Radio Ub Komuna Ub SRB 93.1 MHz

I heard this station July 16 2015. I searched for an email address for a report but found nothing. The do not have Facebook account and theír address www.radioub.rs was suspended. Finally I found a gmail address on a very excellent site with listing of Serbian radio licences.  http://www.rra.org.rs/pages/search_permits
Today I received a nice email from director Vladan Nenadovic confirming my reception. This was their first report from Sweden, they had also received reports from Finland. Radio Ub operates with 300 W into antenna 180 meters high. Ub has 8000 inhabitants and is the center of the district of Ub in central Serbia about 55 km from Belgrade.

Radio Sud Craiova ROU 97.4 MHz

Verified by a short not signed Facebookmessage.

Radio Kameleon Kladanj Tuzla BIH 91,5 MHZ

Short email from Urednica radijskog programa: Džezida Teufiković confirms my reception July 8 2015


Rádió 1 Pécs via Móhacs HNG 93.8 MHz

Nice message from the Rádió 1 Pécs staff verifies my report.
We really don't know how but you have heard our programme. This makes us really happy - we never knew it could happen.

Ritam Radio Sarajevo BIH 94.0 MHz

Mr Nemeth from Hungary helped me on RealDX when he told me the jingle on my recording ended with Sarajevo. Ritam Radio was a possibility. I checked on line and heard the same jingle so I sent a report on Ritam Radio Sarajevo Facebook account and  got a reply from Almir Hadzajlic the presenter of RITAM Radio in Zenica!

Radio Opštine Kovačica SRB 93.2 MHz

This week I have checked some UNID stations from the July E-skip. I hade one from July 8 on 93,2. It had to be from Serbia with comercials for Casa dell Intimo in  Pancevo,  "Agrogrnja" and an Auto Center. Nemeth from Hungary gave me the solution on the RealDX group: The Auto Centar I heard should be Auto Centar Zoki Kovačića. I wrote a report this morning and got a QSL signed Ekipa RTV OK within an hour.


Regina Bratislava 99.3 MHz

Pavol  Prelovský  verifies my reception of Regina Bratislava. Pavol writes "Radio Regina is regional station which include under RTVS. Radio Regina has 3 studios - one for each region (Bratislava, Bánska Bystrica and Košice). I worked in RTVS since 2000. I started as sound engineer and now i control all sound engineers who make broadcast Slovak radio. "


Radio Martin Zabavni Radio Dugo Selo HRV 90.3 MHz

In the beginning I could not identify this one despite a pretty good ID on my recording. I got help on the RealDX group! It turned out to be the listed Radio Martin with ID Zabavni Radio most of the time. My reception was confirmed via Facebook by Krešimir Cvijanović - Radio Technician.


Radio Hesdin F 90.6 MHz

This is 1ere RADIO INDEPENDANTE DE LA COTE D'OPALE, broadcasting from the coastal district at the English Channel. I have tried the contact information on the home page with no success but yesterday I found an email address to their Directeur technique Nicolas Veniel. Today I sent an email report and received a most wonderful QSL with a lot of files attached: Logo, jingle , map, Google Earth file, photos of antennas and more. About his station Nicolas writes:

Radio 6 is broadcasting 4 different programs:

- Dunkerque 99,0
- Calais 100,4
- Boulogne 92,0
- Montreuil sur mer 94,1

for this last one, we have 2 different frequencies, 94,1 FM located in "LEFAUX" and 90,6 FM located in "le quesnoy en artois".

Those 2 frequencies are broadcasting the same program.

In fact, we have about 15' to 20' per hour where each frequencie broadcast specific program, news, advertising, and so on ...

I attached 2 files with my report, one recorded on 92.0 and the other on 90.6 MHz. Both had the central program of Radio 6. Has to try to find local spots next summer season...

Magyar Katolikus Rádío Kiskőrös HNG 91.7 MHz

Many years ago this station started on 1341 kHz AM so it was not the first time I have heard them when they came through on 91.7 MHz June 25 2015. Reception was confirmed by Robert Tajti. A curiosity he told me was that he lived 12 years in Finland 1991-2003 just 190 kilometers from my place in Sweden!

Tisza-tó Rádió Tiszafüred HNG 88.7 MHz

Gong Radio is the most common catch from Hungary on 88.7 but in June 2015 I was lucky to catch a program promotion from Tisza-tó Radio. Even better the announcer on my recording was Simon Norbert who also replied to my report.  This was their first report from Sweden according to Simon.

Rádió Dabas Dabas HNG 93.4 MHz

Quite common catch from Hungary. I sent a report in  Hungarian (Google Translate....) and received a QSL in Swedish from Aniko Gabor.

Antena Rock Banská Bystrica SVK 97.6 MHz

Luba Tomasikova sent a nice email-QSL and also asked for me phone number to call me  but never did!
(Sept 24 they called me and we also had a nice chat. He made a recording where I say in Swedish " Jag heter Gert Nilsson, jag bor i Sverige och lysssnar på Antena Rock".


RTV 7 Tuzla BIH 94.0 MHz

QSL via Facebook https://www.facebook.com/RTV7Tuzla


Biser Plus Radio Malo Crnice SRB 92,6 MHz

QSL via Facebook. They had  checked  my recording and corrected me on a wrong spelling of a comercial.

7 FM Gouvy BEL 96.2 MHz

Reception confirmed by Jonathan Laberger, musical promotion of 7 FM.

Elit FM Balashova RUS 96,1 MHz

Commercial manager Yulia Murunova verifies my reception and attached a studio recording of one of the comercials I had recorded.

Radio AS FM Sremska Mitrovic SRB 95,7 MHz

Today I received a very nice email from Zdravko Mosnak Direktor Tehnike veryfying my reception of Radio AS FM on 95,7 and 98,4 MHz. He also sent Word-file QSL documents for both frequencies. I asked abat Radio AS on 97.0 and he informed me that it  is a completely different station.


Ljubav Radio Jagodina SRB 96.6 MHz

Slobodan Rakic is the Marketing Director of  Ljubav radio in Jagadina. He wrote a wonderful email in Serbian verifying my report from July 16 2015.

Polskie Radio Katowice POL 98.4 MHz

Henryk Grzonka is the president of Radio Katowice. He is also  a sports journalist specializing in speedway, so he has been many times in Sweden. He was very impressed that his station has reached my place in Örnsköldsvik.

B92 Fruška Gora SRB 103.2 MHz

In a nice email Maja Saveljic verifies my reception and also give some information about B92 Network:
Since 24th August, B92 radio, after 26 years has stopped to exist. Now it's called Radio Play, airing much modern, generic, music.

TDI Radio Beograd SRB 91.8 MHz

Reception verified via Facebook with a long message with a detailed description of what I had recorded.

Radio Kulska Komuna Kula SRB 89,2 MHz

A really nice email confirms my reception of Radio Kulska Komuna on 89.2 MHz. It was signed by Goran St, not sure what my job title would be, but i'm doing programming and technical service

Radio Kikinda SRB 93,3 MHz

Reception was verified via Facebook. First they had some  trouple to listen to my file via Internet , so I had to upload to  to Box.com.

Radio Play Beograd SRB 92.5 MHz

Reception of Radio Play was confirmed via Facebook.


Radio Beseda Novi Sad SRB 91.8 MHz

This station was mixing with TDI Radio from Belgrade July 8 2015. They are the  Radio station of Serbian Orthodox Church in Novi Sad. Reception was confirmed by Danilo Mihajlovic.

Radio Stara Pazova SRB 91.5 MHz

Milos Lazic General manager of RTV Stara Pazova confirms that I have received his station. He also wrotes:
Radio Stara Pazova is one of the first local radio stations in former Yugoslavia. Almost 50 years we are broadcasting on Serbian and Slovakian language. We are broadcast music with local news and radio shows on local topic. Since 2011 we have TV program, also.

Radio Laguna Beograd SRB 93.7 MHz

A  nice email from Đuro Svilar Chief Editor confirms my reception of Radio Laguna.

Hit FM Kikinda SRB 92,3 MHz

Reception confirmed via Facebook. Also logged on 98,5 and 94,1 several times in July 2015.


Radio Morava Jagodina SRB 91.9 MHz

Radio Morava was logged several times between June 20 and July 20 2015. Report was verified by Milan Živanović via his mobile phone when he was abroad on vacation! October 7 they he sent another email with a lot of information. He said that my report was the first from Sweden! Also 3 reports from Finland.


Polskie Radio Wroclaw POL 102.3 and 95.5 MHz

Logged now and then on 102.3 MHz. Also heard on 95.5 MHz back in June 2015. Reception confirmed by Stanisław Kołodziej.


Radio Iași ROU 90.8 MHz

The last E-skip this summer season August 7 had a short opening towards Romania. I was at my summerhouse 70 kilometers north of Umeå where I also have a Triax 8 element antenna. Radio Iași had a really nice signal. A new one for me: Impossible at  home where I have 60 kW Radio Sweden on 90.8 MHz giving me a lot of trouble. Report was verified by email.


Hrvatski Radio Karlovac Martinšcak HRV 90.1 MHz

I sent a report in English but no response. Then my friend Antti in Finland  suggested  it perhaps would be better if I used Croatian. It did. I received a short email from Mišo Milovanović, direktor for a report translated by Google Translate.


RAI Marche Piobbico I 94.7 MHz

RAI Radio 1 has local news Giornale Radio at 1630 UTC. On the 25th of June I was lucky to have an opening towards Italy 1620-1710 so quite a few local stations was logged. One of them was Radio 1 Marche Ancona on 94.7 MHz. Reception was verified by email from Marcello Cecchetti Ufficio Tecnico.

Radio Elka Leszno POL 98.5 MHz

Nice email from director Roman Lewicki verifies my receptio of Radio Elka. This station was logged June 25 aroun 17 UTC when I had a really nice opening towards Poland. The northern parts of Poland is impossible on E-skip here in Bonässund, just to close, about 1000 km, but the central and southern part is quite common.

Radio Centrale Cesena I 102.2 MHz

Reception was confirmed via Facebook.


Dankó Radió Szentes HNG 91.6 MHz

I received a very unusual QSL from this one: A letter with stickers and a photo of the presenter I had recorded. Kornél Süveges had really made a lot of efforts, he had calculated the distance from my QTH and he made a very detailed description of the content of the two recordings I sent.


Hitradio FM Most CZE 90.6 MHz

This one is a rather hard to hear station at my place. I have a local 60 kW station on 90.8 MHz just 7 km from my home. However a couple of times Hitradio FM Most had a signal strong enough to come through the interference. My reception was confirmed by Mgr. Kateřina Gahler obchodní zástupce in a very nice email.


TRM-Trasmissioni Radio Malvaglio Robecchetto I 88.0 MHz

Report was verified by Corrado Garegnani on Facebook. He had listened carefully to my recording and said part of it was from a INBlu station.

Radio Veronica Classics Pinerolo I 93.3 MHz

Fabrizio Pescatore at Radio Veronica One also verified my reception of their sister station Veronica Classics. I had no vocal ID on this one but perfect RDS signal and a lot of Italian oldies.

Radio Guabiyu Gregorio de Laferrere ARG 1610 kHz

It was a real surprise when today I found a message from Radio Guabiyu in my inbox on Facebook. I sent my report a couple of years ago.


Veronica One Moncalier I 93.6 MHz

My report was verified by Fabrizio Pescatori Dir.Artistico-Resp.relazioni Case Discografiche-Artisti-Eventi. He also sent me a lot of information about Veronica One.