KRLC Lewiston ID 1350

I logged KRLC on the 11th of November 2007 when conditions were extremely good for the western part of the US. Yesterday I found an email address to the reception of KRLC and today Debi Bradley Front Officer Coordinator confirmed that I have recieved KRLC. She also promised a letter from Toe Tapper, music director of KRLC! Thank you Debi! (On October 28 I also received a personal mail from Mr Tucker and another verification from Debi)


Anonymous said...

The city of license is Clarkston-Lewiston WA

Gert Nilsson said...

Hallo Anonym!
Yes you are right about the city of license but the location of the transmitter and the studios is Lewiston. All this according to the v/s who describes Clarkston as "just across the river".