SANEF unknown location F 107.7 MHz

Karine Gutel Sanef – Direction d’Exploitation Service Consommateurs Sanef verifies my reception but could not tell me the location of the transmitter logged.


Aloutte Vendée F 92.8 MHz

Frédéric BOURGEAIS Directeur Technique confirmed my reception of Alouette June 12 2013 which was a reat day for reception from France.

Top Music Mulhouse F 106.7//106.8 MHz

Damien Stamm who works "A l'antenne du lundi au vendredi de 17h à 20h" was the voice I had recorded back in June. Damien verifies my reception in a nice email.


France Bleu Touraine Chinon F 92.9 MHz

Jean-Marc CREUSOT Responsable Technique at France Bleu Touraine sent me a long and interesting email about the station and confirmed my reception.


Radio Espérence Vienne F 88.1 MHz

Odile at Radio Espérence confirms my reception and promises some gifts via snail mail.

Sweet FM La Loupe F 90.2 MHz

A very nice email from Wilfrid Toqueville, Directeur des Programmes, confirms my reception of Sweet FM.

Highland Radio Aranmore Island IRL 95.2

Greg from Highland Radio in Donegal verified my reception via a message on Facebook.

BH Radio 1 Tušnica BIH 88.1 MHz

Nice email from Dipl.ecc Aida Hodžić Pr assistant BH radio 1  Sarajevo confirms my reception of BH Radio 1 in Tušnica.


Radio Impuls Bucharest ROU 88.0 MHz

My report was verified by Stefan Coroian Uzina de dume Radio Impuls Cluj. I usually hear Kiss FM Barlad on this channel.


Radio Medias 725 Medias ROU 88.1 MHz

Very nice message on Facebook verifies my reception of Radio Medias 725 in Romania.


Shannonside Northern Sound, Slieve Glah, IRL 94.8 MHz

John Carrigy at Shannonside Northern Sound writes: I have heard of people picking us up in parts of England but never as far away as Sweden, so its very nice to hear from you. Nice to know! I logged them June 7 2013. They were also heard on 96.3 MHz the same evening.


Azur FM Colmar F 89.0 MHz

After several months Franck Jehl Directeur Azur FM confirms my reception of a local program over the transmitter in Colmar. 


Classic Hits 4FM Nowen Hill IRL 95.4 MHz

Classic Hits 4FM was logged on 3 different frecuencies June 7, strongest on 95.4 MHz. They carried a show with Niall Boylan, so I decided to send a mail direct to him and soon  received a very nice thank you mail with an attached coverage map.


Midwest Radio Kiltimagh IRL 96.1 MHz

I have 5 local FM stations transmitting with 10-60 kW ERP directly west from my place. This amount of power causes crossmodulation when I turn my Triax antenna to the west. 220° is the limit! This is the reason why I seldom check for Ireland and UK on FM. However June 7 I logged several stations from Ireland, Northern Ireland and Scotland. (Logg here: http://www.fmlist.org/fm_logmap.php?datum=2013-06-07&omid=2257&band=ALL&target=ALL ) One of these stations was Midwest Radio where Angelina in the studio gave me my very first FM_QSL from Ireland.


RVE Voice of the Gospel Sibiu ROU 89.4 MHz

I was really surprised when I heard this identification in English on 89.4 MHz: "You are listening to beautiful Christian Radio Voice of the Gospel Sibiu 89.4 FM stereo RVE". My report was verified in a nice conversation via Facebook.


Radio Brasov Special Săcele ROU 89.5 MHz

In a Facebook message I could read: Yes, you could listen Radio Brasov Special, on 89.5, and it's a local station, with oldies hits (1960-1980 music). The other station Radio Brasov on 87,8 is part of the same corporation . 

Sport Total FM, Galaţi ROU 87.7 MHz

Brief Facebook message gave me a new QSL from Romania.


FG Radio Annecy F 90.0 MHz

Sylvain Ferey Directeur Technique confirms my reception of Radio FG May 18. He also attached a studio recording of the short period I have reported in my audio file!


Radio B92 Beograd SRB 92.5 MHz

Aleksandar Mitrovic is the Coordinator radio techniques of B92 in Belgrade. He is 28 years old and has worked at this station the last 5 years. He  apreciated my report and is happy to confirm my reception.

Radio Hincesti Regional MDA 91.6 MHz

Vitalie Selaru wrote me a long and interesting mail about his radio station Radio Hincesti Regional. He says the station once was closed by the Moldavian autorities but started again 2 years ago with the help from the US Embassy.
Someting more about Vitalie here: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=513933831989748&set=a.440037369379395.103276.100001194062990&type=1&theater
and more about Radio Hincesti Regional here : http://radiohincesti.md/noutati/Hincesti/Un_radio_ca_altadata__Radio_Hince%C8%99ti_Regional_#.Ua3PSkBxISV