KMAS Shelton WA 1030

It was a great surprise when KMAS was coming through on 1030 kHz. I did not realize that it was possible to receive KMAS at my place. Dale Hubbard, President/General Manager verified my reception and also attached a logo for KMAS!

KTIX Pendleton OR 1240

A brief email from Julie Thompson today verified my reception of KTIX Pendleton. Julie also verified my reception report to KUMA 1290 last year!


KDLR Devils Lake ND 1240

Today Jeremy Eisenzimmer verified my reception report to KDLR. I logged them Nov 22 when conditions were excellent. Jeremy gave a detailed description of the content of my recording. Jeremy is the announcer of Cruiser 102 Mornings.


KCNN East Grand Forks MN 1590

Nov 22 KCNN was heard with fair strength despite the DRM from 1593. I sent a report from my regular email with no respons. Today I used my email via Hotmail and after 10 minutes General Manager Jeff Hoberg confirmed my reception. He also told me that my first mail had been filtered!


KWAD Wadena MN 920

Another one from Minnesota logged Nov 22. Kyle Gylsen confirmed my reception and also gave some information about the promos I recorded. I very friendly mail indeed.


KQAQ Austin MN 970

November 22 was a terrific day for stations from MN. KQAQ had a rather strong signal sometimes coming over WDAY and KBUL on 970. Today I received a very friendly mail from program director Ron Hunter. I first tried the email on the contact page of KQAQ with no respons. Torolf J in Uppsala gave me valuable contact information. Thank you Ron and Torolf.

CFRY Portage la Prairie MB 920

When you hear country music on 920 you have probably found CFRY. I think it is the most common station on this channel. I have reported them many times with no success until today when Laverne Siemens Director of Engineering at Golden West Radio sent an email with a QSL-letter as an attached file. Thank you Laverne! Also my thanks to Jan Edh in Sweden for contact information.


WZFG Dilsworth MN 1100

Conditions towards Minnesota were excellent Nov 22. On 1100 I logged AM 1000 The Flag over the usually dominating WTAM in Cleveland OH. Jill Helm, Operations Manager, verified my reception and told me that the voice on my recordings was Scott Hennen, President of this company. Thank you for verification Jill!

KBAR Barley ID 1230

It was a real surprise on Nov 22nd when I heard an identification from KBAR in a break in a TLK show. I had got a hint from Torolf Jonsson in Sweden, he logged them an hour earlier. Today Kim Lee, General Manager of Lee Family Broadcasting Inc, verified my reception in a brief mail. Thank you Mr Lee!

KJJK Fergus Falls MN 1020

KDKA is hard to get around but on Nov 22 I had KJJK Groovy 1020 coming through with quite a good strength. I found an email address on the Lakes Radio website and today I received a nice and friendly email from David Howey Program Director of sister station KPRW FM. David told me that they are building a new website at lakesradio.net. Thank you for QSL David!

WATW Ashland WI 1400

WATW was heard playing a lot of memories like Downtown on Nov 22. Skip Hunter, Program Director of Heartland Communications, today verified my reception. Thank you Skip!

WHBL Sheboygan WI 1330

Newsradio 1330 sometimes gets through the pile up on 1330. I got a nice report Nov 22 2008 and today Kevin Zimmermann, Director of Creative Services at Midwest Communications, verified my reception with a brief email. Thanks to Kevin and to OJS in Norway for contact information.