WTTT Boston MA 1150

Another result of a reminder. I had quite good reception of WTTT on October 23 2005 with a clear ID as Boston Newstalk 1150 in a break in Sean Hannity show. WTTT was Progressive Talk until February 2008 when they flipped to Spanish Contemporary Christian. Bill Wightman says The recording sounds very good! I’m amazed at the reception you DX’ers get.
However I am not really convinced that Bill is authorized to verify reception of WTTT even though he had some connection with the station. He now owns North Shore Media. Thank you Bill!

WXKS Everett MA 1430

This station is nowadays Rumba 1200 in Spanish but when I heard them they had English talk. I searched on the Internet for a contact with the old folks at WXKS and found Bill Wightman former program director of WXKS. Bill kindly verified my reception report. Thank you Bill!


KUMA Pendleton OR 1290

Another Swedish DX-er, Rolf Åhman, helped me with the email address to Julie Thompson who this evening verified my reception of KUMA in Pendleton. In a short mail she writes: The clip you sent is indeed 1290 KUMA from Pendleton, Oregon! Thank you Julie and Rolf!

Radio Apolo Turmero 1320

Today I received a nice email from Dalila Fuentes who tells me "Tengo 23 años laborando en la Emisora. Tengo 55 años, 2 hijos, ya profesionales: Una Ingeniero Electricista y el otro: Contador Publico. de 31 y 29 años de edad respectivamente." She also attached a "Historia muy linda" as a Power Point file. Many thanks for your reply Dalila!


WOIR Homestead FL 1430

I had extremely good conditions towards Florida Jan 27 2008 but I did not realize that the Spanish speaking Radio Amanecer on 1430 was indeed WOIR until my friend Hasse Mattisson in Växjö Sweden received an email from Santiago Franco Program Producer of WOIR. Mr Franco writes "Tambien cuando lo desees nos puedes escuchar por el internet en www.radioamanecer.com pero la verdad es que me siento asombrado y feliz de que por medio del 1430a.m podamos llegar alla." Thank you Mr Franco!

KWYZ Everett WA 1230

KWYZ was heard several times in November 2007, very often at the same time as KSBN Money Talks. KWYZ carries programs in Korean so it is easily recognized. Last week Norwegian DX-er Arnstein Bue received a jpg file QSL. He adviced me to send a reminder and so I did and today I received a nice verification.


WNSW Newark NJ 1430

A lot of stations can be heard on 1430, but I have heard WNSW only once, back in 2007. I sent a letter with a CD but no reply. Today I sent a reminder and almost immediately Pastor Erick J Salgado replied and verified my report. He also wrote: We did receive your letter last year were you inform us how you listen to our station in Sweden and I even read the letter over the radio translate in spanish. Thank you for your nice email Mr Delgado.


KSRM Soldotna AK 920

CFRY is a dominating station on 920 but sometimes KSRM can get through. I have tried to send letters with no reply but today I received an email from Matt Wilson, Program Director of Radio Kenai KSRM. Thank you Matt!

1250 KKDZ Seattle WA

Radio Disney 12-50 KKDZ is a regular catch in Hanabäcksliden. I had a nice signal from them on Nov 10 2007. Today Theresa Kennebrew Station Manager of Radio Disney Seattle verified my reception with a brief mail. Thank you Theresa!

KAST Astoria OR 1370

KAST is not an easy catch at my place. However Nov 10 2007 was very good for Oregon and Washington and KAST was received in a commercial break. Tom Freel Operations Manager of NNB Radio verified my reception with an email where he tells me that most reception reports are from the Arctic parts of Scandinavia and Finland. Thank you Tom!


NBC The Sound of the Nation 700

I woke up just after midnight and could not fall asleep. Turned my radio on and found two stations on 700 AM. One of them identified as NBC The Sound of the Nation in St Vincent and the Grenadines. I sent an email and after a couple of hours Lynford Byron at the technical department verified my reception. This is a new country for me. Thank you Lynford!


KGDD Portland OR 1520

Today Ricky Tatum Vice President of Bustos Media verified my reception of La GranD KGDD. He also sent a 13 pages PowerPoint presentation of KGDD. Thank you Ricky!


KKGM Fort Worth TX 1630

Today I received a nice email from Paul Hughes at KKGM. Paul was the announcer of Southern Gospel Music in the Morning when I tuned in to KKGM.
Thank you Paul!

CKDO Oshawa ON 1580

Today I received a short email from Gary Bernarde verifying my reception of CKDO. I logged this station for the first time in August 2006 when they changed frequency from 1350 to 1580 AM.

Thank you Gary!


KBMS Vancouver WA 1480

I have tried many times for the last 20 years and finally today I received an email verification of my reception of KBMS in Vancouver. V/s was Angela Jenkins General Manager of KBMS. Thank you Angela! KBMS are members of the Washington State Association of Broadcasters. This directory is a nice source of information about radio stations in the state of Washington.

KJUG Tulare CA 1270

It was a real surprise for me on November 9 2007 when the signals from Classic Hit Country was coming through on 1270 AM. I did not think it was possible to hear this one at my location. It was heard even better on the 10th of November. Today I received a short mail from Dave Daniels at KJUG. Many thanks Dave!


Radio Guarani AM 1140 San Justo

After a follow up I received a short mail from Mauro Paniagua operador tecnico de Radio Guarani transmitting from San Justo Argentina. I used the contact information found on their web site for my email report.

Thank you Mauro!

KCTC Sacramento CA 1320

When I have ESPN on 1320 it is much more common that it comes from KFNZ in Salt Lake City but on Nov 10 2007 my SDR-IQ told me it was not the usual split frequency. I stayed in tune and heard some local Sacramento advertisements in a break and today Brian Lopez verified that these were broadcast at their station ESPN 1320 so I will count this as a QSL. Thank you Brian!