WKNR Cleveland OH 850

KOA and WEEI dominates 850 at my listening post, but Nov 9 2007 WKNR had good reception. Dave Johnson at Salem Communications in Cleveland forwarded my report to the new Chief Engineer Steve Dole who verified my reception today. Thank you Steve and Dave.

KSRV Ontario OR 1380

When conditions are good toward the west coast of the US KSRV sometimes surface above the very dominating KRKO from Everett WA. KSRV used to be 13-80 the Cruise but nowadays they have flipped to country as the Bull. KSRV is my #11 from Oregon, 6 of them received during good conditions on Nov 10 2007 ! Dale Jeffries GM verified my reception. Thank you Dale!


KUJ Walla Walla WA 1420

During the extremely good conditions Nov 10 2007 I heard this ESPN station for several hours but only recorded a very lousy local ID. However Jim Bock today verified this was indeed KUJ in Walla Walla. They carries ESPN during weekends! Thank you for verification Jim!


KGO San Fransisco CA 810

This evening Mickey Luckoff of Citadel Broadcasting verified my reception of KGO 810 AM from San Fransisco. I have only heard them twice so this is a very nice verification for me. The fact that this is my US #300 in the AM band makes it even better. Thank you Mickey!


Radio Huellas Cali 1470

I have just received 3 mails from Diana Castillo at Radio Huellas in Cali Colombia. Diana is 30 years old and a comunicadora social at Radio Huellas 1470. She is also responsible for a program aired weekdays from 1800 local time. Radio Huellas have streaming audio at http://radiohuellascali.com/. Diana also sent me a PowerPoint presentation Dios y El Diablo, produced by her and some friends in Cali. Thank you for your mails Diana and for the Windows Live Messenger Chat. Thank you Henrik Klemetz for contact information!


Radio Litoral Turbo 1060

Weekdays between 11 and 12 local time Radio Litoral carries a program called Trinar de Acordeones with Dewar Ortiz. This is a program with vallenato music and greetings to listeners. Today at 11.36 Dewar had a message to Henrik Klemetz, Jan Edh and myself where he thanks us for our contact with the station. Henrik arranged this contact with Radio Litoral. My thanks to Dewar for the message and to Henrik for the support making this possible. I listened to their streaming audio at http://www.1060radiolitoral.com/ and have made a short compressed mp3 clip. Listen!


WNKR 1476

US station off channel?
No! This is pirate radio station West & North Kent Radio transmitting from the county of Kent south east of London in the UK. Verifier Dave Martin says they used only 15 watts, surprisingly good signal here about 1500 kilometers away. Dave also attached a nice pdf.QSL. Thank you Dave for QSL!

CJNB North Battleford SK 1050

Today I received a form letter from CJNB 1050. This is a hard station to get through at my place with several power houses on the frequency. WEPN New York and CHUM Toronto are usually very strong.

WKDV La Kaliente Manassas VA 1460

March 22 2008 I had a very short opening towards the east coast of the US. On 1460 AM WHIC was heard with good quality when suddenly WKDV La Kaliente 1460 surfaced for a couple of minutes with its Spanish programs. Today Josefina Rodriguez verified my reception. Thank you Josefina!