Muz FM Ungheni MDA 92.3 MHz

I did not realize there was a connection between Muz FM and Prime FM until I got the following Facebook message :Nice to hear you back, it's been a while since you last wrote! We rebranded the radiostation "Prime FM" into "MUZ FM" and indeed the sounds you recieved belong to our station! It's an honour for us, you are the farthest listener on MHZ of our radio! 

Radio Maria Zalău ROU 92.5 MHz

An email from the redaction says "It is  the voice of our director Doru Popovici who make a program about of Holly Mary Mother of God.  The transmitter is located on Zalau, Salaj - Romania and has 2 kw power. ". They also mentions that Jouni Keskinen in Finland received their station at the same time. 


Accent4 Colmar F 90.4 MHz

Olivier Erouart Directeur d'antenne confirms my reception of Accent4. His station transmits from the Alsace province in the eastern part of France at the border to Germany.


Plus FM Blois F 89.4 MHz

Pascal Gaultier Directeur Radio Plus FM verifies my reception of Plus FM. In his mail he says "La radio est installée dans la vallée de la Loire, à 180 km au sud de Paris. C'est le pays des chateaux : Chambord, Chenonceaux, Cheverny.."


Radio Metronom Râmnicu Vâlcea ROU 92.9 MHz

George Circa from Radio Metronom writes:
I received confirmation requests from Finland, Norway and even Denmark.
But I can definitely say that you are the first in

I'm glad you did, even for a few minutes to listen.

For You FM Sighet ROU 92.9 MHz

In a nice email Roman Peste writes:
I almost did not believe you got our signal up there. If you like Romanian music we can listen constantly on www.4ufm.ro. I am Romel and together with my wife Doina run this radio station that broadcasts in the north of Romania in Maramures. 

Star FM Berlin D 87.9 MHz

Julia Hesse did a very close check of my recording I have attached to my report. She tells me that the DJ was Thomas Franke and  "The motorexhibition you are talking about is actually a demonstration against violence by bikers. You can find videos from our demonstration here:

Radio Cicica Svilajnac SRB 89.1 MHz

A really nice verification from Radio Cicica . They write:

We can confirm to you with our music log file that you've heard our signal with song Enigma - Return to innocence, which was broadcasted at may 19th at 19.44.. RDS signal "Cicica Nekretnine" is for our realestate agency...

Z Rock Montana BUL 91.6 MHz

Nice email confirms my reception:
My name is Niki Todorov and I work for Z-Rock radio in Bulgaria. The recording that you made is indeed from our radio station. It is very interesting that you were able to hear our radio on air in Sweden.
Z-Rock is a radio dedicated to rock music. It started working in October 2006 and since then we are broadcasting in 16 cities in
Bulgaria. 91.6 MHz is our frequency in the Norhtwest town of Montana, Bulgaria


Europe 1 Bourg-en-Bresse F 90.4 MHz

Brief emal QSL from Europe 1 in France.

Rock FM Bistriţa ROU 88.2 MHz

A brief Facebook message verifies my reception of Rock FM.


Sud Radio Tournai BEL 90.0 MHz

David Jacob confirms my reception of Sud Radio. This station was logged May 18 when conditions were good towards Belgium and eastern part of France.


Radio Scoop Bourg-en-Bresse F 89.2 MHz

My reception of Radio Scoop was verified by Guilain Archard, responsable technique of Radio Scoop. .
Guilian also sent a link with some information about the transmitter logged here in northern Sweden.
Un émetteur Elenos 2KW réglé à 1500W sur un dipôle devant réflecteur.


France Bleu Drôme Ardèche Valence F 87.9

Philippe Jurado Responsable Technique verifies my reception of France Bleu Drôme Ardèche May 18 when several stations from north eastern part of France was booming in here in Bonäset.

Burc FM Ankara TUR 90 MHz

Technical Director Ömer Parlak sent me a long nice email cinfirming my reception o Burc FM. This is my very first FM QSL from Turkey.


Retro FM Kharkiv UKR 90.4 MHz

A short message on Facebook confirms my reception of Retro FM Ukraine.

Russkoye Radio Kharkiv UKR 88 MHz

My report was verified in a Facebook message. They think it is quite strange to try to listen to their station 2000 kilometers away and recommend  "But we're guessing the best way to listen to our station outside of Ukraine is online:http://www.rusradio.com.ua/index/online"

Radio Žepče BIH 88.2 MHz

This is a really nice catch. The Zepce Team writes: We have to confirm that your audio clip is recorded during our daily program. Zepce is a city in a heart of Bosnia, and we're surprised that you can catch our signal so far.

Bulgaria On Air 90 MHz

Moni Voev verifies my reception of Bulgaria on Air. She had checked my report very carefully: She writes: According to our log from May 14, 2013, we have broadcast Joan Osborn's Saint Teresa on May 14 2013 between 1350 and 1354 local time /GMT+2/. Most apreciated.

Radio Uno Caracas VEN 1340

Carolina Martinez Directora de Administración de Radio Uno verifis my reception of Radio Uno in Caracas.

Rádio Globo O Povo Fortaleza 1010

I really nice detailed email verifies my reception of Rádio Globo O Povo in Fortaleza. Logged with very good signal several days back in April.

Radio Amanecer Santo Domingo DOM 1060

A report to the "cabina" was almost immediately verified. Radio Amanecer is perhaps the easiest catch from Domincan Republic.

KVNI Coeur d'Alene ID 1080

Joe Paisley KXLY Broadcast Group writes "Yep That's us" in a brief email reply to my report to KVNI. I logged them two years ago and have never heard them again. It is really hard to get above the super strong signal of WTIC.

KNDK Langdon ND 1080

In the beginning of January I had an unidentified station on a low split a couple of times. I suspected this had to be from the midwest, but I never heard any identification. However some time ago a Norwegian DX-er told me he had heard KNDK on the same split. I had quite good program details so I sent a tentative report. In a few days director Mike Walsh verified my reception.