WCFJ Chicago Heights IL 1470

This evening I received an email from Jorge Murillo at WCFJ verifying my report of their program from Rebel Radio Chicago. I had a lot of trouble to find a valid email address but finally found his address on an EEO Report from 2007. Jorge also told me that they had received another report from a Swedish DX-er the same day. Thank you Jorge!


Trans World Radio Benin 1566

Trans World Radio Benin tested January 21-31 and I received their signals on the 22nd. They carried mixed local music and occasional identifications in local languages. Today Mrs Lorraine Stavropoulos DX-Secretary confirmed my reception with an email and an attached pdf-file with a QSL card. Thank you Lorraine!

La Voz de la Raza Medellin 1200

Today I received a short email from José Omar Fuentes Machado who verified my reception report from September 2007. I used an address found on the website of Sistema Sonoro de Colombia. Mr Fuentes wrote : ........Efectivamente la señal corresponde a nuestra radio estación la voz de la raza emisora tradicional en Antioquia con 30 años de tradición, transmite con una potencia de 15 Kw. con un equipo estado sólido de fabricación chilena........ Thank you Mr Fuentes!


CJMS Montreal QC 1040

Tonight I received a brief email from Benoit Belanger at Montreal's French speaking country music station CJMS. I have only received their signal once, February 23 2007. Thank you Benoit!

KFBX Fairbanks AK 970

Conditions were great in the beginning of November. Within an hour I logged two new stations for me on 970: KFBX and KTTO. Today Pete Hutton General Manager of Clear Channel Radio-Fairbanks sent me an email and also told me he had forward my report to Charlie O'Toole, the program director. Thank you for your kind reply Pete! Two days later Charlie O'Toole sent an email where he says....I played the mp3's you sent on my Morning Show and talked about your reception report! I was an am dxer in my younger days and now hold the ham radio callsign KL7OH ! Thank you Charlie!

RQ 910 Caracas

This evening I received a nice email from RQ 910 in Caracas Venezuela. It was signed by Lic. Luis Domingo Álvarez Jefe de Información y Opinión at FM Center which operates several other radio stations in Caracas. Thank you for verification Luis! Also my thanks to Odd-Jörgen Sagdahl who help me with contact information.


KARR Kirkland WA 1460

Today Matt Tuter of Family Radio Inc kindly verified my Nov 9 2007 reception with an email. Thank you Matt!


Radio Emmanuel 1430 and Olimpica 970

Just wishful thinking! I have no QSL's from these stations in the Dominican Republic, but I have nice recordings and I have tried sending letters letters with CD's without any contact what so ever. I can't find any email address, but perhaps some of the visitors to this blog might help me? Please contact me at gert.nilsson(at)o-vik.com.


W Radio Santa Fé de Bogotá 850

I could not find a valid email address for W Radio so I used the contact page of W Radio and today I received a short email verifying my reception. The QSL was signed by Juan Pablo Rosso who is Productor Ejecutivo of La W. Thank you Mr Rosso!


Radio Anaco 660

The easiest catch from Venezuela on 660 AM is by far Ondas de los Médanos but sometimes Radio Anaco will get through. I logged them back in October 2006, Listen to my recording! I sent a couple of letters with no contact. I decided to try an email but I had a lot of trouble to find the correct one. Some help from Sintonia DX Mr JOSE ELIAS DIAZ GOMEZ got me on the right track. Today I received a brief email from Jessica Arellano - Directora Radio Anaco 660 AM who wrote

Mucho nos complace conocer su aficción y que desde un lugar tan lejano desde donde nos encontramos usted puede escucharnos, efectivamente somos Radio Anaco 660 AM, una emisora que este año cumple 50 años en la radio nacional y es quiza la pionera en la zona oriental.
Radio Anaco is part of the Grupo Radial de Oriente with sister station La Gran FM in Anaco and Monagas.

Many thanks to José Elias and Jessica!

Radio Cochiguaz 6308

I listened to a lot of nice Andean music on the South American Pirate Radio Cochiguaz via a relay in Europe last weekend when they celebrated their 11th anniversary. I sent a short message to the announced email address and received a letter mailed in the US after just 8 days. The letter also included a QSL card signed by Cachito Mamani

KFAX San Fransisco CA 1100

I logged KFAX November 10 2007 and received an email from Andreas Selvig Froiland some days later. Today the mailman delivered a friendly letter from Mike Russell, Engineering. He also included some stickers. Thank you Andreas and Mike!


KEYZ Williston ND 660

I usually have CFFR Calgary AB , KFAR Fairbanks AK or WFAN New York on 660 kHz but Dec 31 2007 I had a station playing country music on this channel. It turned out to be KEYZ Keys Country. Today General Manager Joel Swanson replied to my report with a nice email. Thank you Joel!


KMA Shenandoah IA 960

On November 11 I had two stations with the same ESPN -program on 960 AM. There was a slight difference in time, causing a strange echo. Around the top of the hour Regional Radio KMA in Shenandoah surfaced above the more common CFAC in Calgary with local identification and weather forecast. Today I received a short email from General Manager Mark F Eno with an attached pdf-file with a QSL-card. Thank you Mark!


Radio Universitaria Cobija Bolivia 4732

From time to time I also check the tropical bands. Stations from Brazil and Bolivia are coming in when sun sets in their part of the world. Radio Universitaria in Cobija, Pando, Bolivia on 4732 kHz quite often has a rather strong signal but most of the time it is covered by a RTTY station booming in. I made a recording last year when the RTTY made a break and sent it attached to an email and today I got a reply from Productor Creativo Charly who wrotes


Thank you Charly!


Radio Sintonia Caracas 1420

Today I received a short mail from Radio Sintonia in Caracas. They have a nice home page at http://www.radiosintonia1420.com.ve/ . Radio Sintonia is not an easy catch in Sweden. The dominant station is Radio Marabina with a very powerful signal.


WYOS 1360 WNBF 1290 Binghamton NY

WYOS Binghamtons ESPN 1360 has been a regular catch this season. Today Mo (Maurice) Taylor verified my reception from October 13 2007. He also verified reception of sister station WNBF Newsradio 1290 at the same time. Thank you Mo!
Listen to my recording!

KOTZ Kotzebue AK 720

Sometimes KOTZ is audible above the signals from Greenland and WGN Chicago on 720. Today I received an email from Program Director Johnson Greene who tells me: COOL GOT THE EMAIL THAT WAS OUR RECORDER WEATHER YOU PICKED UP. Thank you Mr Greene!


Radio Brisvaani Brisbane 1701

I heard Radio Brisvaani on 1701,027 kHz back in 2006 but I never got any reply . Today I sent a follow up to the email address mentioned on their website. I attached an audio clip and got a rapid respons: Mailbox full. I then uploaded some files on my own website, sent my message again, this time with links to these files. After just 10 minutes I got a very nice reply from Jatish Puran, Managing Director of Radio Brisvaani. He wrote "....The recording that you have sent me is indeed our station. The first bit is an ad (Sunil's bobcat) and I am attaching that file so that you can listen to it more clearly........ ". You may check it out here!

A really nice QSL. My first from Australia in the AM band! Thank you Mr Puran!

Radio Oltenia Craiova 1314

Back in October 2004 I tuned in to Radio Oltenia in Craiova, Romania, for the first time. I sent several reception reports but no luck with QSLs until today when something strange happened: In my inbox I found 9 messages posted to me back in May 2006. One of these was a nice verification in English from Mircea Pospai Editor-in-Chief of Radio Oltenia. Thank you Mircea. Listen to their opening announcement recorded from my R75 receiver October 11 2004. You can hear two interval signals. Radio Oltenia and Radio Satelor, both from Romania.