Radio Brisvaani Brisbane 1701

I heard Radio Brisvaani on 1701,027 kHz back in 2006 but I never got any reply . Today I sent a follow up to the email address mentioned on their website. I attached an audio clip and got a rapid respons: Mailbox full. I then uploaded some files on my own website, sent my message again, this time with links to these files. After just 10 minutes I got a very nice reply from Jatish Puran, Managing Director of Radio Brisvaani. He wrote "....The recording that you have sent me is indeed our station. The first bit is an ad (Sunil's bobcat) and I am attaching that file so that you can listen to it more clearly........ ". You may check it out here!

A really nice QSL. My first from Australia in the AM band! Thank you Mr Puran!