KPRO Riversida CA 1570

I think it is almost incredible that a few hundreds of watts can make it from Riverside CA to Bonässund Sweden, but KPRO did. January 18 they came up under CKMW for some minutes and gave a perfect ID. Today Valerie Stitely GM verified my reception.

WKKX Wheeling WV 1600

WKKX was a real surprise when they surfaced with a nice TOH-ID. I tried to send a report via their contact form with no respons. Then Arnstein in Norway helped me with contact information and today Tod Jeffers verified my reception. My thanks to Arnstein and Tod!


CKGL Kitchener ON 570

CKGL has been logged often recently on 570 despite the Cuban QRM. Today Mike Collins General Manger verified my report. Mike is no longer the big fan of Mats Sundin. He writes:

Frankly, as a Toronto Maple Leafs radio affiliate and a personal fan, you are lucky I am responding to you after what Mats Sundin did to the Leafs. I now have two favourite teams. The Toronto Maple Leafs and whoever is playing against the Vancouver Canucks!


Radio Merkurs Riga Latvia 1485

I do not listen very much for Europeans nowadays but some days ago I had a good signal from Radio Merkurs on 1485 and sent them an email with an audiosample. Today Inese at Radio Mekurs verified my reception report. My thanks to Inese and also to Björn Fransson on the island of Gotland who helped me with contact information.


Radio Maria Santo Domingo 1240

Giampiero Bernardini is a very wellknown DX-er from Italy. Giampiero is also the QSL-Manager for Radio Maria. Today I received a QSL-letter and a personal letter from him verifying my reception of Radio Maria in Santo Domingo. Radio Maria Santo Domingo is a very common catch on 1240 here in the north of Sweden.


KSJB Jamestown ND 600

Today Patrick R. Pfeiffer, VP/M, verified my reception of KSJB. This was a reply to a reminder sent from my gmail account. My other mails seemed to get caught in the SPAM-filters.


KCLK Asotin WA 1430

A nice email with an attached logo today arrived from this sport station. V/s was Evan Yeoman Program Director of KCLK-AM. Thank you Evan (and JOB in Umea for contact information)


WWOW Conneaut OH 1360

WWOW Walking on Water Radio was logged January 6 when stations fom Ohio had strong signals. I still don't believe what v/S Marty Landon says: They were transmitting with nighttime power, only 35 watts. They were quite high as screen dump from my SpektraVue shows (Click on the picture for full scale).


KCID Caldwell ID 1490

KCID was logged several times during last December. Signal strength was also surprisingly good. Today I received a brief email from Bob Rosenthal Vice President/General Manager of Journal Broadcast Group. My thanks to Bob for verification and to BOS and JOB in Sweden for contact information.


Radio Cadena Habana 1040

I logged Cadena Habana on non listed 1040 kHz some months ago and today Omnys Posse Martinez verified my reception. I used the email address found on their webb for my report.


KUTI Yakima WA 1460

Program Director Thane Phelan of Classic Country KUTI today sent me a brief email verifying my reception of KUTI. I used an address of their webb site for my report. Thank you Phane!

WCMC Wildwood NJ 1230

I had some problems finding a valid email address to WCMC so finally I called the owners Equity Productions and got in contact with the Program Director Steve Raymond who is also a DJ on sister station WZXL. Today I received a brief QSL from Steve.


KFXY Enid OK 1640

Within 10 minutes October 9 2008 I logged 4 different stations on 1640 kHz. One of them carried a promo announcement for OSU Football on sister station KNID FM. Today Ricky Roggow verified that this was indeed KFXY. Ricky is the Operations Manager/Program Director of KFXY. I used the contact form on KNID website for my report.

KCCR Pierre SD 1240

KCCR was logged November 22 2008, when I had very good conditions to this part of the USA. Today Daniel T. Meyer verified my report with a long email with a lot of information.

KLYQ Hamilton MT 1240

Steve Fullerton verified my report to sister station KGVO a year ago so I sent my receptionreport for KLYQ to him as well. Today Steve verified my reception Dec 28 2008. Thank you Steve!