Kiss Delta Kolin CZE 90.2 MHz

The Kiss Delta Team sent me a fascinating email thanking me for my report. They normally store high quality studio recordings for only 30 days, but they succeeded to find a 128 kbps mono recording from the exact moment when I tuned them in in Sweden.

RBB Fritz Belzig D 91.9 MHz

Aditya Sharma at the "Musikredaktion" of RBB Fritz sent me a long email confirming my reception of RBB Fritz on 91.9 MHz. He also attached a studio recording of their program the few minutes I logged them July 26.


Radio Regina Studio Banska Bystrica Lucenec SVK 88,2 MHz

A really nice email from announcer/presenter Marcela Čížová verifies my reception of Radio Regina. I found Marcelas email address when I searched for the presenter of the program I recorded. In fact it was her voice on my recording.


Hitrádio Magic Mlada Boleslav CZE 91.7 MHz

Today I checked the SPAM-folder of my Hotmail account and found a nice QSL from Markéta Volfová, speaker of Hitrádio Magic. Her voice was on the recording I attached to my report. You can read more about her here.


France Bleu Orléans F 93.9 MHz

A really nice email from Robert Cadene, technicien à France Bleu Orléans, verifies my reception of their program about gardening July 26 2012. In his mail he also writes: Pour vous remercier de votre attention nous allons vous envoyer un petit colis avec quelques cadeaux offerts par notre radio aux auditeurs.


Radio Déclic FM Toul F 87.7

Jérôme Roisin- Responsable associatif - wrote a very enthusiastic email in French. He asked me for my favourite song to be played on Déclic FM!


NDR2 Niedersachsen Osnabrück D 89.2 MHz

Snail mail QSL-card after contact form report.

Radio Studio Delta Cesena I 92.8 MHz

In a brief email Daniele Tigli verifies my reception of Radio Studio Delta, RSD. He also gave me the following promise: We are sending you some merchandising of our radio station, hope you like it.

Radio Zlin CZE 91.7 MHz

Veronika Mandincova also confirms my reception of Radio Zlin. She was really surpised that Radio Zlin and ROCK MAX can be heard in Sweden.

Radio ROCK MAX Zlin CZE 89.6 MHZ

My reception was confirmed by Veronica Mandincova,  Head of Music at Radio ROCK MAX and Radio Zlin!


ORF Radio Steiermark Mitterbach AUT 92.8 MHz

My report was verified by Maidi Schicker ORF Steiermark/Kundenservice. She also attached  their log for the time I received them.

Radio R Mokra-Horakov CZE 89.2 MHz

July 26 was a fantastic day for reception of Czech FM radio stations. On 89.2 MHz I logged Radio R in a fight with Radio Jizera! Leas Krpensky confirms my reception and writes: We were born as a small regional radio. There is no equivalent of this service in the Czech Republic. Broadcasts from the beginning has been to our village Mokra-Horakov with transmission power of 5W and transmission time only 12h a day.
We have now extended the broadcast for other municipalities in the area, raising the output power of 50W.

Vivre FM Paris F 93.9 MHz

Rédacteur de chef Vincent Lochmann confirms my reception in a long email in French, also translated to English. About Vivre FM he writes: Vivre FM is a French radio broadcasting from Paris. We are the only European radio dedicated to disabilities.

Radio Stajerski Val Boc SVN 93.7

Logged them last year but never sent a report until yesterday. My reception was verified in a brief email from Petra Debelak (Glavna in odgovorna urednica).


Radio Antena Celje SVN 87.8 MHz

A really nice email from content manager Rok Ostrez verifies my reception of Radio Antena.  He attached a logger recording of exactly the same time that was covered by my recording.

Radio Capris Markovec SVN 91.7 MHz

Brief email from Helena Ujcic verifies my reception of Radio Capris.


RMF FM Wroclaw POL 92,9 MHz

Program director Przemysław Kula confirms my reception of RMF FM. According to him RMF FM is the most popular radio station in Poland with a daily number of listeners counting 9 to 10000000!


Radio Hana Olomouc CZE 92.3 MHz

The owner Pavel Foretnik verifies my reception of Radio Hana. He says the coverage area is a circle with 80 kilometers diameter. He also mentions that he used to listen to Spanish stations in the FM-band as a youngster, dreaming of a radio station of his own. He had made a search for my house and found it on Google Street View (Google Earth). The radio house in Olomouc is over 500 years old and can "remember" the Swedish occupation 1642-1650!

Radio Arabella Wien AUT 92.9 MHz

Leila Fallahi confirms my reception of Radio Arabella Luly 26 2012. She writes: You are right, the signal you received is from our radio station in Vienna/Austria, Radio Arabella 92,9. I recognized the voice of our radio host, Sylvia Reim.


Radio Noord Holland Amsterdam HOL 88.9 MHz

Dep. Chief Audio engineer Ron Bakker verifies my August 11 reception of Radio Noord Holland in Amsterdam.  The voice on my recording was Abel de Lange, presenting his program.


Radio Radicale Ferrara 88.4 MHz

I used the report form to the Ufficio Tecnico for my report to Radicale and received a not signed nice email confirming my reception of the 2 kW transmitter in Ferrara.

Kronehit Weitra AUT 87.9 MHz

Bartosz Niedzwiedzki was born in Crakow,Poland, and moved to Austria 1986. Works for Kronehit since 2005. Bartosz has analysed my recording and says the presenter was Anita Ableidinger.

RTV Oost Hengelo HOL 89.4 MHz

Harmen Boerwinkel has listened to my file from July 26 and verifies that I have heard RTV Oost in Hengelo. A few more DX-ers in Scandinavia have reported reception of RTV Oost on the same day according to Harmen.

RadioNL Huissen Arnhem HOL 89.6 MHz

I reported this station to their info address but received a QSL from Jelle Haaima. I had 3 different Dutch stations on 89.6 the same day, just within 15 minutes. That's why FM-DX fascinates me.


Radio Maxi Ljutomer SVN 90.0 MHz

Andrej Mernik was behind the microphone when I recorded Radio Maxi last month. Andrej read the 9 o'clock news when I received Radio Maxi, so it was very easy for him to verify my reception.

RTL Dudelange LUX 93.3

This station carries a regional program in German for Luxemburg, Saarland and Rheinland_Pfalz. My reception was verified by director Holger Richter.


Radio Maribor SVN 93.1 MHz

 Sašo Romih is the System engineer at RTV Slovenija in Maribor. He confirms my reception and also uploaded a 1 hour studio recording to Dropbox.com so I could compare with my own recording..  (I had no voice ID, just the RDS and a lot of local stuff .)

Radio Center Celje SVN 88.7 MHz

Tanja Pavlič (sales director)confirms my reception of Radio Center via Celje. She also writes: I would like to post this on our Facebook page, so I would ask for your permission to publish your photo with a note that Radio center can be heard in Sweden, so soon you will find my photo on Facebook.

Radio FM Bratislava SVK 89.3 MHz

Reception of Radio FM confirmed by Lenka Bednárová


Big FM Saarbrücken D 94.2 MHz

Susanka Bresin of BigFM verifies my reception of BigFM Saarland in Saarbrücken. About DX-ing she writes "I do not really understand how it works but, to answer your question, yes, the record you have sent is bigFM! "