Radio Ecos de Naranjito 1470

La Onda 14-70 was logged several times last season but I did not realize this was Ecos de Naranjito until last week when Henrik Klemetz told me he recognized the voice of Lcdo. Leonico Delgado, gerente propietario. Mr Delgado verified my reception and informed that "muy pronto estaremos con una pagina de internet con transmision directa via internet de todos nuestros programas.".


Radio Fantasy Slovenia 87.8 MHz

Radio Fantasy was logged back in June. Today I sent a reminder to the technical department and immediately received a very nice reply from Gregor, Head of IT and production. He even translated the jingle I have recorded and included their audio logg.


Radio Perla El Progreso Yoro 1590

November 19 2009 I was participating in the Nordic DX Championships. One of the task was to listen to a station in Honduras. I was satisfied when I managed to tune in Honduras 4820 and then tried to find Bahamas on 1540. Nice signal! I tuned to 1590 where a rather strong station in Spanish had a very dramatic program. This was Radio Perla reporting from the tropical storm just passing Honduras with a lot of damages. At the same time this station was logged by some other Nordic DX-ers: Odd Påg, Lasse Vidlund, Jari Ruohomäki ,Roger Granholm and perhaps some more. Lasse and Roger received QSL-s a couple of years ago. I have worked hard to get in contact with Radio Perla. Yesterday I found their new site, under construction. I used their contact form and today Nicolas Garcia verified my report! Nicolas works with their computers setting up a new server!

XENK Radio 6-20 México DF 620

Radio 6-20 XENK was one of many Mexican stations logged Jan 25 2009. I have tried letters with no luck, but yesterday I found a new email address which gave me this QSL! V/s was avalencia@rasa.com.mx.


Radio Avivamiento Panama 1530

I heard this station for the first time almost 2 years ago but never received a reply to my report. However last week my friend Jan Edh received a QSL and I decided to try a reminder. Today producer Ricardo Lay López sent me a long email in English with a lot of information about the social work done in their city. He also mentions my report and my recordings so I consider this a QSL.


WABH Bath NY 1380

In January 2010 WABH was heard surprisingly often on 1380. Today Bill Feishman explains why: WABH had technical problems and was running with daytime power 10000 W instead of the usual 450. A nice catch.