Radio Continental /Novas de Paz/ Recife PE B 1380

Email from Marcos Ribeiro IPDA Recife confirms my reception of this station.

Rádio Educadora Guarujá Mirím RO B 1260 AM

A very nice email from the Equipe Educadora verifies my reception of Rádio Educadora Guarujá Mirim In Rondonia. They attached  a photo of their city, a photo of the station building and a photo of their Equipe!

Rádio São Fransisco de Canindé CE B 1240

Brief message on Facebook from  Gildazio Medeiros, Diretor Financeiro confirms my reception of Rádio São Francisco in Canindé.


Radio Brasil Central Goiania GO B 1270 AM

I became a DX-er back in 1963 and one of my first loggings from Brazil was Radio Brasil Central on 4995 kHz. I had a nice signal almost every evening. Quite different situation nowadays. A lot of interference on 1270! My report was confirmed via Facebook https://www.facebook.com/RBC.jornalismo

Rádio Nacional Rio de Janeiro B 1130

A very nice message on Facebook verifies my reception of Radio Nacional in Rio de Janeiro. I was recommended to go to radios.ebc.com.br and choose a station for better quality reception.....

Radio Cultura Paracuru CE 1150

Report confirmed by Fransisco de Oliveira pastor presidente of Igreja Evangélica Deus é Espírito http://www.deuseespirito.org/site/radio/. He also mentions that they also transmit on 1320 AM via Radio Moria de Aracati.


Rádio Mais São José dos Pinais Curitiba PR 1120 AM

My reception was confirmed by Mosés Dias, director. He wrote a long message and also translated it to swedish (by Google Translate I suppose). He also attached a Power Point presentation and a recording of Radio Mais made by a Finnish DX-er, no name mentioned.

Patú AM Senador Pompeu CE 1130

My report was verified by Jonathan Cavalcante Radialista/Tecnico at FM Humaitá 87,9 Khz and Radialista at AM PATU 1130KHz. He also sent a Friend request on Facebook and tagged me to a message on the Timeline of his own Facebook Account
Fredrik Dourén helped me with my recording and identified this station.

Radio Progresso Russas CE 1140

I logged this station in the beginning of May 2014. Yesterday I sent a report via their Facebook site https://www.facebook.com/radioprogresso1140. I received a very nice reply :
Fantástico ! Meu nome é Kako Rogério sou  locutor e moderador da fan page da rádio  no facebook.Meu programa vai ao ar as 08:00 horas  horário de Brasilia ! te mandarei uma alô, uma saudação amanhã, vou tentar improvisar no seu idioma sueco pra que você possa compreender que a saudação para você ! Grande abraço ! Foi uma alegria falar com você 1 Fique a vontade para entrar em contato sempre que quiser !
Today I listened live and indeed Mr Rogerío mentioned my reception! A short recording here:


Rádio Uirapuru Fortaleza CE B 760 AM

This station carries locala produced religious programs and can be heard quite often. My report was confirmed via email, no name mentioned.


How to find an email address to RCN in Colombia.....

It is quite easy to find the name of directors and gerentes working on the regional centers of RCN in Colombia but their email is not available on the Internet. But there is a system...
 Fernando Ardila Plata is the Gerente Regional RCN in Bucaramanga. His email is

Radio Alegre Barranquilla CLM 1340

I have logged this station only twice. It is rather hard to get through BBC Ulster on 1341. Also problems with other stations from Latin America, especially Amor Estereo in Bogota and a Cuban station are regulars. My report was verified by Yalil Donado Sayed who is the owner and also responsable for sports and news on Radio Alegre.

W Radio Cali CLM 700

Nice email from Carlos Enrique Briker Gerente Regional in Cali verifies my reception of W Radio in Cali.

Antena 2 Bucaramanga CLM 1480

Fernando Ardila Plata is the Gerente Regional RCN in Bucaramanga. He sends me a very long information about RCN in Bucaramanga and verifies that I have tuned in to Antena 2.

Radio La Crónica Lima PRU 1320

It was quite a surprise this morning when I received a nice message on Facebook from Radio La Crónica in Lima. They write "Mañana miércoles de 12 del día a 2 pm te saludaremos en en programa Nuestra Música se Pasa, que produce y dirige Zoraida Arias Vásquez. Muchísimas gracias por tu sintonía y saludos desde la lejana Suecia. Un gran abrazo y Lluvias de Bendiciones para tí, Gert. P.D.- Foto, a la izquierda Zoraida Arias, y a su costado "Robertha", la Voz del Amor".

La Cariñosa Girardot CLM 1320

This is a rather easy catch on 1320. Usually have nice music programs before local identification before close down around 0300 UTC.My report was verified by webmaster Diego Wagner.

La Cariñosa Pasto CLM 1460

Brief email from Francisco J. Arboleda O. Gerente RCN Radio Pasto confirms my reception of La Carñosa in Pasto on 1460 AM. Most of the time it is quite hard to hear this one due to QRM from Nuevo Continente in Bogotá on the same channel.

KOAC Corvallis OR 550

Logged just once here. Reception confirmed by Lizzy Duffy Newsblogger. She recently blogged about KOAC reception in Norway and Finland.


Vida AM Periera CLM 1120

There are two much more common stations from Colombia on 1120 AM but sometimes also Cadena Radial Vida in Pereira comes through. My report was verified by Alejandra Rodrìguez Control Locutor  - Vida Pereira

Vida AM Valledupar CLM 1380

Interesting email confirms my reception of Vida AM Valledupar. Most of the time they are in parallell with other Vida stations but they have local identifications at the TOH .

LT9 Radio Brigadier Lopez Santa Fé ARG 1150

This one can be heard now and then under good conditions towards Argentina. Report was confirmed by Laura Taboada de Raffa, directora.

Radio General Obligado Reconquista ARG 1440

Report was verified in a long email from Edgardo Saucedo Gerente. Mr Edgardo als mentions that he is very proud about the fact that Reconquista is the home town of Gabriel Batistuta "goleador.de.la seleccion argentina"