies my reception in a very brief email.