KBJA Sandy UT 1640

I have tried letters and emails several times to this Spanish speaking station. No success until Arnstein in Norway helped me with contact information. Today General Manager Christian D Rivera sent a very nice email with the logo above and coverage map as attachments. In a separate mail addressed to both me and Arnstein he also sent a short sound spot about the FIFA World Cup in South Africa!

KLSQ Whitney NV 870

This station is all Spanish and is known as Radio Variedades 8-70. I logged them the fantastic morning December 10 2009. Today Vice President/General Manager Joshua L. Mednick confirmed that I had indeed tuned in to KLSQ.


KYLT Missoula MT 1340

This is a 1000 watt station heard December 10. I was lucky to get a clear announcement despite interference from several other stations. Chief Engineer Joe Bowers kindly verifies my reception.

KZQZ St Louis MO 1430

Stations from Missouri are very rare here so I really appreciated when executive producer TJ Stratton confirmed my reception of KZQZ. " It is certainly a sweeper of ours"!

WTSN Dover NH 1270

Today Director of Operations Mark Edwards verified my reception of WTSN. This is a rather tough one here in Örnsköldsvik, I have logged it twice in 47 years!


KLZ Denver CO 560

A brief email from manager Mike Triem today verifies my reception of KLZ from Denver. This station was logged December 10 2009.


XEKH Radio Centro Queretaro 1020

Another catch from December 9 2009. Logged the same morning as KTNQ, KDYK and KWIQ! I sent a letter some months ago and it was a great surprise when today Marisol Gonzalez M. Gerente de Operaciónes sent a nice email with a perfect verification of my reception!


CBKF2 Saskatoon SK 860

A regular guest but I have not sent any report until this morning. Very fast response from Françoise Sigur-Cloutier Chef des communications verified my report.

KUGN Eugene OR 590

KUGN was heard 5 minutes before KQNT. Eric Dye at KUGN today verified my reception report with a brief email. He writes: We frequently receive notices from others in your part of the world (Sweden, Norway, Finland, Iceland). I've even proposed to our sales department that we should see about opening a sales office in your neck of the woods! Ha


KQNT Spokane WA 590

Another one logged December 10 2009. Jerry Jensen verifies that my recording had the aircheck of KQNT. He also confirmed that KUGN was heard on the same recording!


KIML Gilette WY 1270

I had strong signals from KNWC and KIML on 1270 November 7 2009 . I sent a reminder this morning and almost immediately Morning Host Glenn Woods verified my reception! He also made a video that you can find at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-okWQPNYW1g. Really great!


WBOB Jacksonville FL 1320

I had good conditions towards Latin America March 16 when suddenly some stations from Florida surfaced. WBOB was one of them, heard loud and clear with a steakhouse commercial and the legal ID. Operations Manager A.J. Davis verified my reception.

KUTR Salt Lake City UT 820

I logged KUTR Dec 10 2009 under wonderful reception conditions. Today Bryan Brown, Chief Operating Officer, verified my reception!

WTVN Columbus OH 610

I recorded a liner for "Central Ohio's place for news" some months ago and sent a recording with my report today. John Corby found it loud and clear and told me to "Mark it official".

KSDN Aberdeen SD 930

Jason Krenz of Hub City Radio today verified my reception of KSDN. My recording had his voice on it so it was very easy to recognize. Jason also told me that he has a Norwegian grandma and a Swedish Grandpa!


KACP Salt Lake City UT 570

This one is extremely hard to hear at my place. Most of the time I hear a Canadian station or an east coast station on 570 but on Dec 10 2009 I could hear the Midnight Radio Network for 10 minutes followed by a local announcement at the TOH. Today Joyce Wirthlin confirmed my reception of Utah´s Voice of Freedom - Freedom 570.


WMBM Miami FL 1490

I considered WMBM a "non-verifyer" but yesterday my friend Jan Edh in Hudiksvall Sweden told me he had received an email from Stephanie Warthen Interactive Marketing Specialist. I tried a reminder and today I recieved a nice email QSL. My thanks to Jan and Stephanie!


Radio Impactante/Impacto Santo Domingo 1440

A rare guest here. I have logged them twice. Today owner Andres Serrano verified my Sept 10 2009 reception. He also owns two stations in the US: 105.5 FM in Corona CA and 91.1 FM Pittsburg TX.