XEKT La Super Estación Tecate BCN 1390

Today I received a brief email from Raúl Azviaury B, Gerente Comercial of XEKT in Tecate. They had a rather good signal October 9.

Cake has arrived to KRWB!

KRWB was my #500 QSL from North America so I decided to celebrate by sending them a cake made here in Sweden. (http://www.postkakan.se/). Today it arrived to Minnesota!
Left to Right, Terry Olson, Program Director, Judy Olson, (no relation) morning personality, and Jon Grussing, Sports Guy
Mike Pederson behind the camera!
Mike also have some information about the call sign: A lot of Radio Station call letters are named for different things; sometimes an acronym, sometimes a hidden phrase. West of the Mississippi River in the United States, all radio station calls start with K, so that's a given. RWB simply stands for the towns in Minnesota it services: Roseau, Warroad, Badger.

Radio El Sol Barranquilla 1550

Brief email from Jose Felipe Mesa who is the Director de Proyectos Especiales at Fundación Prosperar. They have a blog at http://www.iniciosfera.blogspot.com/. I got his a address from Jan Edh and Hasse Mattisson in Sweden. Thank you Jose, Jan and Hasse!


WRCA Waltham MA 1330

Denyse Mesnik, Director of Beasley Broadcast Group, today sent an email and verified my reception of WRCA. For some reason this station has been very easy to hear the last months. My thanks to Denyse and to JOB for contact information.


KRLC Lewiston ID 1350

I logged KRLC on the 11th of November 2007 when conditions were extremely good for the western part of the US. Yesterday I found an email address to the reception of KRLC and today Debi Bradley Front Officer Coordinator confirmed that I have recieved KRLC. She also promised a letter from Toe Tapper, music director of KRLC! Thank you Debi! (On October 28 I also received a personal mail from Mr Tucker and another verification from Debi)


KRWB Roseau MN 1410

Today I received a very nice mail from Mike Pederson Owner/operator of KRWB. Mike is of Norwegian origin. Thank you for giving me my #500 verification from AM stations in North America! Thanks to OJS in Norway for contact information.


WEAV Plattsburgh NY 960

I had some problems to get in touch with WEAV but after some work I got a valid email address. Today Jamie Dennis Program Director of WEAV verified my report with a nice email. Thank you Jamie.


WGHB Farmville NC 1250

Pirate Radio was a big surprise when they surfaced on 1250 September 28. Troy Dreyfus replied to my report and gave very detailed information about the contents of my recording. Thank you Troy.

1240 CKIM Baie Verte NL

Today GM Richard King verified my reception of CKIM on 1240, where it is logged fairly often. He also said that the reason for the good signal in Europe is the fact that the antenna is situated on top of a hill overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. Thank you for QSL Richard!

WIRD Lake Placid NY 920

I was very surprised when I had a station with ESPN coming through CKNX on Sept 27. I got a nice ID and sent a report to the chief engineer Christopher Brescia who gave me an explanation to the fact that presumed 87 watts had reached Örnsköldsvik:While we are licensed to operate at 5,000 watts during daytime hours, we are supposed to reduce power to 87 watts at sunset, as you stated. Unfortunately our operators, who are also running other radio stations, sometimes forget to reduce power when they are supposed to. Very likely they did not reduce power when you heard the station. Several times in the recent past the station has been reported to have been received in Finnland.
920 has become an interesting channel when CJCH left for FM earlier this year.

WIOD Miami FL 610

Another Florida in my QSL-collection. Today Ken Charles Director of AM Programming wrote "This is us Gert" in a very brief email. Thank you for verification Ken!


KFNW West Fargo ND 1200

This station was heard with incredible strength last month. I suspect they were running with daytime power. Chief Engineer Gary Ellingson sent a short message confiming my report and telling me that a snail mail letter is on its way. Thank you Gary!

WCRN Worcester-Boston MA 830

Today Chris Thompson at WCRN verified my report to WCRN. They have a very good signal into Scandinavia with their new 50 kW transmitter. Thank you Chris!


WHBO Dunedin FL 1470

This station was logged under fantastic conditions for Florida January 27 2008. Today I received a nice mail from Dave Ortiz. Thank you Dave.


WAXY Miami FL 790

I consider it rather hard to logg Florida at my place so I was very surprised when WAXY was loud and clear for half an hour on September 28. Steve White confirmed my reception in a very pleasant mail today. Thank you Steve! Also my thanks to OJS in Norway for info.

CKTB St Catherines ON 610

I have heard this station just a few times. Today I received a nice email from Joe Gurney Chief Engineer. He verifies my reception from December 18 2005. Thank you Joe!

WNYY Ithaca NY 1470

This is a real tough one. When conditions favour the east coast WLAM is always on top on 1470, and when conditions travels more to the west WBKV and La Preciosa are always there. On September 27 I recorded almost 2 hours of the stations on this channel and during 5 minutes I had WNYY almost readable and was lucky enough to hear a weather forecast and an identification. Today Susan Johnston GM verified my report with a short "Yes That is WNYY". She was not impressed by the quality of my recordings! Many thanks for your mail Susan!


Voice of Nevis Charlestown 895

VON is not a rare logging here, but most of the time I have a lot of interference. Yesterday I sent a report to their feedback address and today I received a complete verification with comments to details in my report. Michelle Rodriques Junior News Editor sent this nice email. Thank you Michelle!