WAOC St Augustine FL 1420 AM

This station used to be ESPN 1420 but today they are CBS Sports 1420 96.5.  I have sent a couple of reports via email with no result. In November I tried the Facebook account, but still no reply. But today chief engineer Ron Gitschier sent me a long and very informative message via his Facebook account. He used to work on WGSR San Fernadina Beach 1570 and in fact I have a letter signed by him more than 10 years ago!


Rádio Iracema Ipu CE B 1360

Brief and kind email confirmed my reception of Rádio Iracema. No name, not signed.


Signál Rádio Mladá Boleslav CZE 105,7 MHz

Today I received a kind email from Alžběta Dvořáková, confirming my reception of Sígnal Rádio. She is  the daughter of the owner of Signal Radio, (former Radio Jizera). I logged them June 20 2013.


Radio Cóndor Manizales CLM 1540

Today I received a very nice email from Clara Inés Calderón Correa, directora, and María Clemencia Henao Vanegas, Editora, verifying my reception of Radio Cóndor in Manizales. I logged this station with a program called Top Ten with music from USA. Attached to the QSL was a 5 MB mp3 recording of the part of the program I  logged.


Radio Cultural Tachira San Cristobal VEN 1190 AM

I heard them a year ago with very good signal strength and without the usual QRM from Radio Cordillera, USCG and others. Today I received a nice Facebookmessage from Dery Leisa Arias periodista confirming my reception. This station is operated by the local government of the State of Tachira.


Radio América Valencia VEN 890 AM

Nice email from Abraham Riera Sevilla verifies my reception of Radio América in Valencia. I also received an  email from Ita Monasteiros, directora. You can find her photo here:

Mil Caribeña Moron VEN 1000 AM

Nice email from Yaneirys Gonzalez Directora confirms my reception of Mil Caribeña in Moron. Heard quite often but most of the time tremedeous QRM from Europeans on 999 kHz. I have sent a few reports the last 10 years with no result, but today my friend Jan Edh helped me with a new email address, which gave me an almost instant reply.


La Voz del Valle Cali CLM 780 AM

Heard now and then when Radio Coro is weak. Received a nice verification today from Jhon Mario Castro M. mercadeo at Todelar in Cali. For better reception he says: Nuestra emisora la puede escuchar a través de ustream por el siguiente enlace
I found some useful emails for Todelar here: http://www.abcpublicitario.com/medios/empresa/21166

Vida AM Medellin CLM 870 AM

Another rather hard to catch station from Colombia.Regulars on 870 are Radio Reloj in Cuba, Radio Cristal in Ecuador and WQBS in Puerto Rico. However I had rather good reception a couple of times last year and received a nice verification on Facebook, their reply was a mix between Messenger and their timeline, quite confusing.

Emisoras ABC Barranquilla CLM 1250

Emisoras ABC can be heard from time to time but most of the time it is covered by Capital Radio from Bogotá. I had nice reception several times this spring and sent a report on Facebook. I received a brief personal message confirming my reception.

Radio Nutibara Medellin CLM 1170

This is not the easiest Colombian on 1170. Caracol and Ondas del Meta are quite regular but Radio Nutibara is a rare one. Usually they carry the Todelar Cadena Basica program but I was lucky to hear a local identification last year. My report was confirmed by Carlos Javier Carvajal Director De Mercadeo. He also writes "Realmente esa es nuestra emisora en 1170 am. La puedes escuchar mucho mejor en http://www.todelarmedellin.com". His email adress can be found on this link.


France Bleu Bourgogne Dijon F 87.8 MHz

Grégoire Tiffanneau is the Responsable des Programmes at France Bleu Bourgogne in Dijon. Today he sent me a very nice email ( in English ) confirming my reception. He also writes :
We are located in the Burgundy region of France. This is raised on our territory what the most expensive wine in the world "Romanée Conti." A beautiful area called the "Gold Coast" for the beauty of the sunrise over the vineyards.


Radio Nuevo Tiempo Santiago CHL 1600 AM

A brief message on Facebook confirms my reception of Radio Nuevo Tiempo en Chile. I logged them in the beginning of May 2014.


Radio Mundial de Los Andes Mérida VEN 1040 AM

Yesterday I sent a new report to Radio Los Andes. I used an email found on the Internet: mundiallosandes1040@gmail.com. This morning I received a message on Twitter from Yordi Piña journalist at Radio Mundial. He included the follwing link:
http://www.radiomundial.com.ve/article/%C2%A1incre%C3%ADble-desde-1971-escucha-yvke-mundial-los-andes-en-suecia#comments. Thank you Yordi for a nice QSL. When he writes that I heard them back in 1971 he had misunderstood a comment from me where I said I heard them on 6010 back then,


UCSG Guayaquil ECU 1190 AM

One of the most frequently logged AM-stations from Ecuador but not known to verify that often. Last weekend I used the contact form on their home page for a reminder and today I received a very nice and friendly reply from Guillermo Del Campo Web  y Comunicaciones.


Radijo Stotis M-1 Dovydiskiai LTU 92.8 MHz

Tropo in August 2014 gave this logging. Verified via Facebook.


1680 KRJO Monroe LA 1680 AM

I heard this station last year with a news and information format, but nowadays they are Classic Country 1680. My report was verified by Bob Holladay who is the owner of The Radio People of Monroe.

Radio Torino International Torino I 90.0 MHz

This station carries minority programs for the Roumanian population in Torino "Radio Torino International - La Radio di Torino in lingua romena" as they say. My report was verified by Rino Cassese, Director via Facebook.


WSLB Ogdenburg NY 1400

I logged them back in March 2013 but had no luck with my report so today I sent a reminder and soon I received a very nice reply from Michael Guimond, Station Manager   who writes:
I love hearing from DX'ers!  I usually send the story to the local papers and will post it on our Facebook page as well!  This is the best audio that I've received!


WAOS Austell GA 1600

No antennas = no new loggings. Still a new QSL. I sent a reminder to La Mejor Atlanta this afternoon and received a brief email verifying my reception. It was signed by Sammy La Mejor.

Star FM Kuressaare EST 93.3 MHz

This one was logged under rather good tropo conditions in August. Today I received a nice email from DJ Liis Lusmägi who writes that I have listened to her morning show. Liis know some Swedish, as she went to Vadsbogymnasiet in Mariestad when she was 17 years old.

Radio Padania Libera Brescia I 97.0 MHz

This one was logged last year, follow up report was sent this morning with a reply in 5 minutes. Report was verified by Marco Festa Marketing e Comunicazione .


France Bleu Maine Le Mans F 96.0 MHz

I have tried to use the contact form for France Bleu stations with not so good response. However recently I realized that every local station has its own Responsable Technique and that their email address follows a certain pattern. So when I found Axel Cesare on google I sent a report to axel.cesare@radiofrance.com and within minutes I received a nice QSL.

France Bleu Breiz Izel Brest F 93.0 MHz

France Bleu Breiz Izel has a powerful transmitter in Brest with 150 kW. Logged now and then here in Ornskoldvik. QSL via Facebook.


Radio Helax Ostrava CZE 93.7 MHz

Verification via Facebook. I was recommended to check http://www.abradio.cz/radio/32/helax-937/ for better reception of Radio Helax Dance Music Station, I thought my recording was pretty good!


Virgin Radio Tours F 96.1 MHz

QSL via Facebook where I had a chat with their DJ.

Radio Drechtstadt Dordrecht HOL 95.7 MHz

Radio Drechtstad is the local radio station for Dordrecht. They transmit with 355 eatts with their antenna on the roof of the Dordrecht City Hall. My report was sent via the contact form on their home page and was verified by Pascal Kusters.


Rádio Sever Žilina / Krížava SVK 94.5 MHz

I sent a report on Facebook and received a "Like" on their timeline but also a personal message confirming my reception.

FM4 Bruck AUT 102.1 MHz

When I heard FM4 they carried News in English after identification in both English and German. My reception was verified by Jenny via Facebook.


Heart South Wales Cardiff G 105.4 MHz

I used their contact form for my report and got an almost instant reply from Gareth Setter
Managing Editor ­ Global South Wales.


Ö2 Radio Tirol Innsbruck AUT 96.4 MHz

My reception was verified by Jaqueline Hirsch at the Public Relations Department.


Radio Margherita Milano I 89.5 MHz

My reception was verified by the staff via Facebook.


Smooth FM Northwest Winter Hill G 100.4 MHz

Programme director Jamie Griffiths apreciated my report and gave a detailed description of the content of my report: The announcer is our weekday afternoon presenter Paul Phear - it's remarkable to hear an FM transmission from over 1600km away.

Nation Hits! Kelvey Hills Wales G 102.1 MHz

This station is owned by Town and Country Broadcasting. Martin Mumford is their managing director. He verified my reception in a nice email. He also cinfirmed my reception of Radio Cerdigion 97.4 and Radio Carmartenshire 97.1 MHZ owned by the same company.

RBS Strasbourgh F 91.9 MHz

Stephane Bossler Directeur d'antenne was very enthusiastic when he confirmed my July 22 reception of Radio Bienvenue Strasbourg, RBS. In a separete mail Frédéric Président of RBS writes:

I'm Frédéric president of radio RBS. Radio RBS is a community radio this 1979. We are in Strasbourg and we transmet on 91.9 FM around the departement of Bas-Rhin in Alsace (France).
It's amazing that you were able to pick us from Sweden ! What equipment do you use ?
We know that many people watching around the world via our website: http://radiorbs.com but it's was the first time with FM !

West FM Givran G 97.5 MHz

This is a 150 watts relay station to their main transmitter on 96.7 MHz. Reception verified by presenter Alan Shaw.


Radio Néo Paris F 95,2 MHz

This is a station promoting new music and new artists. "Radio Néo est une radio FM et une webradio qui a pour volonté d'offrir un programme musical différent, ouvert aux nouveaux artistes de la scène française ou issus de l'espace francophone". QSL via Facebook.


Virgin Radio Côte d'Opale Touquet F 87.9 MHz

It was a great surprise when Virgin Radio on 87.9 had a local identification from the studios in Touquet. Report to Facebook gave a brief reply.


Radio Lodi San Colombano al Lambro I 89.0 MHz

My reception of Radio Lodi was confirmed in a very nice and interesting Facebook message. They also made a comment on their timeline https://www.facebook.com/radiolodi?hc_location=timeline

Sud Radio Mons BEL 94.9 MHz

A very brief message on Facebook verifies my reception report of Sud Radio.

Klubrádió Budapest HNG 92.9 MHz

Reception reported and verified via Facebook by the Klubrádió Team. I have heard them on 95.3 MHz but programs are not always in // with 92.9 Also the RDS information is different. The image below is from my Perseus FM+ receiver:

Sunshine Radio Woofferton G 105.9 MHz

My main source of information for FM DX-ing is http://www.fmlist.org/, very accurate and up to date most of the time. However when I heard a station on 105.9 MHz with advertising from Ludlow and Tenbury Wells in Shropshire it gave me no probable solution, so I tried RealDX for help. Several guys helped me and it turned out to be Sunshine Radio in Ludlow //855 AM!
Today Günter Lorenz  reports: Location is Woofferton, Shropshire. Just added station to FMLIST.
TX site: http://maps.google.com/maps?ll=52.317778,-2.718889&spn=0.03805,0.06727&t=m&hl=en

Capital FM Colwyn G 96.3 MHz

My reception was confirmed by Mel Booth  Managing Director Wales for Global radio, the owner of Smooth FM, Heart, XFM, LBC, Classic FM and Gold.

Downtown Radio is a regular catch on 1026 AM but this was the first time I logged them on FM. Reception was confirmed by Mark Mahaffy Regional Managing Director of Downtown Radio and Cool FM.

City Beat Black Mountain G 96.7 MHz

James Pllu is the Programme Controller of City Beat. He used to work on West FM and West Sound. He wrote a very nice email confirming my reception of City Beat. This station is transmitting from Northern Ireland.

BBC Radio Lancashire Hameldon Hill G 95.5 MHz

Reception verified by John Clayton Editor – BBC Radio Lancashire.