WFAS White Plains NY 1230

In an email  Jennifer D'Ambrosio Director of Marketing & Promotions of WFAS writes:
We are located about 20 miles outside of New York City so I always find it fascinating when people from so far away pick up our signal.

WHSR Boca Raton FL 980

This station carries programs for the local Haitian community. My reception was verified by Karen Ruggiere who writes:  ......enough to recognize the voice and it is Lesly Jacques who is well known in the Haitian Community in Palm Beach, Broward and Dade Counties in South Florida. .....


KKXA Shohomish 1520

This new country music station has the best signal from the west coast nowadays, overriding WKBW many days. General Manager Andrew Skotdal confirms my receptio and also promise a card via snail mail. Andrews family is from the Bergen/Kristiansand area in Norway.


KNSS Wichita KS 1330

Brief email from program director Tony Duesing verifies my Nov. 20 2011 reception of KNSS.


Radio Monumental Quito 1510

What is supposed to be Radio Monumental is often logged with rather good strength on 1510 but I am sorry to say that they have severe modulation problems. Most of the time it is almost impossible to get any intelligibility at all. Last year I recorded an identification and some commercials and sent it to periodista Franklin Chavez who confirmed my reception.

Cadena Melodia 730

Another surprise in the new year! After many reports during the last 20 years I finally received a verification from the "Ultimas Noticias" section of Radio Melodia in Bogota. No name in the email.

Radio Comercial Santo Domingo 1010

I had no luck with my reports via the contact form on the Internet site, so I tried Facebook  and in a conversation with  locutor Nemo Sanchez he verifies my reception of Radio Comercial. He also says that it was in fact himself reading the identification on my recording.

WURA Quantico VA 920

This station has been heard surprisingly often this season so I suspect they are running with daytime power. They ID as Radio Unida Una Señora Emisora and has Spanish programming. My reception was verified by Miguel Cardona.

Radio Olimpica La Vega 970

Radio Olimpica is a rather rare catch on 970, but I have logged them 5 times. This was station #3 verified by Ana Maria Fernández Coordinadora de Ventas & Eventos

Radio La Vega 870

Ana Maria Fernández Coordinadora de Ventas & Eventos also verified my reception of Radio La Vega which can be logged from time to time on 870.

Radio Montecristi 580

It was a real surprise when Ana Maria Fernández Coordinadora de Ventas & Eventos de Group Medrano veried my reception of Radio Monteristi.

Venezuela 1220 Valencia

Nice email from Ivan Lopez Caudeiron verifies my recent reception of Venezuela 12-20