KTIQ Merced CA 1660

Today I sent a reminder to a new address found via Facebook and after some minutes Juan Montes Director de Radio Amistad Cristiana confirmed my reception of KTIQ.


La Mexicana Santiago 1330 AM

Nice friendly email from Director General Ruben Basay Roberts verifies my reception of La Mexicana in Santiago.

WORA Mayaguez Puerto Rico 760

Esttherlinda Asencio also confirms my reception of WORA.

WUNO San Juan Puerto Rico 630

I logged WUNO last year when the semi local station in Norway was off. My reception was verified byEsterlinda Asencio, Assistant to the President.

MCI Radio Bogota 1550

Asistente administrativo Marta Idaliri Guitierrez confirms my reception of MCI Radio. Her email can be found on their website.


BBN Panama 1350

This station was heard by several DX-ers in Scandinavia November 25, but not yours truly. However they were heard again in the beginning of December. A report to the address on Internet gave a short but perfect verification.

Radio Vista Pasto 1250

Long email from Jaime Solarte verifies my reception of Radio Viva, logged under/over Capital Radio from time to time.

WJNO West Palm Beach FL 1290

Long email from Scott Paxson, Manager. At my place station from Florida are rather rare catch, don't know why!

Radio Angulo Holguin 740

Today I received a nice email from Amauris Betancourt. He  is a journalist and photographer of Radio Angulo. He also have some nice bloggs of his own.

La Voz de la Costa Barranquilla 1190

A report to the address found on their website gave a nice email within an hour.

WPYR Baton Rouge LA 1380

Friendly email after a follow up. V/s José Hidalgo who does not work at the station any longer.


Radio Granma Manzanillo 1000

Brief email from Rodrigo Motas Tamoyo verifies my reception of Radio Granma.

XEEP Radio Educación México 1060

Email from subdirector Ramsés Márquez G. verifies my reception. He also promised to send "una fotografía de nuestra emsiora"

CMLL Radio Victoria Las Tunas 1050

Nice email from subdirectora Yenima Díaz Velásquez verifies my recent reception. Promised to send me a "Tarjeta de Confirmación" later.


Twojego Radio Ozorków AM 1584

This station transmits with 100 watts of power and is heard at my place with surprisingly good strength. They will broadcast a special transmission for foreign listeners Nov 22 at 08.10 UTC.


Radio Continente Caracas 590

Brief email from gerente general Jose Elias Ibañez verifies my reception of Radio Continente.


Oxigeno Tunja 1230

Very nice email from Maritza Caballero verifies my reception of Oxigeno Tunja. They sometimes relay Oxigeno Boyaca 88.6 FM but most of the time they have their own programs. Maritza is the secretary of Caracol in Tunja. She attached a photo of herself and her children!

Radio Tropicana Guayaquil 540

Nice email from Otto Sonnenholzner Sper verifies my reception of Radio Tropicana in Guayaquil. Mr Sonnenholzner is the owner of Radio Tropicana and also president of AER Guyas.


Radio Casa de la Cultura Ecuatoriana 940

I have tried several email addresses found on their home page with just auto replies. Today I found an alternative gmail address to Norberto Fuertes M. who replied after 2 hours.

KOLM Rochester MN 1520

KOLM was logged October 31 when they were stronger than WWKB most of the time. Operations manager Brent Ackerman verified my reception.


Radio Atalaya Guayaquil 680 AM

Very friendly email from director de Deportes Migule Gomez verifies my reception of Radio Atalaya that was logged in the beginning of October 2010.


Radio Venezuela Oriente Porlamar 720

Nice email from Héctor Toyo Gerente verifies my reception of Radio Oriente. He seems to enjoy receiving reports!


Radio Colina Girardot 1230

Nice email from Fernando Mancera Director Informativo verifies my reception of Radio Colina. I had never logged this station until mid October, but then they have been heard quite often.


Radio Vida Nueva Barranquilla 1490

A very surprising QSL from Vida Nueva with a perfect verification text. V/s was David Reyes Castro Gerente General.


HOL80 Nacional Panama 840

I logged this station once in 2007, twice in 2008 and again in 2009 but did not get a QSL. With fresh station info from Arnstein in Norway I finally did it today! My report was verified by Oscar Medina with a very friendly and interesting email.


Radio Progreso 1230

A lot of stations on 1230 lately, Radio Progreso from Cuba one of them. Maria Salomé verified my reception and gave the name of the lucotora!

Radio Contacto Manta 1080

This is a really hard-to-hear radio station. With all the Europeans, + USA + Colombia and Sistema 2 in Guayaquil, conditions have to be very special to let the signals from Radio Contacto to get through. I heard this station September 5 2009 when they carried a soccer game with Manta FC. Last week I sent an email to Manta FC about my reception and today Paúl Ochoa verifies that my recording in fact is from Radio Contacto.


Radio Bayamo 1150

Brief email from Armando Yero La O Redacción Digital  verifies my reception of Radio Bayamo.


Radio Panamericana Girardot 1140

Radio Panamericana has been logged quite frequently the last three weeks here in Bonässund. Perhaps they have  made some adjustments to their transmitter? However I had a some problems  to get in contact with them. I intended to use their contact form but the Enviar-button was missing. (I could find this button  in the html-code of the page, but could not make it work.) Then I got some help from my friend Roger Granholm living in Finland just some 100 kilometers from me. He had found the email address of Sandra Forero on the Internet. Sandra replied to my report within an hour. My thanks to Sandra and Roger.


Radio Mundial 860 San Cristobal

An Hotmail report with a file on Box.net finally made it. Today Humberto Rodriguez Guevara Gerente de Información confirmed my reception. He did not find my recording "claro" and recommended me to check http://www.rinox.net.ve/...


Radio Ecuantena 1030 Guayaquil

This is a most wanted QSL. I have tried twice before with no luck but today Scretaria Coordinadora Maritza T. verified my report with a brief email. Henrik Klemetz helped me with some details about an announcement of the Iglesia Universal in Guayaquil, the same could be found on YouTube!


XEQ Bésame 940

With fresh info from OJS in Norway I received an email from Iván Bazán Salinas Productor Televisa Radio. Thank you Iván and Odd-Jorgen.


Radio Hogar 1250

My third station from Panama this month! Usually hidden below Capital Radio on 1250, so a very difficult task. I received a nice email signed by Nitzie Alcibar.

Radio Familia del Maule 1570

This station changed its name to Radio Famila Chilena in 2009 and moved to 1090 already in 2007. Hector Escalona Muñoz, program announcer Don Jacinto in the program La Pinta Mia, tells me that the earth quake that hit the Maule Region recently caused severe damage to their radio station.


XEAR La Mexicana Tampico 660

One of many Mexican stations logged Jan 25 2009. After a reminder to Radiorama Tampico today Manager Jorge A. De Zamacona  verifies my reception in a long email. He also attached their top of the hour and half hour identifications.

HIJB Santo Domingo 830

Very nice emails from Luis A. Guaba (Director Ingeniera) and Valentin Baez (V.P. Negocios y contenido) verifies my reception of HIJB March 2010. HIJB celebrates 40 years on the air this week! They have upgraded their transmitter and antennas and will probably be a more common guest this season.


XECF La Mexicana Los Mochis 1410

Email in English from radio announcer Alex Martinez verifies my reception. This is a rather common guest over here.


XEWW Tijuana BC 690

This station serves the Los Angeles area from the Mexican city Tijuana. I logged it Jan 25 last year and sent a letter with CD a long time ago. Chief Technician Oscar M. Franco today verified my report with a nice email.

Radio Tropical Barranquilla 1040

I had wonderful reception conditions Nov 5 2009. I logged several stations in Panama, Ecuador and Colombia. Radio Tropical was on top of the 1040 pile up around 0600 UTC. A report to Lao Herrara of Radio Tropical gave me a very nice QSL.


La Voz de Jesucristo Medellin 1530

A very rare catch at my place. I have logged them twice. My verification was signed by Andrés Sucequia Fundación Escuela Bíblica Católica Yeshu'a.

Radio Calima 940 AM

This is not an easy catch. It is much more common to hear Mexico, Venezuela or Puerto Rico on 940. I logged Radio Calima last autumn and sent a reminder yesterday. Today Jorge Garcés B Director of the programe La Llave confirmed my reception in a brief email.


Radio Recuerdos Bogota 690

Nice email from coordinador Hernando Galvis Caballero today verified my reception of Radio Recuerdos.

Radio Super de Cali 1200

Brief email from Fransua Martínez, periodista, after a contact form report.


Radio Galeon Santa Marta 890

Today I sent a reminder to Radio Galeon. I used the contact form on their web site and a file uploaded to Box.net for my report. QSL after 2 hours.


Radio ZET Zakopane 106.3 MHz

Brief email after a report via a contact form with a link to an audio file uploaded to box.net.


Radio OneFM 88.2

My reception of this Romanian station was confirmed by DJ Virgil Batista. I logged this station in the beginning of June 2010.

XERPL La Poderosa 1270

A reminder sent to the commercial department gave me a nice QSL. They also informed me about a power increase next month.


Radio Bruno via Ferrara 91.0 MHz

Today DJ Clarissa Martinelli verified my reception of Radio Bruno on 91.0 MHz.

Radio 90 Rybnik Poland 90.0 MHZ

I logged Radio 90 in the beginning of June but could not understand the ID but some days ago Vlad Titarev helped me via Real DX. Rybnik is situated in the southern part of Poland near Katowice and Krakow, straight south from my place! Today Piotr Siudak verifies my report. He also offered me a mug and at-shirt.


Radio Ecos de Naranjito 1470

La Onda 14-70 was logged several times last season but I did not realize this was Ecos de Naranjito until last week when Henrik Klemetz told me he recognized the voice of Lcdo. Leonico Delgado, gerente propietario. Mr Delgado verified my reception and informed that "muy pronto estaremos con una pagina de internet con transmision directa via internet de todos nuestros programas.".


Radio Fantasy Slovenia 87.8 MHz

Radio Fantasy was logged back in June. Today I sent a reminder to the technical department and immediately received a very nice reply from Gregor, Head of IT and production. He even translated the jingle I have recorded and included their audio logg.


Radio Perla El Progreso Yoro 1590

November 19 2009 I was participating in the Nordic DX Championships. One of the task was to listen to a station in Honduras. I was satisfied when I managed to tune in Honduras 4820 and then tried to find Bahamas on 1540. Nice signal! I tuned to 1590 where a rather strong station in Spanish had a very dramatic program. This was Radio Perla reporting from the tropical storm just passing Honduras with a lot of damages. At the same time this station was logged by some other Nordic DX-ers: Odd Påg, Lasse Vidlund, Jari Ruohomäki ,Roger Granholm and perhaps some more. Lasse and Roger received QSL-s a couple of years ago. I have worked hard to get in contact with Radio Perla. Yesterday I found their new site, under construction. I used their contact form and today Nicolas Garcia verified my report! Nicolas works with their computers setting up a new server!

XENK Radio 6-20 México DF 620

Radio 6-20 XENK was one of many Mexican stations logged Jan 25 2009. I have tried letters with no luck, but yesterday I found a new email address which gave me this QSL! V/s was avalencia@rasa.com.mx.