KVI Seattle WA 570

Brief email from General Sales Manager Bob Boyd verifies my reception of KVI.

WMOG Brunswick GA 1490

Chief Engineer Dick Boekeloo today sent a very nice email with attached photos. He verifies that the recording I sent was one of their liners used in sports program. He also mentions that Bo Olofsson in Furuögrund, Sweden, had sent him a QSL-request the same week.


WDRC Hartford CT 1360

The Talk of Connecticut WDRC was one of the first transatlantic AM stations I logged back in 1964, but for some reason I did not send a reception report until last week. Today Laura Kittell Manager of Operations verified my reception.


Radio Corporación Cerro de Pasco 1540

I found an interesting signal on 1540,153 March 24 2010 but I could not identify it. It sounded very Peruvian to me. I asked Henrik Klemetz for help and he revealed some program details but we could not find any identification. We had some thoughts it could be Radio Turbomix in Cajamarca off channel. Then a week ago my friend Torolf Johnsson recorded an identification. This was indeed Radio Corporación in Cerro de Pasco. Then Henrik Klemetz helped Torolf with contact information which he passed along to me and today Tito Vera Romero verified my reception of this very fascinating radio station. My thanks to Torolf and Henrik for assistance and to Tito for verification!


Radio Guamá Bahía Honda 1020

After several reports the last 5 years I finally received a nice email from Radio Guamá today.


Radio Mensabé Las Tablas 1410

Radio Mensabé is a rather frequent guest on 1410. Today they sent a nice email promising a letter with a CD "con nuestra música típica". V/s was Lic. Damaris Amaya Gerente.


KERN Bakersfield CA 1180

Another station logged in December 2009. Rusty W Burchfield Corporate Engineering Manager confirms my reception with a brief email.


WYEL Mayaguez PR 600

This station is always in // with 580 WKAQ. As a proof of my reception I made short audio clips recorded at exactly the same time on both 580 and 600 kHz. Nestor L Perez Perez Engineering Manager of Univision Radio P.R. verified my reception. Nestor is also a ham operator with callsign KP4NLP.

WMNY McKeesport PA 1360

January 6 2009 was a fantastic morning with a lot of signals from Pennsylvania and Ohio. Two of them was logged on 1360: WWOW and WMNY. I have never again got a readable signal from these stations. I can se the traces on my SDR-IQs, but they are always to weak and covered by WDRC. I am very happy that Alan Serena was able to verify my reception from a very short audio clip.

WJAS Pittsburgh PA 1320

WJAS was heard from time to time last season but not this winter so 14 days ago I sent a reminder to General Manager Alan Serena who kindly verifies my reception.


KTNN Window Rock AZ 660

I think KTNN The Voice of the Navajo Nation is one of my best loggings ever. It surfaced through CFAR for some minutes December 10 2009. This is my second QSL from Arizona. I have tried emails with no success, but today I uploaded an audio clip to my home page and made a link in the contact form on their web site. My reply came from Sales Manager Troy Little!

KBOZ Bozeman MT 1090

It is hard to get through the Seattle power house on 1090, but this winter KBOZ has done just that a few times. I captured a promo for Phil Hendrie on KBOZ . Sales Manager Tuck Reier verified my report with a brief email and an attached program information sheet.


WFBL Syracuse NY 1390

I logged WFBL back in 2009 with Oldies 13-90, nowadays ESPN. Program director Jim Johnsen wrote: I did hear the WFBL jingle in the recording...

WJMC Rice Lake WI 1240

Dane W. Jensen Vice President, Sales today verified my report to WJMC. He wrote a long mail and also atttached coverage maps for WJMC.

WCAT Burlington VT 1390

I logged WCAT Jan 9 when conditions were quite strange with the dominating stations much weaker than usual! Today I sent a short recording and after an hour General Manager Bob Rowe verified my reception. Vermont is a new state for me!

KNML Albuquerque NM 610

I have logged the presumed Sports Animal quite often but always no local ID until Nov 18 2009 when I recorded a promotional announcement about their 15 years of sports. Today Milt McConnell Market Manager of Citadel Broadcasting verified my reception. My second station from New Mexico.

Radio Cadena Agramonte Camaguey 910

I have tried many times and today finally I received a very friendly email from Onelio Castillo Corderí, director de Radio Cadena Agramonte, verifying my reception last month.


WCHB Taylor MI 1200

General Manager Kathy Stinehour today verified my reception of WCHB. Used to be a very easy catch a couple of years back but not so common any more.