XERLA Santa Rosalia BCS 940

On 940 I usually hear WIPR in Puerto Rico and   sometimes XEQ a little low, but January 10 I was very lucky to receive another Mexican station on this channel. It was definitely  from the western part of México, as they played their national anthem around 0700 UTC. I had a short announcement which I did not understand. My friend Henrik Klemetz told me it had to be XERLA in Santa Rosalia. Henrik also called them and gave me their email address. Last week Albert Manriquez sent me a nice reply confirming my reception. He recognized the voice of announcer  Sonia Vega on my recordings. Albert also mentions they will changed to the FM band in the near future. He also attached 6 nice photos from the radio station and from Santa Rosalia.
Santa Rosalia is a small city,  with about 12000 inhabitants. It is situated at the shore of the California Gulf. They have a famous church, a steel construction designed by Gutave Eiffel.

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