JOSB NHK2 Kitakyushu 1602

Another letter from Japan! I sent three reception reports via the different contact forms of three local NHK stations and got three QSLs. Today I received a nice letter fom Masatoshi Yoshida at NHK in Kitakyushu.


CJBK London ON 1290

Tonight I received a very long email from Operations Manager Barry Smith. He is very interested in ice hockey and NHL. Thank you for verification Barry.


Grupo Radial Delgado Guayaquil 950

This is absolutely incredible! Two verifications from Ecuador the same day! Yesterday I found a new email address to GRD and sent a reminder of my reception one year ago. Today I received a mail with a perfect verification of my reception. I have logged this station a couple of times, easy to recognize, always about 100 Hz high. V/s was Vicky Moran Garcia. Thank you Vicky for a really nice mail!

Radio Superior Machala 890

It was a great surprise when Maria Chero of Radio Superior de Machala replied to a report from 2007. She writes " Bueno, mi nombre es María Chero, soy la secretaria de esta empresa... y tuve la suerte de que a mis manos llegue su reporte..." and recommends me to listen to http://www.radioliderinternacional.com/. Thank you for a very nice QSL, Maria!

KART Jerome ID 1400

KART is a rather regular guest when conditions are good. I enjoy listening to their real country programs. Today Lamont Summers KART Real Country wrote a brief "yes, that is us!". Thank you Mr Summers. This QSL was the result of a reminder via Hotmail.

WOYK York PA 1350

WOYK is heard from time to time. It used to be ESPN but nowadays they are an affiliate of Sporting News. I sent a reminder via hotmail this morning and some hours later Business Manager Rick Holberg verified my reception. Thank you Rick!

WJZN Augusta ME 1400

This is not an easy one. It wasn't easy to get a reply either. This morning I sent a reminder via my hotmail address and this afternoon Operations Manager Mac Dickson verified my reception. Really Kool!


JOJB NHK2 Kanazawa 1386

This station was logged Nov 11 at 1320 when all NHK2 stations give a local identification. I uploaded a file to my homepage and made a link at their contact page. Mauno Ritola in Finland told me how to find the contact forms. Today I found a letter with a QSL-card in my letter box. Rather strange that this letter found its way to Bonässund. (I will use a instead of ä in the future).


JOUB NHK2 Akita 774

This is a very powerful transmitter, logged many times, but I have never before sent them a reception report. Last week I used the contact form of their local web site and today I received a snail mail letter with a lot of stuff, like stickers, program schedules and post cards. V/s was Manager Toshitake Ishii!


WDOD Chattanooga TN 1310

It was a real surprise Nov 13 when WDOD surfaced above CIWW for some minutes. I called them for an email address and today Danny Howard, Director of Programming, verified my reception and also told me that this is probably the first time WDOD has been logged in Sweden. Thank you Danny and Marge (who answered my call).


KJOX Yakima WA 1390

Today I received a nice email from Webmaster Sandy Felix who replied to my report where I pointed out two minor errors on the KJOX Home Page. She also gave me an alternative address for reception reports. The mail ended with:
That is great that you can hear us in Sweden! Wow! Take Care and Keep Warm!


KENI Anchorage AK 650

I have not logged this one that often lately, so this verification is a result of a reminder a month ago. Program Director Mark Murphy writes: "This is mighty KENI". Thank you for verification Mark.

WATR Waterbury CT 1320

General Manager Tom Chute today verified my Sept 13 reception of WATR on 1320 AM. He seems very interested in receiving reports from overseas.


KWKW Los Angeles CA 1330

I logged KWKW October 9 2008 and sent a report to the Director of Engineering at Lotus Communications Corp. Today I received a nice email from Jason Houst, a radio amateur with call sign KI6TZU. Thank you for verification Jason .
KWKW carries sportsprogram in Spanish: Deportes Radio.

ProFM Constanta Romania 90.1 FM

I logged this station last summer and yesterday I received a nice email from Cristi Santu who wrote:
yesss, it's really ProFM! una din inregistrari este cu DJ Escu, DJ ProFM Bucuresti iar celalalta cu Gabi Cretzu, DJ PRoFM Constanta, exactly pe 90,1 FM!! :) nu sunt expert in tehnica, dar mi se pare fantastic ca am "ajuns" pana in Suedia!!