WCAP Lowell MA 980

A very nice email from Ryan Johnston verifies my reception of WCAP in Lowell. Ryan writes "You've got two commercials on your file... the first is for Lowell Cooperative Bank, and the second is for the LRTA (Lowell Regional Transit Authority, who runs our bus system). I've attached a file with the spots so you can hear how they sound without static."


WXXI Rochester NY 1370

It is quite easy to hear the BBC programming from WXXI, but it is much harder to get a local identification. My report was verified by Jeanne Fisher, Vice President of Radio WXXI.

WNTD Chicago IL 950

I logged WNTD with a double ID for Relevant Radio 930 and 950 Dec 28 2010. My report was verified by Bob Benes, Relevant Radio Chicago.

KWKH Shrevesport LA 1130

This is a very rare catch at my place. Most of the time I have WBBR, WISN, KFAN or CKWX but last month I was lucky to get their country music through the interference.

WAZX Atlanta GA 1550

I was lucky enough to catch WAZX La Voz Cristiana Ocober 4 2010 when they were running with daytime power. Broadcast Engineer Charlie Herrell writes "....The night signal is 16 watts non-directional. When you heard us we were 50 kilowatts. We have a Burk ARC-16 remote control driven by a computer running Burk software Autopilot. The computer switched to day power and then sometime before sunset failed with a “blue screen of death”. The hard drive had died so it couldn’t switch to night power....". My thanks to Charlie for verification and to Arnstein for the contact information.