KXGN Glendive MT 1400 AM

KXGN Amazing AM 1400 was logged for a couple of minutes January 9 when conditions were really good. My report was verified by General Manager Paul Sturlaugson.


WWFE Miami FL 670

The signal of WWFE La Poderosa was heard with good strength over Radio Rebelde on 670 six weeks ago.. Quite surprising! My QSL as a brief message via Facebook.

WIOU Kokomo IA 1350

When I hear sports on 1350 its quite often WOYK with Yahoo Sports Radio but several times in the beginning of January I had an ESPN station on this channel that turned out to be WIOU in Kokomo. My verification came via Facebook.

WTDR Gadsden AL 1350

A really nice catch. I had missed it totally without the hint from my friend Torolf J who told me he had logged them  January 11 at 0800 UTC. I checked my Perseus recording and found a nice identifier at that time. They mentioned Thunder Country and 92.7 and 99.3 and different call signs. I got my QSL via Facebook.

CFCO Chatham ON 630

Dave Palmer Program Director of CFCO verifies my reception of CFCO. It was logged a couple of days in the beginning of January, despite the strong signal from CHED  and Radio Timisoara.

WABN Abingdon VA 1230

A really nice catch from January 9. Not easy at all to get a signal through the pile up on this grave yard channel. General Manager Rusty Cury confirmed my reception via both email and Facebook! He seemed quite impressed: yes...it is WABN you beamed in ....and 4000 miles should be a record for our 1000 watt signal!  No earphones needed!

WITY Danville OH 980

Quite a surprise when WITY came through several days in the beginning of January. Reception was verified by Andrew Dudich IT/Traffic Administrator. He mentions that they have recievied a few other rpors from Sweden and Finland the last weeks.

WNWI Oak Lawn IL 1080

WNWI is owned by Birach Broadcasting Corporation. They carries Ethnic programs, often Polish. I logged them through WTIC Jan 9 2013. My reception was verified by a very proud  Jovan Marinkovic Electronic Engineer .

CFYM Kindersley SK 1210

Logged a couple of times in January with its Classic Hits. Reception verified by Barb Bell StationSales Manager.

KWOR Worland WY 1340

Another nice logging from Jan 10 2013. Reception was verified by Mike Fell Sales Director at Big Horn Radio Network.

KGYN Guymon OK 1210

KGYN was logged here almost every day second week of January. I received an email-QSL from Greg Steckline the owner of KGYN. He had received a report from another DX-er in Sweden the same week, probably my friend Jan Edh in Hudiksvall.

WGBW Denmark WI 1590

WGBW was heard several times in the beginning of January. I recorded an identifier and a weatherforecast presented by Mark Heller, the owner of WGBW. Mark sent me a really nice email and also in a week a letter with a QSL-card.

KNBR San Fransisco CA 680

KNBR is a rare catch at my place due to the heavy interference from CJOB and CFTR. However it was logged  a couple of days last January. My reception was confirmed by John Buckham
Engineer KFOG – KSAN – KNBR – KTCT - KGO - KSFO.

WHYL Carlisle PA 960

Another good catch on 960. Just heard on top for about 2 minutes but I was lucky to hear the identifier of Nice 960 AM. Carlisle is located 20 miles east of Harrisburg.
My reception was verified by Dennis Edwards, News director.

WGVS Muskegon MI 850

Real Oldies 1480/850 was logged Jan 10 when KOA was fading down for some minutes. Program director Bill Bailey verifies my reception. He writes "Muskegon is a very scenic part of the Michigan Lakeshore, offering beaches, trails, golf and other opportunities for Winter including skiing, ice sculpting and ice fishing.". A place for holiday?

CKJS Winnipeg MB 810

Not easy at all to get around BBC Radio Scotland on 810 but on January 10 both CKJS and KGO came through. My reception of CKJS was verified by program director Gido Gigliotti.

KCJB Minot ND 910

This station was logged quite frequently a month ago. This is probably due to the fact that they have build a new antenna system. My reception was verified by Ernest Swanson, Clear Channel Minot North Dakota Engineering. Ernie is a radio amateur  with call sign K9LO. Ernie atteched 5 pictures from the work with the new antenna system. Below is a picture of  the ground radial trencher and a picture of mounting section #4 to the base.!

WFIR Roanoke VA 960

Most days when signal path is open towards the US East Coast WEAV The Zone is very strong, but January 9 I was lucky to catch the WFIR identifier and a weather forecast delivered by Evan Jones /Reporter/ who also verifies my reception.  We receive such e-mails from time to time from places afar, but in my experience, at least, this ranks close to or at the top of most distant listeners.

WMID Atlantic City NJ 1340

It is quite hard to here anything transatlantic on 1340 due to BBC Radio Ulster on 1340 but sometimes BBC is a little weaker. I logged WMID on Jan 10. I could also hear their sister station WCMC on 1230 at the same time. Stronger but much more interference on 1340. My report was verified by  Steve Raymond, program director.

WXTG Virginia Beach VA 1490

This one was logged in the beginning of January when conditions were very good. First time for me.

V/s was BT Briggs / Operations, Production, Traffic & PSA Director  
He writes:
I've had a few people from more north in Sweden and some in Finland contact us about hearing our station.

WNDE Indianapolis IN 1260

Brief email from Rick Green Regional Market Manager confrms my reception of WNDE.