KSRO Santa Rosa CA 1350

Nice email from Market Manager Jeff Clark today verified my reception of KSRO. I logged them December 9 when conditions were good. KRLC and KTIK caused a lot of interference as usual.

KKNT Phoenix AZ 960

This is my first QSL from Arizona. I logged them December 9, when reception conditions were excellent. I could see their trace on the SDR-IQ for almost an hour until finally CFAC faded down and I heard a very faint ID. John Timm General Manager says in an email that they have received several reports from northern Sweden, but recently also one from Italy. Thank you John for my US state #49, still missing Vermont and Delaware.


WARV Warrick RI 1590

Short email from General Manager William Blount today verified my reception of WARV.

WPDR Portage WI 1350

A short email from Bruce A. McNeill, CRMC, Sales Manager/Sports Director today verified my reception of WPDR. My thanks to Bruce for verification and to Arnstein Bue of Norway for contact information.


KGST Fresno CA 1600

ESPN Deportes from Fresno is a rather regular guest here. I have tried reports several times before with no luck until today when I used contact information received from my Norwegian friend Tore Vik. Verification came from Kevin O'Rorke General Manager of Lotus Corporation in Fresno. Thank you Kevin and Tore!


WBSM New Bedford MA 1420

I logged this station several times back in September and sent a reminder last week. Today Operations Manager Pete Braley verified my reception report with these words: YES! That is us! I distinctly heard our announcer Jim Birdsall with the ID 1420 WBSM.
Thank you Pete!


KNZZ Grand Junction CO 1100

KNZZ has been on my list for a long time. I have seen their carrier on my SDR-IQ but not until some weeks ago did I catch a local identification. Today Program Director Jim Ter Louw verified my report with an email.

KODY North Platte NE 1240

KODY surfaced for some minutes Nov 7 and I was lucky to get a perfect identification and some local information. Today General Manager Rob Mandeville verified my reception with a nice email. They do not have a web site but I found a photo of their studio announcer Scott Allen on a local newspaper in North Platte..


KFYR Bismarck ND 550

KFYR is a rather rare catch at my place. Just logged tice here. Today a very brief email with no signature verified my reception two weeks ago.

KBKW Aberdeen WA 1450

Nice email from Bill Wolfenbarger, President of Jodesha Broadcasting, Inc today verified my reception of KBKW.


KGY Olympia WA 1240

It was a nice surprise when KGY came through the pile up on 1240 November 7. I was lucky to get a decent identification before it faded away. Today Program Director Kevin Huffer confirmed my report with a brief email.

KWTL Grand Forks ND 1370

I had really good conditions November 7. I had many stations on 1370 and I was lucky to catch identifications from KWRM Corona CA and KWTL. Nighttime power of KWTL is only 275 W so I think it is a good catch. Today Steven Splonskowski of Real Precence Radio verified my reception with a brief mail.

CJSN Shaunavon SK 1490

Broadcast Engineer Matt Heinrichs today verified my reception of CJSN. He had som trouble to play my recording and gave me contact information to two other engineers at CJSN, Jeff Kachmarski and Dave Funk. My thanks to Matt and to my friend Christer Koivuranta in Luleå who help me with contact information.

KSEN Shelby MT 1150

Today Anne James verified my reception of KSEN. The voice on my recording was in fact her! Anne works fulltime at KSEN but she has also a business of her own, Sweetgrass Creative Designs. Check it out!

CFGN Port-au-Basque NL 1230

Today Ian Balfour Assistant General Manager of CFGN verified my reception report from early November.


Radio Sistema 2 (Radio Sucre) Guayaquil 1080

Transmissions from Radio Sucre have been logged quite frequently this season on 1080 kHz. Remigio Castillo R. Ing. de Grabación de Radio Sucre verifies that I have received their transmissions relayed by Sistema 2. He attached a very nice file with a pasillo played on the piano. In another mail he also verifies my reception of Radio Sucre on 700 AM last year


Radio Vigia Quito 840

I sent a letter with a CD with some sound tracks two weeks ago and today I received a very nice email from E. C. Alejandro Velasquez PRODUCTOR DE RADIO VIGIA. Radio Vigia is the radio station of Policia Nacional del Ecuador.

WVJS Owensboro KY 1420

This is a really tough one. I sent a recording to Chief Engineer Ed Thomas who forwarded it. (I will have some of the guys with better hearing to listen). Mike Chaney is their News Director and he says "I say it is safe for you to confirm you picked up our little AM station"! Thank you Ed and Mike!


Radio Universal Guayaquil 1270

I logged this station some weeks ago. Did not find an email address so I sent a letter with a CD. Today I received a nice email from Adela Arroba, Gerente. She writes:
Gracias por informarnos haber escuchado esta emisora, en honda corta si es posible se escuche en Suecia, el CD enviado confirma que si es Radio Universal de Guayaquil, Ecuador, sur amèrica, tambièn nos puedes escuchar por internet, nuestra pàgina es:


She also tells me that they have shortage of electricity in Ecuador. Not enough rain!


KOFI Kallispell MT 1180

Today Dave Rae, General Manager of KOFI in Kallispell, gave me my #400 US AM band verification.


WRKO Boston MA 680

This station is dominating 680 in the south of Sweden, but I have great problems getting around 6-80 News. However I succeeded a month ago and today Jason Wolfe , VP Programming, verified my reception.

CINA Mississauga ON 1650

CINA is a regular here and in fact I enjoy listening to their Bollywood Hits! Today General Manager Neeti Ray verified my reception.


KXO El Centro CA 1230

Conditions were very good November 4. I had several stations from California, Idaho and Utah. Some of the more common stations from Washington were weaker than usual. For some minutes "The Best Oldies on the Radio" = KXO peaked quite good and I was lucky enough to get a perfect identification. Vice President Carroll Buckley sent me a very nice email with an e-bumper sticker and an information sheet as attachments.


KMXA Aurora CO 1090

KMXA was widely logged September 9 when they were on daytime power. Their Mexican Tricolor program had quite good readability here in Hanabäckliden. I sent a report via the snail mail with no luck. Yesterday Ole Forr in Norway gave me some contact information and today Mario Carrera General Manager of KMXA verified my report. My thanks to Ole and Mario!


KKAA Aberdeen SD 1560

Family Radio KKAA 1560 is a regular catch here but for some peculiar reason I have never before sent them a reception report. I did so today and in a couple of hours Jenny Goodell Operations Manager confirmed my reception of KKAA.

WINZ Miami FL 940

I consider Florida to be a hard to catch state here. I don't know why, but probably my antennas just are not good for Florida. I have friends in the south of Sweden who enjoy reception of stations in Florida on an almost daily basis. However Oct 19 WINZ surface above the stations from Venezuela and Puerto Rico on 940 AM. I sent a report to program director Ken Charles who replied within 10 minutes.

Radio Victoria Lima 780

I was very lucky September 29 at 0458 when Radio Victoria in Lima surfaced and announced the Dios es Amor program while Radio Coro and La Voz del Valle faded. Today Henrique Silvio Ramos verifies my reception, even though he is not very impressed by my recording.


Radio Nueva Q FM Lima 1360

Today Abraham Zavala Chocano - Gerente General de Nueva Q en Lima gave me one of my shortest verifications ever: He wrote: "Si es.". This is a rather new station first logged by OJS some months ago.

KPNW Eugene OR 1120

I don't know why this station is so hard to get here. With 50 kW it should be a regular. I have just logged it a couple of times. I had pretty good reception Oct 14 and today I sent a report and after 10 min program Director Bill Lundun confirmed my reception. He is the host of their 6-9 am Morning Show and wants to call me for an interview.

Radio Enlace 860 Valle de la Pascua

I sent a report addressed to Jane Zamora owner of Enlace 8-60 but in a reply today Zenibeth Ruiz tells me that Jane Zamora no longer works at the station. She also verifies my report. My second Venezuela this evening!

Armonía 13-60 YVTZ Charallave

I logged this station in the beginning of October but I did not understand their ID: I was sure about the .....ia 13-60.... but I thought it was Melodia, but then Henrik K checked my recording and at once told me it was Armonía 13-60. I found an email adress with Google and today Javier Hernandez verified my report.

KTBK Auburn WA 1210

With their new transmitters KTBK in Auburn WA will be an easy catch. They are owned by Bustos Media and labeled Ke Buena. Today Rebecca Lambert verified my reception from late September.


KPUG Bellingham WA 1170

I logged KPUG January 18 2009 and have tried to get in contact a couple of times with no result until my friend Kurt Norlin in Skellefteå Sweden sent me some new contact information. Today Jaqueline (Jackie) Carter verified my reception in a brief email.


WRNI Providence RI 1290

I had some troubles to find a verie signer for this one, but then my friend Jan Edh in Hudiksvall sent me contact information and today Bob Seay verified my reception in a brief mail. Bob is the morning host of WRNI.


WFFG Marathon FL 1300

WFFG is not a common catch here. Many other transatlantic stations on this channel. In September however WFFG surfaced now and then. Today Dianne Scott verified my reception. She also told me she had got a report from another Swede listening from Lista in Norway at the moment. Who could that be?

CKHJ Fredricton NB 1260

Program director Tom Blizzard today verified my reception of Today's Country KHJ. He attached a special QSL-letter written in Office Word to his mail.


WFIF Milford CT 1500

WFIF had a very strong signal when I received them a couple of days ago. This was arond local sunse and they were running daytime power. General Manager Bill Blount verified my reception.


Emisora Minuto de Dios Barranquilla 1370

Today Bernardo Torres subdirector of Minuto de Dios in Barranquilla, Sincelejo and Cartagena verified my recent report. You can read more about this station on http://www.elmanestavivo.com/ .

Radio Emanuel Santo Domingo 1430

Nice email from Josue Marte today verified my reception of Radio Emanuel. He recognized the music and the voice of the announcer giving the time check and the identification. I used the hotmail address found on their web site http://www.radioemanuel.org/.

Radio San Carlos 920

Today I received a very nice email from Tomás Antonio Pérez who is the "coordinador de programación" of Radio San Carlos. You can read a lot more about this station at http://www.profesortomas.com/. I used the hotmail address found on this page for my report.

WLQY Hollywood FL 1320

This is a new one for me. It has been logged surprisingly often this autumn. General Manager Rick Santos verified my report with a brief email today.

Radio Rebelde Several frequencies

I have never reported any of the numerous channels in the AM band until last week. Today I received a brief email promising also a card via the snail mail.


WWSM Anville PA 1510

I logged WWSM October 7 2009. They came up with an ID at 23 UTC but was heard for another two hours. General Manager Gary Gruver says that they used their nighttime power 131 watts (5000 w daytime) at the time of reception. He also told me that the station also had been logged in Norway and Finland this autumn.


KCKK Littleton CO 1510

I have sent a lot of reception reports to this station during the last 20 years. They are quite an easy catch and I have logged them several times recently. Today I received a verification from Station Manager Casey Light. He writes :"We wish Foppa was still here!". Foppa = Peter Forsberg former NHL player in Colorada, now playing in our local team MoDo where he started his career almost 20 years ago!


KATQ Plentywood MT 1070

It was a real surprise when KATQ surfaced above KNX Sept 27, Today General Manager Bonnie Simon verified my reception. I think this is a really nice one.
On their their home page you can read: KATQ am reduces its power from 5000W to 50W at sunset. KATQ’s signal remains omni-directional at night and reaches approximately 30 miles in all directions. . They must have worked with full power when I logged them.


Armonías Boyacenses Tunja 950

Sept 5 2009 I had an interferring tone when I listened to 950 kHz AM. I checked it out and found a station on 950,205 kHz. I made a recording but could not identify the station so I asked Mr Henrik Klemetz for his assistance. Henrik immediately told me this was Armonías Boyacenses in Tunja. Henrik recognized the program from a recording made by a DX-er in Finland. I asked for some contact information. Henrik did a tremendous work ending with a verification from Clemencia Hernández Molina presenter of the program La Rockola Popular recorded by me. Later Henrik sent me a studiorecording and a photo from Armonías Boyacenses. Many thanks Henrik!! This seems to be the first time this station has been logged in Sweden.


Radio Trinchera Antimperialista Guantánamo 1070

I logged this station Sept 11 (!) and sent my report today. Reply after 40 minutes. V/s was Mabel Pozo Ramírez Sub-directora Informativo.

WJDY Salisburg MD 1470

For some reason WJDY has been logged quite often recently. I suspect they forget to switch off their 5kW daytime transmitter. Today Kenny Love verified my report in a brief mail. My thanks to Arnstein Bue for contact information.

CFNW Port au Choix NL 790

CFNW has been a very common catch this autumn. A report was imediately answered by Richard King this morning. Most of the time they relay CFCB 570.