Radio 24 Sesto Fiorentino I 103.8 MHz

Valeria Usiello wrote a perfect verification in Swedish. She had just visited Stockholm and has many of her dearest friends in Upplands Väsby. She confirms my reception, all my details were correct..


Radio Koprivnica HRV 101.5 MHz

Željko Dragač, journalist at Radio Koprivnic, writes: "Yes, the sound that you have recorded is ours, it is the part of morning program with live report from our police department. "

Radio Record Borghi I 93.7 MHz

Radio Record is a little private radio that broadcasts from Santarcangelo di Romagna, a town of 20thousands of inhabitants, province of Rimini, on the Adriatic Cost, in the east part of Emilia Romagna. They have no DJs, just computers making the choices.  Giancarlo Bartolini is their manager. He seems to apreciate reports and wrote a very nice email-QSL.

Radio Osijek HRV 102.0 MHz

Davor Loncaric is an  editor-journalist at Radio Osijek in Croatia. He was happy to confirm that I have listened to Radio Osijek. He writes "We are third radio station founded in Croatia in 1943, and today we are a part of national public radiotelevision in Croatia (HRT) wich can be heard from Zagreb to eastern Croatian borders."


Kingdom FM Glenrothes G 96.1 MHz

Barry Snedden works as Concepts Manager of Sponsorship & Promotions at Kingdom FM.He writes that he has listened to my recordings and can confirm that I have logged Kingdom FM.

Bac FM Nevers F 106.1 MHz

Catherine at Bac FM in Nevers verifies my reception with a Facebook message. About her station she writes: "Bac FM est une radio lycéenne qui existe depuis 1989. Il y a très peu de radios lycéennes en France. Les émissions sont animées par des jeunes. Le style musical est pop rock et metal."

Radio Icaro Rimini I 92.0 MHz

Max Alberici is 38 years old and from Rimini. He is also the station manager of Radio Icaro. He wrote a very long nice email confirming my reception of Radio Icaro. Included was a detailed description of the content of my recording.

Radio 1 Yablanitsa BUL 96.1 MHz

Atanas Genov is the CEO of Radio 1 in Bulgaria. He was happy to confirm my reception. He is also a radio amateur with call sign LZ1LZN, working 2m with ICOM equipment.

Radio Kaj Čakovec HRV 91.0 MHz

Nice email fomVlasta Stamičar verifies my reception of Radio Kaj. I also  logged them on 91.5 at the same time. Vlasta writes: We send you our best regards via this e-mail, but we will greet you again tomorrow morning in our program, when we will talk about you!

Mona FM Arras F 90.3 MHz

Oui, c'est bien Mona FM ! Incroyable ! is the message from the Mona FM team, received via Facebook.


RPL Radio Metz F 89.2 MHz

Roger Perquin Directeur de RPL-RADIO sent a really nice email QSL confirming my June 12 reception.

Radio 101 Zagreb HRV 101.0 MHz

Nataša Šudelija tells me a lot about Radio 101: This radio station is regional not national but trough Croatias recent history it was the radio that raised the bar for all the radios in Croatia. Unfortunatelly things change and after some hard times this radio was bought by a German owner last year. 


RAI Isoradio Milano(?) I 103.3 MHz

Alberto Perotti Canali di Pubblica Utilità really checked my recording. He writes : "The speaker sounds like  Cinzia Donti. The news (the second) were from Municipal Police of Roma Capitale, about traffic and public manifestations in Rome and its borough."

Vogtland Radio Plauen D 95.4 MHz

VOGTLAND RADIO_TEAM sent a snail mail letter with a QSL letter, stickers and QSL-card.

Radio Plus Liège BEL 106.1 MHz

In a very brief email Thierry Habrant writes "Bonjour oui c’est bien nous"

Radio Ourthe-Amblève Sprimont-Rouvreux BEL 106.2 MHz

"Marina" was the name of the verifier who sent me a nice email with their logo attached as
a JPG-file.


Mária Rádió Budapest HUN 94.2 MHz

Peter Osvay assistant of the director of Radio Maria Hungary confirms my reception of Radio Maria in Budapest.


RBB Kulturradio Cottbus D 104.4 MHz

Katrine Stiller at Kommunikation&Programmpromotion of RBB confirms my reception of RBB Kulturradio.

Radio 105 Selnica HRV 104.0 MHz

A brief email from the Radio 105 Team confirmed my reception of Radio 105.


Radio Vladimirci SRB 89.5 MHz

I did not have any voice identification on this one but a very nice quality music recording + a perfect RDS. The verie signer Goran writes The song in the record was aired at 08:04 pm our time so no doubt this was the station received by me!


Radio 7 Hódmezővásárhely HNG 97.6 MHz

My reception was verified in a brief non-signed email.

Hitrádio FM Plus Klatovy CZE 105.8 MHz

My report was verified by Eva Zbořilová asistentka programového ředitele


Radio Ticino Pavia Romagnese / Monte Calenzone I 100.5 MHz

I received a very long email from Simona Rapparelli Giornalista confirming my reception. she writes: The female voice that you heard was... my voice! I was announcing live the mass, 'cause we are a catholic radio that belongs to the Pavia's Bishop. She also attached their new logo seen above!

Sound 95 Travo/Pigazzano I 94.6 MHz

Verie signer Mirko says "Puoi ascoltare il nostro streaming da qui: http://www.radiosound95.it/varie/streaming.php"

Radio Krokodýl Znojmo CZE 96.2 MHz

Vít Hanslian sound engineer verifies my reception. He also says that he has received 4 other reports from Finland and Sweden this summer.


Rouge FM Toulon SUI 106.5 MHz

I don't know why it is so difficult to receive stations from Switzerland via E-skip. The Alpes? Anyhow this is an exception heard june 12. It was verified by a message on Facebook. The verifier also says If you want to have a nicer sound, you can listen directly on the internet : www.rougefm.com/live.....


Vivacité Luxembourg Leglise BEL 91.5 MHz

Philippe Lorain Animateur Vivacité Luxembourg thinks that it is a miracle that his signal has reached me in Sweden!

Südtirol 1 Terlago I 97.5 MHz

Martin Pfeifhofer, Südtirol1 confirms that my recording is  the program of Südtirol1 from the transmitter site Paganella (11E0216 - 46N0818 – 2100m) on 97,5MHz.

Q-Music Smilde HOL 100.4 MHz

Sanne Niebling confirms my reception of Q-music in Smilde.

Radio Laghi-inBlu Suzzara I 92.5 MHz

Dante at Radio Laghi was very impressed about my reception and was very happy to verify. You can find more information on their home page www.radiolaghi.it or Facebook https://www.facebook.com/radiolaghi?ref=hl


Phare FM Yvetot F 94.9 MHz

Guillaume Duchemin works on Phare FM and replied to my report which I sent via their contact form. He gave a very detailed description of the music and ID I had recorded.

Nostalgie Belge Boussu-Bois BEL 107.5 MHz

Thierry Libert Directeur Technique of Nostalgie Belge verifies that my recording was one of the Belgian stations on this channel.

Q-Music Antwerpen BEL 92.9 MHz

Short email from Lieven confirms my reception of Q-Music Belgium.

VRT Radio 1 94.2 and VRT Radio 2 93.7 MHz

Mario Vandereyt Custom services VRT confirm my reception of VRT on both 93.7 and 94.2. He also gave me some information about the transmitters. Quite powerful transmitters: 20 and 50 kW.


RFL 101 Tours F 101.0 MHz

A short message from Xavier on Facebook confirms my reception of RFL 101.


France Bleu Nord Lille F 94.7 MHz

Elisabeth Gautier at France Bleu Nord verifies my reception June 12. ( I used their contact form for my reception report )

Fréquence Plus Dijon F 95.4 MHz

No name on my verification but the mail came from 

SWR4 Heidelberg D 104.1 MHz

Udo Merzig sent me a letter with a  QSL-card and a sticker. Not very common nowadays!