Armonías Boyacenses Tunja 950

Sept 5 2009 I had an interferring tone when I listened to 950 kHz AM. I checked it out and found a station on 950,205 kHz. I made a recording but could not identify the station so I asked Mr Henrik Klemetz for his assistance. Henrik immediately told me this was Armonías Boyacenses in Tunja. Henrik recognized the program from a recording made by a DX-er in Finland. I asked for some contact information. Henrik did a tremendous work ending with a verification from Clemencia Hernández Molina presenter of the program La Rockola Popular recorded by me. Later Henrik sent me a studiorecording and a photo from Armonías Boyacenses. Many thanks Henrik!! This seems to be the first time this station has been logged in Sweden.


Radio Trinchera Antimperialista Guantánamo 1070

I logged this station Sept 11 (!) and sent my report today. Reply after 40 minutes. V/s was Mabel Pozo Ramírez Sub-directora Informativo.

WJDY Salisburg MD 1470

For some reason WJDY has been logged quite often recently. I suspect they forget to switch off their 5kW daytime transmitter. Today Kenny Love verified my report in a brief mail. My thanks to Arnstein Bue for contact information.

CFNW Port au Choix NL 790

CFNW has been a very common catch this autumn. A report was imediately answered by Richard King this morning. Most of the time they relay CFCB 570.


Radio Eternidad Santo Domingo 1700

Today I received a nice email from Miguel Linares director of Radio Eternidad http://www.radioeternidad.org/ confirming my reception of Radio Eternidad September 10 2009. First time I have received Radio Eternidad. They closed down at 2304, but have been heard later the last week.


Turbo Mix AM Cajamarca 1540

This station was heard with very good strength Sept 11. After some help from Henrik Klemetz I found their contact information and sent a report. A nice reply was received after a few minutes. Gerente Wilmer Huaripata Aguilar says they have been on the air for 4 months. He also promised me some "recuerdos" to my "dirección física".