Rádio Košice SVK 91.7 MHz

In a chat on Facebook I learnt that they had hard to believe that their signal could reach Slovakia. Recording you uploaded is definitely Rádio Košice´s broadcasting. Did you tuned it in Sweden? Where? That´s terrific!


Radio Sensations Étampes F 89.2 MHz

Benoît Crauet Animateur/chroniqueur/réalisateur radio confirms that I have indeed tuned in to Radio Sensations.


RTL2 Lyon F 95.7 MHz

The animateur Alexis wrote "I don't think  it's possible to receive our signal in sweden. but i confirm that your recording is a sound of our radio station rtl2. indeed rtl2 has a frequency in lyon (95.7)". It was really hard to convince him that sporadic E reception exists.


Radio Cristal Mantes-la-Jolie F 101.7 MHz

Samuel Grée of the L'équipe Cristal confirmed my reception June 20. I used the contact form of their Home Page for my report. I have tried emails before with no replies!

Skala Radio Ugljevik BIH 96.8 MHz

Stevo Peric is the technical implementer of Skala Radio in Ugljevik and was very happy to confirm my reception June 20. If you are interested in genuine Balkan music this is your station! http://skalaradio.net/.


Rádio Globo Rondôndia Porto Velho 1310 AM

Yesterday I found the email address of Juliana Paiva on Mauricio Molanos blogg. Juliana is Coordenação de Afiliadas at Rádio Globo. She sent me an email in Swedish with some Norwegian spelling confirming my reception. She also sent me a list of the Globo Affiliates .


Radio Bonheur Guingamp F 90.1 MHz

Nice email from Dominique Le Boudec confirms my reception of Radio Bonheur. About their transmitter he writes "Cet émetteur situé à Gurhunhuel à coté de Guingamp en Bretagne (France) est équipé de deux antennes dipoles ITAS avec une puissance HF de 400 W environ."


BigFM Langenbrand D 105.2 MHz

Karin Mahler verifies my reception of BigFM. On a direct question about local programming she writes "The music is the same, but news and adervtising are different."


KTUB Centerville UT 1600 AM

Today I sent some reminders to NA-stations I recieved in the beginning of January. I was really happy when I received a very pleasant email from Juan Gonzales Director of Group Programming & New Media, verifying my reception of Juan 1600.


Hrvatski Katolički Radio Zagreb HRV 103.5 MHz

Mihael Varenica  Head of technical dept of HKR sent me a long QSL-letter via email. He aslo mentions that they have received a report from another Swedish DX-er some years ago. It turned out to be Hasse Mattisson, a very good friend of mine, living in Lessebo, east of Växjö in southern Sweden.

Radio Studio 5 Lanciano I 92.6 MHz


Klubrádió Budapest HNG 95.3 MHz

András Pikó verifies my reception of Klubrádió back in June. He writes: yes, you listened to the Klubrádió!
This program is called "Szabad sáv" (in english, Free Wave). The anchorman of this program is Katalin Rangos. As I detected, Kocsis Györgyi, the vice-president of Hungarian Europe Society was the interviewee in this broadcast  actually.


Radio Party Groove Asti I 98.5 MHz

Verifier was DJ Gulio C Conte via Facebook. It was hard to convince him that Radio Party Groove could be heard in Sweden on FM!