Radio Marija Croatia Virovitica HRV 88.3 MHz

Reception confirmed by message on Facebook.


Radio Top Suceava ROU 104.0 MHz

Another one logge June 8 2016. QSL after a follow up via messenger. Message signed by Doro Popovici


Viva FM Botosani ROU 106.3 MHz

I logged them summer of 2016 and sent an email report but no respons. Today I sent a follow up via Messanger and received a QSL after 5 minutes.

Romantic FM Bucharest ROU 101.9 MHz

Heard this one with a lot of Bee Gees music. Reception confirmed via Messenger.


Grunn FM Groningen HOL 89.1 MHz

Back in June this station managed to override a semi-local transmitter of SR in Sweden. Reception confirmed via Messenger.

Paprika Rádió Cluj-Napoca ROU 95.1 MHz

A brief message in Facebook confirms my reception of Paprika Rádió. This station transmits in Hungarian language.


HRT Radio Dubrovnik HRV 88.2 MHz

Brief email from V.d. urednica Radio Dubrovnika Adriana Tomašić verifies my reception of Radio Dubrovnik.

Puur NL Helmond HOL 90.5 MHz

Paul Verlinden sent me a nice message via Facebook confirming my reception of Puur NL

Radio Daruvar Daruvar HRV 91.5 MHz

Very enthusiastic message via Facebook confirms my reception of Radio Daruvar.


Thème Radio Troyes F 90.3 MHz

I received a nice message on Facebook but also the following on their Timeline:
Merci et bravo à Gert Nilsson qui habite en Suède et qui vient de nous envoyer ce petit message. Il nous écoute sur le 90.3 FM grâce à un phénomène de "réflection" (mot emprunté à l'anglais, alternative au terme "réflexion". En physique, il s'agit du reflet d'un rayon comme la lumière. Lorsqu'il entre en contact avec une surface, sa direction est modifiée)… Il nous joint photos et explications… Très bonne journée à Gert !

NDR Welle Nord Hamburg D 89.5 MHz

Reception report confirmed via Messenger. Jama told me that the voices on my recording was from Maja Herzbach and her fellow host Jan Bastick.

Radio Džungla, Kotor/Lipovac BIH 92.0

Reception confirmed by Velibor Petrović, Marketing služba. He mentioned that they have received several reports from Finland, Norway and Denmark.

Radio Sydhavsöerne Nyköbing Falster DNK 87.8 MHz

Reception verified by Henrik Westergaard Programafdelingen in a nice email.


Radio Mir Medjugorje Biokovo BIH 101.5 MHz

Long kind QSL via messenger. Promised to send me some records with Croatian music.


CRI Türk FM Istanbul TUR 89.4 MHz

I logged this station twice this summer; June 27 and July 2. QSL sent via Messenger.


Meteorolojinin Sesi Radyosu Istanbul TUR 91.5 MHz

Reception verified via Facebook/Messenger.


Radyo Viva Istanbul TUR 90.0 MHz

Report in Turkish, QSL in Turkish from Yüksel Alemdar, Editor in Chief


TGRT FM Istanbul TUR 93.1 MHz

Stations from Turkey are rather rare at my place, distance is at the upper limit for single jump E-skip. Verification in an e-mail from Cüneyd Aksongur.


GRRIF Peuchapatte Sui 90.3 MHz

Heard mixing with an unidentified Swiss station. Fabrice Aeby Responsable de la Progr. Musicale helped me and checked their log and found the music in my recording.

SRF Musikwelle Rigi SUI 90.9 MHz

QSL-email from Benjamin Balsiger Technischer Mitarbeiter. He gave detailed information about my reception.

Radio Venezia Sound Venezia I 99.2 MHz

Really nice QSL-message via Messenger. They also mentioned that they had received a report from Finland the same week.


Radio Bonton Praha CZE 99.7 MHz

Nice messenger conversation with Libor Weber confirms reception. He also played a song by Roxette!


Radio Mega Indjija SRB 89.2 MHz

Nice email QSL from Dragan Lakic, direktor of RTV Mega.


Radio Express FM Laziska Górne POL 92.3 MHz

Reception verified by Piotr, who had studied in Sundsvall, just 150 km from my home. He says my report was the first from Sweden.


Radio Fir Dej ROU 96.2 MHz

I sent a recording via both email and Messenger and received a nice reply on Messenger from Ciprian Muncelean, announcer/DJ.  According to my sources they are only 50 watts so a nice catch.

Social FM Baia Mare ROU 96.9 MHz

Just heard them a couple of minutes overriding the QRM from a semi-local station on the same frequency. Reception was verified by George Pletea Catalin who is responsible for "the technical stuff" as he put it in a long conversation via Messenger. He sent me a couple of photos from the antenna and the studio.


Radio Constanta FM Tulcea ROU 93.0 MHz

Good signal despite QRM from C FM in Constanta on 92.9 MHz. QSL via Facebook.

Radio CFM Constanta ROU 92.9 MHz

Short email from CFM Team confirms my reception of CFM Constanta on 92.9 MHz. I had some interference from Radio Constanta on 93.0 MHz. Strange choice of frequency.

Radio Opole Brzeg POL 88.0 MHz

Report verified in a kind email from Ryszard Tutka
Administrator sieci komputerowej (Network Administrator)


Radio 24 Schio (Milano) I 98.4 MHz

I received two email-qsls from Radio 24. One of them was written in English and signed by Gigi Donelle, the second was in Swedish and signed by Valeria Usiello!

Ciao Radio Bologna I 93.25 MHz

Reception confirmed by Erika Zini, program manager,  via her own Facebook account.


Radio Venere Bologna I 99.9 MHz

Nice email-QSL from Marco Bisi after email report. He writes: Once the listening reports came to us with the cassettes !!!!! What a surprise this technological development, but it's a nostalgia of times gone by! I remember when my reports was handwritten on special air mail paper..... Bought my first typwriter 1966 and my first taperecorder 1968....

Die Antenne Brenner I 101.4 MHz

I heard this one with a traffic report for the roads in Südtirol. It was also heard on 100.8 MHz. Half of the report was heard on 100.8 and the rest on 101.4. Fading differed almost a minute. I received two email- QSLs: Lee Hall,Administration, Werbedisposition und Audioproduktionen and Mathias Ungerer / Moderation.


Radio Delta Novi Sad SRB 89.5 MHz

I logged this station September 1st 2017 during the last opening this season. Reception confirmed by Vladimir Bognar  Technical director.


Radio Birikina Bologna I 99.0 MHz

Reception verified via Messenger. No name despite asking......


HRT Radio Split Biokovo HRV 102.0 MHz

I heard this on June 27 at 1032 with perfect ID and RDS. Two minutes later perfect reception of Radio Osijek! QSL via Facebook. Signed by Mladen Vuković, journalist

Soundset Trsat Krk HRV 87.6 MHz

Really nice email from Vedrana Lisica, mag.cult. Editor in Chief verified my reception June 27 when I had nice conditions towards Serbia and Croatia.

Gold FM Velika-Gorica HRV 94.9 MHz

Logged with a lot of "Gold" and no identification but the RDS information. However the Crew confirmed that the songs were played at the given time.

Apollo Radio Chemnitz D 88.9 MHz

QSL via Facebook. My recording had no identification bu the "Bleiben Sie anders" identification phrase.


Viva FM Ptolemaida GRC 95.3 MHz

Greece is at the upper limit for one hop E-skip reception. Rather rare at my place. I heard Viva FM back in June, it was the only E-skip station from that area. QSL in an email from Stelios Andronikidis.

Radio Potsdam Berlin D 89.2 MHz

First logging for me of Radio Potsdam. QSL via Facebook conversation with Caro Kahn.

RTV Drenthe Smilde HOL 90.8 MHz

Very nice message from Pia Dijkstra, journalist at RTV Drenthe confirmed my reception of this station in Holland. She also sent a couple of photos from theit studio in Assen.

Omroep Flevoland Lelystad HOL 89.8 MHz

Logged in my summerhouse 200 kilometers further north. I have Radio Örnsköldsvik, a local community station, on the same frequency. Reception confirmed by Rick van der Est, editor at Omroep Flevoland.

Sirius Rádió Kiskunfélegyháza HNG 91.1 MHz

One of few loggings during July. Reception confirmed by program manager Sandor Simonyi

DasDing Stuttgart D 90.8 MHz

I logged this station at my summerhouse 70 kilometers north of Umeå. Impossible QRG in Örnsköldsvik due to my local SR P1 60 kW transmitter on the same frequency. QSL signed by Jonas.

Rádió Lánchíd Györ HUN 88.1 MHz

This station was heard mixing with InfoRadio on 88.1 MHz. Reception confirmed via Facebook.

Radio Nova Rö DNK 92,2 MHz

This was my first logg from Denmark on E-layer reflection. Distance is below 1000 km, to short for E-skip, to long for tropo. Verified on Facebook by Olivia.

Radio Egerszeg Zalaegerszeg HUN 95.1 MHz

Really nice and enthusiastic email from Edina Vincze verified my June 27 reception of Egerszeg Rádió.


Radio Eins Coburg D 90.0 MHz

This is a low power station from Bayern and a very hard to receive station. My report was verified on Facebook. They attached a short aircheck of the minutes covered by my own recording.