Radio Mundial de Los Andes Mérida VEN 1040 AM

Yesterday I sent a new report to Radio Los Andes. I used an email found on the Internet: mundiallosandes1040@gmail.com. This morning I received a message on Twitter from Yordi Piña journalist at Radio Mundial. He included the follwing link:
http://www.radiomundial.com.ve/article/%C2%A1incre%C3%ADble-desde-1971-escucha-yvke-mundial-los-andes-en-suecia#comments. Thank you Yordi for a nice QSL. When he writes that I heard them back in 1971 he had misunderstood a comment from me where I said I heard them on 6010 back then,

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Henrik Klemetz said...

Very nicely written note!