Realitatea FM Bukarest ROU 90.2 MHz

Brief message on Facebook confirms my reception of RLT 90.2


Radio Unu Alexandria ROU 90.5 MHZ

A Facebook message verifies my reception of Radio Unu Alexandria.


Radio KissKiss Naples I 89.0 MHz

Brief email from Maurizio Giordano/Ufficio Programmazione/ confirm my reception of Radio KissKiss 2 months ago.


Latvijas Radio 2 Cesvaine 105.0

Tropo reception some time ago gave good reception of LR2. Today my reception was verified by Gintas Subbota Head of Public Relations.


RMF Classic Krakow POL 87,8

Interesting mail from Alicja Lisowska confirm my reception of RMF Classic. They carried some local announcements and a weather forecast for the krakow area when I logged them.

Radio Plus Gdansk POL 101.7 MHz

Michał  Pacześniak verifies my reception of Radio Plus in Gdansk. They have a powerful transmitter which make it a rather common catch here during tropo conditions.

Radio KIT Onesti ROU 87.8 MHz

Nice email from Cristi Lungu verifies my reception of Radio Kit in Onesti


Europa FM Bistrita ROU 89.2 MHz

Project Manager Daniel Iliescu confirms my reception of Europa FM last May.

RTL 102.5 Monte Plose, Bressanone (BZ) I 90.5 MHz

RTL like many other stations in Italy can be heard on a lot of different frquencies. I often hear the station from northern Italy. My reception was verified by Vladimiro Lanfranchi – ufficio tecnico RTL 102,500.

VBRO Brugge BEL 89.6 MHz

Bart De Jonge presentator-producer of VBRO verifies my reception of VBRO. In a very friendly mail he also says "I will talk about this in one of my future broadcasts".

Vikerraadio Orissaare EST 105.9 MHz

Laura Teder verifies my reception of Vikerraadio. They were logged last autumn during good tropo conditions.

Radio Fiore I 92.85 MHz

Reception was verified by "Fiore Team". They told me a lot about the recent earth qake in northern Italy. An advice: Do not send help contibutions via the governmental organizations in Italy. Use churches, Red Cross or other sources.

Radio GRA Wloclawek POL 89.2 MHz

My reception was verified by Lukasz Pierzchalski GRA Group's Technical Director. GRA has transmitters in 4 major cities in the south of Poland.


VRT Klara Egem BEL 90.4 MHz

This is in fact the first time I have logged an FM station from Belgium. My reception was verified by Ing. Peter De Gruyter MSc Staf member Telecom