Radio Delta Novi Sad SRB 89.5 MHz

I logged this station September 1st 2017 during the last opening this season. Reception confirmed by Vladimir Bognar  Technical director.


Radio Birikina Bologna I 99.0 MHz

Reception verified via Messenger. No name despite asking......


HRT Radio Split Biokovo HRV 102.0 MHz

I heard this on June 27 at 1032 with perfect ID and RDS. Two minutes later perfect reception of Radio Osijek! QSL via Facebook. Signed by Mladen Vuković, journalist

Soundset Trsat Krk HRV 87.6 MHz

Really nice email from Vedrana Lisica, mag.cult. Editor in Chief verified my reception June 27 when I had nice conditions towards Serbia and Croatia.

Gold FM Velika-Gorica HRV 94.9 MHz

Logged with a lot of "Gold" and no identification but the RDS information. However the Crew confirmed that the songs were played at the given time.

Apollo Radio Chemnitz D 88.9 MHz

QSL via Facebook. My recording had no identification bu the "Bleiben Sie anders" identification phrase.


Viva FM Ptolemaida GRC 95.3 MHz

Greece is at the upper limit for one hop E-skip reception. Rather rare at my place. I heard Viva FM back in June, it was the only E-skip station from that area. QSL in an email from Stelios Andronikidis.

Radio Potsdam Berlin D 89.2 MHz

First logging for me of Radio Potsdam. QSL via Facebook conversation with Caro Kahn.

RTV Drenthe Smilde HOL 90.8 MHz

Very nice message from Pia Dijkstra, journalist at RTV Drenthe confirmed my reception of this station in Holland. She also sent a couple of photos from theit studio in Assen.

Omroep Flevoland Lelystad HOL 89.8 MHz

Logged in my summerhouse 200 kilometers further north. I have Radio Örnsköldsvik, a local community station, on the same frequency. Reception confirmed by Rick van der Est, editor at Omroep Flevoland.

Sirius Rádió Kiskunfélegyháza HNG 91.1 MHz

One of few loggings during July. Reception confirmed by program manager Sandor Simonyi

DasDing Stuttgart D 90.8 MHz

I logged this station at my summerhouse 70 kilometers north of Umeå. Impossible QRG in Örnsköldsvik due to my local SR P1 60 kW transmitter on the same frequency. QSL signed by Jonas.

Rádió Lánchíd Györ HUN 88.1 MHz

This station was heard mixing with InfoRadio on 88.1 MHz. Reception confirmed via Facebook.

Radio Nova Rö DNK 92,2 MHz

This was my first logg from Denmark on E-layer reflection. Distance is below 1000 km, to short for E-skip, to long for tropo. Verified on Facebook by Olivia.

Radio Egerszeg Zalaegerszeg HUN 95.1 MHz

Really nice and enthusiastic email from Edina Vincze verified my June 27 reception of Egerszeg Rádió.


Radio Eins Coburg D 90.0 MHz

This is a low power station from Bayern and a very hard to receive station. My report was verified on Facebook. They attached a short aircheck of the minutes covered by my own recording.

Radio SAW Dessau/Magdeburg D 92.6 MHz

Kind message on Facebook. They mentioned that the voice on my recording was their weather expert Frank Abel.

Radio N-Joy Varna BUL 90.6 MHz

My report was verified by Alexandra Galabova Marketing and PR Specialist.


JAM FM Berlin D 93.6 MHz

Verification via a kind message on Facebook Messenger.

Extra Radio Hof D 88.0 MHz

Reception confirmed by Alexander Scherz. He also gave the name of the host on my recording: Gerhard Prokscha presenting Mittagsmagasin.


Radio U1 Tirol St Johann AUT 87.7 MHz

I heard this one back in June and sent a report yesterday. Kind email from Stefan Rothmair
 (Leitung Technik/Projektleitung) who also sent a 6 page pdf-file and promised a small gift to my postal address.
20170918: Today I received a really thick A4 envelope with a lot of gifts from U!!!!!


Radio 8 Ansbach D 89.4 MHz

I received a nice snail-mail letter from Radio 8 in Ansbach. It was signed by Moni Elert Redaktionsassistenz

NDR 90.3 Hamburg D 90.3 MHz

I had a couple of stations from Germany on 90.3 MHz but a solid "Wir sind Hamburg" solved the problem. Reception verified with a old time QSL-card via snail mail.


RBB InfoRadio Berlin 93.1 MHz

My report was verified by Birgit Chico Calvo Programmmanagement/Layout Hörerservice . She wrote a really nice and long email about my reception.

EgoFM Fürth D 91.0 MHz

They were really amazed about my reception of Ego FM. They are low powered, but E-skip is really fantastic. My reception was confirmed by Julian Wenzel - Content-Manager -. He writes:
Wir drehen auf: egoFM freut sich über 43.000 Hörer (+26 %) je Stunde!

Ostseewelle Hit Radio Röbel 92.2 MHz

Antje Kagel at  The team of Ostseewelle HIT-RADIO-Mecklenburg-Vorpommern sent me a nice email confirming my reception of Ostseewelle Hit Radio Mecklenburg-Vorpommern Jun 8 2017, when I had rather good reception of stations in northwesterpart of Germany, rather short skip.

Radio HWB Aschersleben D 92.5 MHz

Kind email from Mathias Marx radio HBW Nachrichten- und Serviceredaktion verifies my reception. He writes this was ther first long distance report.


Radio Dobrudzha Dobrich BUL 91.9 MHz

I logged this station May 31 2017. Repost was sent via Facebook and a nice QSL was also received via Messenger. They also published a short note about my rception on their home page:


Marconi Radio International Italy 7700 kHz

I received a long email with a personal pdf-QSL and a pdf with the history of the station. They transmit with 100 watts. You can find more about them on Facebook:

Northern Star Bergen NOR 1611 kHz

Nice email from Svenn Martinsen verifies my reception.

Pispalan Radio Tampere FIN 729 kHz

This station kan be heard daily at my place through the local interference. I received a nice e-mail QSL.

WMKT Charlevoix MI USA 1270

Peter Garber gave me a longed for QSL from WMKT. Follow Up.

Radio Vocea Evangheliei Suceava ROU 94.2 MHZ

Nice email from Florin Milici - Dep.Tehnic - RVE Suceava confirm my reception