Radio Ognjišče Postojna 1 SVN 89.1 MHz

I heard this one May 14 2016, made a recording but could not understand the ID. Last week some guys on the SkywavesDX help me! QSL-email today, signed by Marko Zupan tehnična služba

Radio Sokal UKR 101.0 MHz

A really nice email from Alexander Novatskyy confirm that I heard Radio Sokal June 8 2016. That date I had stations from Ukraine, Moldova and Roumania all over the band. He writes:

You heard the announcement of the transfer, which is devoted to the war in Eastern Ukraine. Unfortunately, Russia is haunted our small country, the war killed the best people!
Sokal town is on the border with Poland. 


Rom Radio Obrenovac SRB 99.6 MHz

Report on Facebook gave  a "like" in the beginning but  later a short message via Messenger.

Novi Radio Djakovo HRV 99.5 MHz

I heard this one June 8 and had a lot of problems to understand the identification. Friends on SkywavesDX-group help me. QSL via email.

Antenne Salzburg AUT 101.8 MHz

Programmdirektor Christian Katzer wrote a kind email about my reception of Antenne Salzburg - Salzburgs Beste Musik

Dream FM Bacau ROU 98.0 MHz

This was a  new one for me when I logged them June 8 2016. Email QSL was signed by Rares Paunescu.

Magic FM Bistrita ROU 99.3 MHz

Magic FM has been logged on several different frequencies. June 8 2016 I logged them on 7 channels. My report was verified by Anne-Marie Ionescu, Marketing Manager Magic FM and Rock FM.

Sea FM Carentan F 98.4 MHz

Brief facebook message QSL my report. Signed by Rédaction Sea-fm.


Nova FM Brasov ROU 98.2 MHz

Email-QSL in Romanian from Ciprian after report also in Romanian.

Welle 1 Salzburg AUT 106.2 MHz

I received a nice QSL from Chris Lackner,  head of music for the Welle 1 group.

He writes: We have radiostations all over austria, including Salzburg, Upper Austria, Styria and Carinthia. The recording you sent me is definitely from our station in Salzburg. I can hear our station voice in a jingle, his name is George btw, and we still use the same jingle now and then.

Radio Egrensis Mariánské Lázne CZE 92.5 MHz

I logged them a month ago. They were in // with 93.2 MHz. Today I received a message on Messenger confirming my reception.


Radio Dobregea Constanţa ROU 99.7 MHz

June 8 2016 Radio Dobregea was mixing with Radio 1 and the identification was very weak but Rev. Eugen Tanasescu confirms that the station with an announcement from Constanţa was indeed Radio Dobregea. He says Radio Dobregea is "Un radio pe pământ apostolic
Arhiepiscopia Tomisului"

Radio Trinitas Brodina ROU 94.8 MHz

Radio Trinitas has  nation wide coverage of Romania. June 8 2016 I logged them on 8 different frequencies. They have 51 broadcasting stations throughout the country and the central studio is in Bucharest. Verie signer Daniel Moraras writes: Radio Trinitas is the radio station of the Romanian Patriarchate and helps support cultural missionary activity of the Romanian Orthodox Church.


Radio Lelystad HOL 90.3 MHz

I asked for an email address on Twitter, recived it and sent a report which was verified in 5 mniutes. V/s was Egbert Kingma | Hoofd techniek / Facility manager.

Tim Radio Prnjavor, Sabac, SRB 97,4 MHz

According to QSL Tim Radio has 300 watts into Alden antennas. They are close to the border of Bosnia Herzegovina.

Radio 1 Targu Bujor ROU 99,7 MHz

QSL in an email from Dan Teodorescu at Radio 1. They are transmitting with 2000 Watts on 99.7 MHz and 80 watts on 106.1. Dan is very concerned about the growing poverty in his country.

Dženarika Radio Rudnik SRB 98.0 MHz

Dženarika Radio sent me a short email confirming my reception.

Radio Euroherz Hof D 88.0 MHz

A  very long email from Markus Streckenbach-Leitung Produktion und Technik- verifies my reception report of Euroherz.  They from the city of Hof in the northern part of Bavaria. Thank you very much for your excellent QSL.

Radio San Marino SMA 102.7 MHz

Finally! New country for me! Country #232 according to the EDXC country list!

Super Radio Chazma HRV 89.0 MHz

QSL from Robert Ruklić. He wrote that they received another report from Iceland recently.


City Radio Velika Gorica HRV 88.6 MHz

Today I received a really nice QSL from Željka Makek. He writes  "The recording that you send us is ours and we broadcast that show on 29.05. The show is called Women of Hope.  (On Croatian language  Žene nade)"


Radio Monte Kanate Pellegrino Parmense I 103.1 MHz

Report verified with a short email from Dr.Pezzani Vittorio

Radio Minsk Brest BLR 100.4 MHz

This is the first station from Belarus ever logged  by me in the FM-band. In the QSL-mail they commented that the Radio Alpha I logged at the same time on 100.8 MHz use the same antenna in Brest.

Nostalgie Vlaanderen Brügge BEL 88.1 MHz

I used the contact form on their home page for my report. Email was signed by "Redactie"

Radio Marconi Caprino Bergamasco I 94.8 MHz

My report was verified by Marco Camozzi musical director.

Radio Punto San Vittore Olona I 88.15 MHz

Alessandro Casali sent a QSL via email. He also wrote "Forza Azzuri"...... Sweden lost 0-1 for Italy yesterday.

Radio Vallesina Fabriano I 88.0 MHz

Short message on Facebook confirms my reception.

MDR Sachsen Anhalt Wittenberg D 88.1 MHz

QSL via Marc on Facebook. He writes: "Hey Gert, this is incredible! Yes, this is our programme. The presenter is André Holst and the tracks match with our playlist :) We would love to talk with you about this on the phone - is next week okay for you? This is such a nice story! ". He will call me next week for an interview in German....


ZFM Zoetermeer HOL 96.2 MHz

This is a really tough one. A very powerful transmitter from Holland o the same frequency. My report was verified by Jack Henneken, Stationmanager ZFM. He wrote: "....Our newsreader Mark Kampers  was happily surprised that he was heard again in Scandinavia. A few years ago we received an reception report from Finland with him also as newsreader. " Perhaps the first logging of ZFM in Sweden?


Contact FM Amiens F 94.2 MHz

Reception confirmed via Facebook

Contact FM Saint-Omer F 93.8 MHz

I was very surprised when I heard local programming from Contact FM on 93.8 and 94.2. I wrote on Facebook and received a verification of the fact that they do have local commercial breaks with identifications. Message signed by La Team Contact FM.


Radio Scarpe Sensée Douai F 94.1 MHz

I had an opening towards the northern part of France and Belgium May 25. One station logged for the first time was Radio Scarpe Sensee  Douai . My reception was confirmed by Jérôme Bailly.