RFO Guadeloupe 640

I logged RFO Guadeloupe for the first time back in 1964. This is not a rare catch, but most of the time they use to carry non-local programmes. Some time ago I enjoyed a live transmission of a football game with two teams from Guadeloupe. I sent a report directly to RFO Guadeloupe with no response. Then I got a hint from my friend Kjell Eriksson: The technicians of RFO are members of the Radio Club A.C.R.A. Guadeloupe FG5KC. I sent a report which was verified by the technician FG1JD. Attached to the email was a JPG-QSL.
Many thanks to FG1JD and to Kjell in Luleå!


ZP53 La Voz del Este 1280

I have logged this station several times and yesterday I tried to send a reminder to Sr Mateo Esquivel Medina who sent a brief reply and promised a letter later on. Not very often I get QSLs from Paraguay.


CKKW Kitchener ON 1090

Today I received a nice verification of my reception of Oldies 1090 from Music Director John Harada. Thank you John!


WPHM Port Huron MI 1380

I had some problems with the email on the WPHM webbsite but later I got an aol-address from a friend of mine in Norway and today Paul Miller verified my reception.
WPHM can be heard from time to time but there is a lot of stations on 1380, so it is often very crowded.

Thank you for verification Paul!


CJRS Radio Shalom Montreal QC 1650

Today I received a brief email from Robert Levy confirming my reception of CJRS Radio Shalom February 23 2007. I have sent several reception reports but had no luck until I wrote a mail in French yesterday. Thank you for your verification Mr Levy!