MDR Kultur Chemnitz D 87.7 MHz

My report was verified by André Beyer MDR, Technical Hotline Support


Lalegül FM Istanbul TUR 88.4 MHz

I had a very short E-skip opening May 22. One station heard was Lalegül FM on 88.4 MHz. Reception confirmed via a short Facebook message.


Radio Transilvania Ludus ROU 100.4 MHz

Sebastian at the office of Radio Transilvania confirm that I have listen to their station in Ludus. He also sent me a list of other frequencies to try the coming summer...

Radio Resita ROU 105.6

I logged Radio Resita last year and sent a follow up report this morning. I received a nice reply in an hour. It was signed by Gabriel Pintilie who has worked at Radio Resita since 1996. He writes:

 During these years we have received all kinds of information about this phenomenon "mirroring" wave radio signal FM in several places in Europe.
So far your signal is surprised most distant, someone registered so far.

Radio Rogla Slovenske Konjice SVN 89.4 MHz

This station was logged last year. Report was verified by Vojko Gačnikar glasbeni urednik Radia Rogla.


Deutschlandradio Kultur Hof D 89.3 MHz

I had the first E-skip opening this year on May 14. One station logged was Deutschlandradio Kultur in Hof on 89.3 MHz. My report was verified by Uwe Knöchel Deutschlandradio Programmverbreitung.