KTIQ Merced CA 1660

Today I sent a reminder to a new address found via Facebook and after some minutes Juan Montes Director de Radio Amistad Cristiana confirmed my reception of KTIQ.


La Mexicana Santiago 1330 AM

Nice friendly email from Director General Ruben Basay Roberts verifies my reception of La Mexicana in Santiago.

WORA Mayaguez Puerto Rico 760

Esttherlinda Asencio also confirms my reception of WORA.

WUNO San Juan Puerto Rico 630

I logged WUNO last year when the semi local station in Norway was off. My reception was verified byEsterlinda Asencio, Assistant to the President.

MCI Radio Bogota 1550

Asistente administrativo Marta Idaliri Guitierrez confirms my reception of MCI Radio. Her email can be found on their website.


BBN Panama 1350

This station was heard by several DX-ers in Scandinavia November 25, but not yours truly. However they were heard again in the beginning of December. A report to the address on Internet gave a short but perfect verification.

Radio Vista Pasto 1250

Long email from Jaime Solarte verifies my reception of Radio Viva, logged under/over Capital Radio from time to time.

WJNO West Palm Beach FL 1290

Long email from Scott Paxson, Manager. At my place station from Florida are rather rare catch, don't know why!

Radio Angulo Holguin 740

Today I received a nice email from Amauris Betancourt. He  is a journalist and photographer of Radio Angulo. He also have some nice bloggs of his own.

La Voz de la Costa Barranquilla 1190

A report to the address found on their website gave a nice email within an hour.

WPYR Baton Rouge LA 1380

Friendly email after a follow up. V/s José Hidalgo who does not work at the station any longer.