Fuego AM Bogotá 1160

I have heard this station under different brandings during the last decades, but I have never been lucky to receive a QSL. However this autumn I had very good reception several times so I decided to try another report. It was soon verified, no name in the email but the title was  "Fuego AM Master Bogota".

WAUR Sandwich IL 930

Another hard to catch station. I logged them November 25 when I had good conditions towards the Chicago area. Reception was verified by Mike Kendall Chief Programmimg Officer.

KTRB San Fransisco CA 860

Another nice logging from January 11 2013. This is a station transmitting ESPN Deportes Radio in Spanish. Reception was verified by Michael Sher, General Manager.

WURN Kendall FL 1020

Their slogan is Actualidad 1020 and can be heard from time to time on 1020 despite all Cubans on this channel. I received a very nice email fromWillie Lacorra VP/GSM confirming my report.

KPAM Troutdale OR 860

I am really proud of this one. It was logged January 11 2013 around 08z when KTRB out. My reception was confirmed by Jeanne Winter General Sales Manager.

KTSM El Paso TX 690

I logged KTSM back in January 2013, quite a difficult catch at my place. My reception was verified by Mike Ryan VP/Market Manager.

WDLX Washington NC 930

In January 2013 I was lucky to be able to hear WDLX coming over the regular CFBC on 930. My report was verified by Jonathan Ellerbe.

Radio Maranatha Managua NCG 1440

Pastor Omar Duarte Pérez at the Ministerio Evangelistico Ríos de Agua Viva verifies my reception of Radio Maranatha. It is quite easy to notice them due to the frequency offset causing a heterodyne with Radio Luxemburg and Radio Hvezda, not so easy to get a readable signal...


WVGB Beaufort SC 1490

I have three US stations commonly heard on 1490 when conditions favours the east coast: WXTG with Sports, WBAE wit Americas Best Music and WMBM with Religious programming. October 28 I had ID from WBAE at 0729, WXTG 0733 and WMBM at 0738. Bu I also had 50 seconds from another station around 0731. It annonced FM 94.5 and I had some problems to identified it until I realized that the wards after 05.5 was The Coast. This station is a rather new one and simulcasts on 1490 and 94.5 FM. My reception was verified by their General manager Karl Wells.


WDNO Quebradillas PR 960

When I first heard this station back in September I could not identify it. Ít was mixing with Caracol. Identification was simply 960 AM. With some help from my friends Torolf, who recognized the jingle, and Henrik K, who recognized the music I realized it was WDNO in Puerto Rico. You can find them on http://www.960am.net/

WHVR Hanover PA 1280

October 27/28 Real Country 1280 WHVR did some tuning of their antenna system. Their engineer Roger Lide writes : WHVR operates with two directional antenna patterns ( DA-2 ) at a power of 5 kW daytime and 500 W nighttime. At the time of your reception report we had just installed a new ATU (antenna tuning unit) at one of the towers. We were switching between day and night antenna patterns to adjust the coils for proper operation.We were testing both power levels, so at some point we were running 5kW but even so the daytime antenna pattern only sends about 1kW in your direction. We have a null toward New York City both day and night. I think the space weather must have been just right!!!

WKTP Jonesborough TN 1590

I think this is a reall nice catch. Not easy to get around the usual WAKR and WARV. I heard them on several days at the end of October but did not understand the ID until Torolf Jonsson gave me the solution. WKTP announces not only 1590 in the TOH identification but also several FM frequencies. My report was verified by David Widener Executive VP Radio, General Manager. David says they had received two other reports from Europe last month, Torolf J and Arnstein B.


WFNO Norco LA 830

Early in the night I had Radio Sensación in a battle with WCRN on 830 but after 05 UTC I heard what I thought was a Mexican stations some Hz lower.Half an hour later I caught a nice identification for La Caliente 830 AM. Another station running daytime power? I sent a message on Facebook and after a day a reminder on their timeline and got a reply both ways. I also was promised a T-shirt. (Thanks to Henrik K for the translation ).


WCSL Cherryville NC 1590

Early in the morning of October 26 I heard a station on 1590 fighting with WAKR. Almost at once I got an identification for WCSL and its sister stations. In a mail general manager of Hometown Radio Network Lanny Ford writes: The voice you hear is Calvin Hastings who is currently leasing that station.  As you are listening we have 3 other stations at the following frequencies 730am, 1050am and 1350am.


Radio Feliz Lima 1110 AM

It was a real surprise when Radio Feliz in Lima came through Sept 22 with a top of the hour announcement. A first time for me. My reception was verified by Pastor Clodoaldo Gutarra responsable de la Radio as a message on Facebook.

KFXD Boise ID 630

KFXD was heard during good conditions towards south west USA Jan 10 2013. My reception was verified by Director of Engineering Howard Green who writes: That is indeed our station.  One of six we own and operate out of Boise, Idaho.  I believe the recorded identifier says "Sports Radio 630 The Fan, Idaho's brand new take on sports!"  It has since been shortened to just "Sports Radio 630 The Fan."


Frecuencia Bolivariana Monteria 1160

This is a really nice catch. Heard with a weak signal Sept 22. Reception was confirmed by two separate emails from the Frecuencia Bolivariana Team and the director Mario Sánchez Arteaga

Radio Ancón Panama 1020 AM

It is always a special thrill when signals from Panama come through. September 22 I was chasing Radio Artemisa in Cuba and had a lot of onterference from Radio Reloj and a station in Venezuela when suddenly another station  came through with a top of the hour identification. Not vey good quality on my recording  but with some help from Fredrik Dourén and Henrik Klemetz I was convinced that this was really Radio Ancón. My rceptioon was verified by Lic. Mario Luis Murgas Noticias y Opinión RADIO ANCÓN

Radio Pico Classic Mirandola I 93.2 MHz

Il Responsabile Amministrativo Dott.ssa Maria Paola Nicolini verifies my reception of Radio Pico Classic, which is a rather common catch here during summertime.

Radio Bacan Sat Huancayo 1320

Recently Bacan Sat began broadcasting from Huancayo in 1320 kHz in // with 1130 AM. They are about 55 Hz of frequency, about the same as Radio Perú from Juliaca. At my place Radio Perú is quite regular but Sept 27 Bacan Sat was on top most of the time. My reception was confirmed by email.

Radio Maria Huancayo 1240

For a long time there has been a discussion about the location of this transmitter. WRTH says Chilca but lately many sources think it is Huancayo. This is also confirmed in my QSL from Ing. Carlos León.


Radio Mainwelle Bayreuth D 104.3 MHz

Technical director Ande Enders confirms my reception and mentions that this was their second report from Sweden.


Rádio Košice SVK 91.7 MHz

In a chat on Facebook I learnt that they had hard to believe that their signal could reach Slovakia. Recording you uploaded is definitely Rádio Košice´s broadcasting. Did you tuned it in Sweden? Where? That´s terrific!


Radio Sensations Étampes F 89.2 MHz

Benoît Crauet Animateur/chroniqueur/réalisateur radio confirms that I have indeed tuned in to Radio Sensations.


RTL2 Lyon F 95.7 MHz

The animateur Alexis wrote "I don't think  it's possible to receive our signal in sweden. but i confirm that your recording is a sound of our radio station rtl2. indeed rtl2 has a frequency in lyon (95.7)". It was really hard to convince him that sporadic E reception exists.


Radio Cristal Mantes-la-Jolie F 101.7 MHz

Samuel Grée of the L'équipe Cristal confirmed my reception June 20. I used the contact form of their Home Page for my report. I have tried emails before with no replies!

Skala Radio Ugljevik BIH 96.8 MHz

Stevo Peric is the technical implementer of Skala Radio in Ugljevik and was very happy to confirm my reception June 20. If you are interested in genuine Balkan music this is your station! http://skalaradio.net/.


Rádio Globo Rondôndia Porto Velho 1310 AM

Yesterday I found the email address of Juliana Paiva on Mauricio Molanos blogg. Juliana is Coordenação de Afiliadas at Rádio Globo. She sent me an email in Swedish with some Norwegian spelling confirming my reception. She also sent me a list of the Globo Affiliates .


Radio Bonheur Guingamp F 90.1 MHz

Nice email from Dominique Le Boudec confirms my reception of Radio Bonheur. About their transmitter he writes "Cet émetteur situé à Gurhunhuel à coté de Guingamp en Bretagne (France) est équipé de deux antennes dipoles ITAS avec une puissance HF de 400 W environ."


BigFM Langenbrand D 105.2 MHz

Karin Mahler verifies my reception of BigFM. On a direct question about local programming she writes "The music is the same, but news and adervtising are different."


KTUB Centerville UT 1600 AM

Today I sent some reminders to NA-stations I recieved in the beginning of January. I was really happy when I received a very pleasant email from Juan Gonzales Director of Group Programming & New Media, verifying my reception of Juan 1600.


Hrvatski Katolički Radio Zagreb HRV 103.5 MHz

Mihael Varenica  Head of technical dept of HKR sent me a long QSL-letter via email. He aslo mentions that they have received a report from another Swedish DX-er some years ago. It turned out to be Hasse Mattisson, a very good friend of mine, living in Lessebo, east of Växjö in southern Sweden.

Radio Studio 5 Lanciano I 92.6 MHz


Klubrádió Budapest HNG 95.3 MHz

András Pikó verifies my reception of Klubrádió back in June. He writes: yes, you listened to the Klubrádió!
This program is called "Szabad sáv" (in english, Free Wave). The anchorman of this program is Katalin Rangos. As I detected, Kocsis Györgyi, the vice-president of Hungarian Europe Society was the interviewee in this broadcast  actually.


Radio Party Groove Asti I 98.5 MHz

Verifier was DJ Gulio C Conte via Facebook. It was hard to convince him that Radio Party Groove could be heard in Sweden on FM!


Forth One Black Hill G 97.6 MHz

I logged this one June 7 when I had very good signals from Scotland, Northern Ireland and Ireland for half an hour. My report was verified on Facebook.

National FM Bucharest ROU 91.7 MHz

National FM Team confirms on Facebook that I have listened to National FM

Radio Val d'Or Thouars F 95.2 MHz

DJ Sax Julien confirmed that I had recorded their local news. He has his own facebook accaunt as DJ: https://www.facebook.com/djsax79600?fref=ts

Up! Radio Milano I 101.9 MHz

My email-QSL says "mi chiamo Consoli Giambattista , ho 56 anni, vivo a Milano e sono il responsabile  supervisor di UP!RADIO, la radio che hai ascoltato." Mr Giambattista also attached an Up! Radio presentation sheet , which you can find here: https://app.box.com/s/jxulyp61999kvmpnxes8

RadioReggio Castelnovo ne' Monti I 96.2 MHz

Elisa Crepas is "conduttore! at RadioReggio, a radio station with 4 transmitters in the area around Parma and Modena, west of Bologna. Elisa verifies my reception and writes "Please continue to be our farthest fan!"


Dance FM Bucharest ROU 89.5 MHz

Liviu Bujenita is the sales manager of PRO FM/Dance FM.  He identified the station on the recording as Dance FM and  he even identified the interferring station as Radio Brasov Special.

Rádio Lumen Trenčín SVK 93.3 MHz

Pavol Hornak writes in an email today :"I work in Radio Lumen from 1994. In this time I never get e-mail like that. J You are really identified our radio and I´m surprised,because it is a miracle of technology. Our transmitter is in Trencin (140km from Banska Bystrica). Frekvention 93,3, power 10kW."  I think they have been heard before in Scandinavia.

Radio Devin Zilina SVK 94.2 MHz

Andrea Makýšová Volárová, Tímlíderka Rádia Devín, redaktorka, moderátorka, sent me a nice email when she returned to work after summer vacation. About me recording she writes: "I can confirm that the recording is indeed from Radio Devin!! Quite impressive I must say :). The voice belongs to my colleague Zuzana Šimová and she actually shares the office with me!! The recording is part of the program called Morning Tunes. "


Radio LatteMiele Alba Adriatica I 98.5 MHz

Today Norma Ricceri was back to work after her summervacation and wrote me a perfect QSL mail. She also reminded me that it is possible to listen at http://www.lattemiele.com/webradio/

Radio Fresh! Shumen BUL 91.9 MHz

Brief Facebookmessage confirms my reception of Radio Fresh!

Cool FM Black Mountain G 97.4 MHz

Brief Facebookmessage and a locng chat confirmed my reception of Cool FM

Radio Manila Piemonte Asti I 98.6 MHz

A long Facebookmessage from speaker Barbara Cannone verifies my reception of Radio Manila Piemonte.

Radio Cluj Satu Mare ROU 87.9 MHz

Florian Pruteanu sent my a really nice email with an attached QSL-letter as a Word-file.

Music FM Budapest HNG 89.5 MHz

A Facebookmessage says: I'm Anita Baji (Banita), the editor of the 89.5 Music Fm's morning show, "Önindító", the program you received in Sweden.